6 Landlord Traps to Avoid

6 Landlord Traps to Avoid

The 6 Biggest Landlord Traps

Even property owners who’ve been around for decades have gone down into these commonplace landlord traps.

1. Improper Verification

95% of renter challenges could be removed in the verification process.»

Contrary to popular belief, plenty of property owners still are extremely trusting and at ease with a rudimentary application if any or even a handshake. The eviction courts tend to be filled with landlords that like to trust their gut feeling.

I very much would suggest you use our rental application or another comparable application. Applications are great verification tools in the event you verify the info they will provide you with.

2. Promoting

You may not need to invest a ton of money?

In the event you list your rental through an expert, landlord oriented agent,your marketing and advertising should really be included with the company. If you are not employing an professional to lease your home, you are able to publicise incredibly cheaply or 100 % free of charge through numerous
internet websites such as craigslist or through a service like the National Tenant Register, the industry checklist of prospective renters hunting for leases. The renters publicize their particular rental needs to property owners through web sites such as ezlandlordordforms com web site. The ads are separated geographically into categories for the convenience of the landlord.

3. Depending on Non-Landlord Brokers

How should somebody who has never ever encountered the same responsibilities give you advice tips on how to rent your home?

In case you are required to work with a broker inexperienced in property manager matters, make sure to perform the screening and accepting of the future renter yourself. If your agent is not using the The ezlandlordforms .com Rental Application or a comparable one, be sure to furnish him with one.

4. Developing Relationships with Renters

How is it possible for a renter to exploit a good rapport with his landlord? Encouraging renters to cross the professional line could be a mistake.

Several renters have a way of turning it into their particular quest to become good friends with their landlords. This happens to be a beneficial rule of thumb to not do business with friends. If possible, continue to keep a friendly professional arms length from your tenants.

5. By using a Ineffective Lease

The traditional leases need improvement. Most leases in the marketplace are quite general, created not to offend the renter. They frequently have more renter protection than property manager protection.

Landlords need a lease designed by professional landlords and attorneys that will protect them and their properties. Our LPA Lease and the Essential Landlord Forms do just that.

6. Paying For Credit Reports

Why pay for a credit report on a prospective tenant that turns out to be undesirable?

Have your application require a tenant screening fee as included in our ezlandlordforms .com Rental Application

Stirling Gardner consults for EZ Landlord Forms — your best online resource for a state specific free rental applications, free landlord forms, including a free rent receipt


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