Acer Liquid Metal announces to come with Android 2.2 Foryo

Acer Liquid Metal announces to come with Android 2.2 Foryo

TheAcer Liquid Metal which is running on the new Operating system Froyo, is attaining great heights with its efficiency and perfection. The Acer Liquid Metal is been placed between the Stream and Liquid E. Being a touch screen mobile phone it assures speed and easiness of work to the user. The screen of the handset measures to be 3.6» which is a perfect size to enjoy video conferencing and browsing. The screen possesses WVGA resolution and 16M colors. The operating system equipped to the phone is comparatively faster than the one in Liquid E — 800MHz vs. 768MHz.The reason being for the speed of the operating system is that it is accompanied with the latest and technological Android 2.2 Foryo, which is created by the most advanced company, Goggle. The Acer Liquid Metal is also been accompanied with Breeze, which is known to be the latest of UI. If the above is compared with the last versions, this operating system definitely proves to be better and easy to work with. The Acer Liquid Metal is been accomplished with the 5 Mega Pixel camera that allow its users to capture clear images with LED flash, also features like that of auto-focus and smile detection are enabled to the camera of handset. The memory space for the mobile is enhanced with a RAM of 512 MB which can store a good amount of data. The phone is sure to be used as a pocket sized PC with all the advanced features incorporated to it. The company is also expecting to raise its sales with this launch.Android 2.2 Eclair enables Flash 10.1 on Acer Liquid Metal and Wi-Fi tethering too. With this the operating system also enable its users to access social websites and also to acknowledge them with their friend’s update. The Documentation is also allowed with the Android 2.2 Foryo.The mobile phone is been attributed with all the latest technologies. It is also possible with the phone to record live video with a resolution of 720p which is equal to that of Stream’s camera. Other facilities like those of HSPA, Wi-Fi with UPnP and Blue tooth 2.1. Dolby Mobile are also made available to the handset.

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