6 Green Fashion Labels

6 Green Fashion Labels

The world has gone green. From the electric car to solar panelled roofs, people around the world are doing their part to help the environment, and fashion designers are no exception. London Fashion Week is about to commence and many high-profile designers will be wondering the city’s streets. There will be no shortage of parties to attend and frocks to eye admiringly. And amidst all of the excitement and luxury, the British Fashion Council has still made space and time to recognize those designers exercising sustainable practices. Esthetica is a growing movement of boundary-pushing designers committed to making fashion items which are eco-friendly. Here are six cool brands worth looking out for.


Issi is an art eco fashion brand that combines the visions of contemporary artists Georgie Hopton, Peter Peri and David Batchelor. They push fashion boundaries by challenging themselves to create desirable items out of enviromentally-friendly materials. Their philosophy: Waste not, want not.

2.Nina Dolcetti

Inspired by the fashion trends of the 1960s and 70s, as well as earth and jewel tones, Elisalex de Castro Peake designs sculptural platforms for morally conscious women. Her pieces are of a quality any stylish women would appreciate, and are designed to last.

3.Made by the People

Made by a collaboration of designers this brand has no signature style. They work with high profile celebrities and use their fashion line to encourage consumers to be ethical in every aspect of their lives. They aim to promote fair-trade throughout the world.

4.Righteous Fashion

Designer Denice Rydenfors claims her line isn’t about a look it’s about a lifestyle. It’s elegantly feminine and simple, and aims to meet the needs of the «righteous woman». Her philosophy: Luxury on a Monday.

5.She Died of Beauty

Erin O’Connor and Kate Halfpenny design their line for fashionable fantasists who are funny and extreme. Their signatures: Witty and purposeful, sassy and un-apologetic. Their philosophy: There’s no reason why style and conscious can’t co-exist.

6.Junky Styling

Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager-Sze’s ready-to-wear fashion line is like surgery for your wardrobe. Their exaggerated silhouettes and stunning details are designed for confident and creative women. Having been inspired by the popularity of recycling in cities like San Francisco and Tokyo, they’ve made their philosophy: up-cycling for the future.

Who says fashion can’t be eco-chic? These LFW designers, and many others, have found ways to create beautiful things responsibly and are an inspiration to the industry.

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