6 Pack Fast

6 Pack Fast

How to get 6 pack fast? This is one of the most asked questions when I was personal training. The answer is quite simple. A proper diet, reduced stress, proper rest and a continuously progressing exercise program. I am going to focus on the exercise program for this article.

Ask yourself these questions. How different is your exercise program than it was six months ago? How much more weight are you lifting? How much more work are you accomplishing? If you are like most people the difference is minimal.

Tell me if this sounds familiar, 20 minutes of cardio and then doing 10 repetitions on the life fitness machines. And time between sets increase with random conversation with your fellow fitness enthusiast. The routine ends with some new abs exercise that you found in some magazine. Does this sound familiar?

Stop wasting your time. You can accomplish the better results than above in half the time. Yet me tell you how. The Secret is full body compound exercises not using a machine. A compound exercise is a movement goes across more than one joint. An example is a squat, bench press or pull-up.

By doing compound exercises not a machines you will be using all your stabilizing muscles expending more calories. Not to mention that most of these stabilizing muscles include your core. Performing these types of exercises gives you metabolism a boost for over 24 hours. Just think about that for a second, being in the fat burning zone for 24 hours.

These exercises also promotes the release of a hormone the will produce lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have the more calories you will burn every single day doing nothing. The exercise is also more functional. It will help prevent most simple injuries that come from simple this like picking objects ups, reaching for things, or even just getting out of the car.

What I going to give you next is a simple beginners workout. I am choosing body weight exercises for two reasons. The first is that anyone can get started now. They do not need to sign up at a gym or buy any equipment. The second reason is a prelude into more complicated exercises with extra weight. You will gain the proper strength in your stabilizing muscles for free weights. Lastly all body weight exercises include your core. This is what will give a six pack fast.

As I mentioned before that this is meant for the beginner. You can visit my site for more challenging exercises. The descriptions are not included and since these are basic calisthenics I am not going to include instruction. The important thing to remember is to make this routine more challenging every week. This is done by either increasing the number of repetitions or finishing the same amount of repetitions in less amount of time.

Even though these are simple exercises you can take the most seasoned athlete and make this extremely difficult. Do not take for exercises for granted. They can and will make an extraordinary difference. So without further a due here are the exercises.

Squat X 20 reps
Push-ups X 10 reps
Lunges X 10 reps each side
Pull-ups (or modified pull-ups) X 10 reps
Sumo’s Squats 20 reps
Chin-ups (or modified chin-ups) X 10 reps
Hindu Push-ups X 10 reps
Mountain Climbers X 10 reps each side
Plank 30 seconds
Side plank each side 15 seconds
Superman 30 seconds
Crunches 30 reps

You are going to perform each exercise going from one to the next with no rest in between. Once you completed each exercise rest for 2-4 minutes and repeat. You are going to do this three times. Once you can complete this you can start adding repetitions to each exercise.

This routine can be done 3 times a week taking at least one day off in between. During your off day you can still do cardio. Although, rather than doing a straight 20 or 30 minutes of cardio, do intervals. Intervals are when you go at near max capacity for a short amount of time and then light for another amount of time. Starting out you can try going hard for 30 seconds and walking or jogging for two minutes. Over time you can increase the work time and decrease the rest time.

Once you have done this routine for 4 to 6 weeks you need to change. To maximize results you need stimulate your muscles in different ways. The important thing is that now you should have enough strength to start a normal free weight easily.

In conclusion take at least one day off completely per week. Also make sure that you warm-up and cool-down properly. Lastly remember to stretch. It is always good practice to stretch statically after your workout. Dynamic stretching is best after your warm-up.

To get more advance exercise routines and ideas please visit http://www.tightabsblog.com We have the information to get the results that you always wanted. If your ready to do the work, I will tell you how. I am looking for working with you and will be talking to your soon.

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