6 Pack of Abs

6 Pack of Abs

Everyone wants a great looking body. One of the most coveted exercise outcomes is a fabulous abdominal section. This article discusses several steps which experts agree are essential in developing a great 6 pack of abs.

Inadequate attention to the abdominal area results in not only in an ugly belly but also problems such as poor posture, shortness of breath and back pain. There are three main muscles in the abdomen: the transverse abdominus which supports internal organs, the rectus abdominus which flexes the spine, and the «obliques» which twist and turn the torso. While some people say that having a great looking belly is generally reserved for the young, following a regimen of exercise and healthy practices may prove anyone can have a great 6 pack of abs.

You can be start by targeting the upper abs. The most common exercise for the area above your belly button is the «crunch». A properly performed crunch lifts only your chest. You can begin by laying flat on your back and clasping your hands behind your head. Using only your abdominal muscles, slowly pull your chest upward toward the ceiling. When your shoulders are off the ground, lower yourself back to the floor and repeat 10 to 20 repetitions. Variations on the basic crunch can also be performed like the «straight arm crunch» where the arms are out in front of you or the «exercise ball crunch» while balancing on a large inflated exercise ball and 3 to 4 sets should be performed daily.

A good exercise for the lower abs and obliques is the «reverse crunch». Start by lying on the ground in with the legs perpendicular to the body. «Pull» the hips off the ground concentratin on using only the muscles of the lower stomach. You can also try the more advanced «leg lift» beginning in the same position as the reverse crunch. Slowly lower the legs towards the floor, again taking care to use only the abdominal muscles and keeping your back firmly on the floor with no arching. Again repeat either for 10 to 20 reps and perform 3 to 4 sets each day and you will be on your way to great lower abs.

The last thing to consider is that no matter how great your muscle development, no matter how well the muscles are shaped, they cannot be seen if covered by fat. This is especially important when considering the abs. No matter what diet theory you subscribe to, you have to burn more calories through exercise than you take in through what you eat. A sensible diet combined with calorie burning cardiovascular exercise will most likely be necessary to burn enough fat to see how great your abs are.

To conclude, achieving a bathing suit worthy belly requires attention and work. This can be accomplished through upper abdominal exercises, exercises which target the lower abs and obliques and by losing body fat so that all of your great work can be seen.

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