Back Pain and Passion Part 2

Back Pain and Passion Part 2

Try to turn it around, how about you giving yourself the right or permission to be right rather than wrong. Could you be optimistic rather than pessimistic? Do you see the glass half empty or half full?

Think of being hopeful, rather than fearful. Any negative emotion turn it around to a positive one. If you are upset with your partner or someone close to you ask yourself, «Who am I upset with?»

Remember, when we are down the world seems down and our passion for life is at a low and sends us down a path of not just feeling low but becoming low physically. Posture goes, neck and shoulder tension starts which leads to back pain. When you give yourself compassion you also ignite the passion in your life.

When you have back pain or neck and shoulder pain it can be difficult to stay positive, of course the more severe the pain the less motivated we can be to help put it right. It just all seems too much. This is where our passion has been lost and we need to find it again. We need to have that ‘feel good factor’ again and start by doing something like you like doing, stimulating the senses. Of course keeping the balance in order, we wouldn’t eat a box of chocolates just to feel good because we know the consequences of that.

We want to feel good to enable us to make the next step to keeping us positive and with passion. The more passionate we become the more our goals will be achieved.

How do you start your day and it’s raining outside? Do you say ‘it’s overcast and a bit miserable? Or do you say the grass is getting watered for free and the sun is trying to come out?

A good start to the day would be to say ‘What can I achieve today?’ You see how positive that is? Creating positive outcomes, with positive out talk. What is your out talk like?

Whatever you say, you are sending messages to your brain and your brain will then execute your commands. So be careful what you ask for, you might just get it! What you think you become, so create the thoughts that you want and focus on the outcome. Act as though you have already achieved what you want. Say you can and you can, say you can’t and you’re absolutely right.

Glen Wood — The Yoga Teacher. Glen is a yoga expert who loves to teach you how to lose your neck, shoulder or back pain with yoga.
Dedicated to unlocking the Real Secrets of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Ju Jitsu Jigoro Kano, Part 2

Ju Jitsu Jigoro Kano, Part 2

The following years saw the Kodokan change its address a number of times as it expanded and sought increasingly larger premises. In 1883 it moved to Kojicho where the dojo had twenty mats,in1886toFujimicho and a forty-mat dojo. It moved again in 1887 to Masago-cho, by which time Jigoro Kano had been sent to make a cultural study tour of Europe by the Japanese government. By 1887, after just five years, the Kodokan already had over 1,500 pupils.

Kano’s judo had developed into much more than just another combat system because of the educational philosophy upon which the founder had based it. Two of the most important maxims of Kodokan judo were jita kyoei and seiryoku zenyo, the former being ‘mutual benefit’ and the latter ‘maximum efficiency in the use of force’. Judo was conceived as a form of charactertraining, something like the way the sport of rugby was used for centuries in the English public school system, but within a much more disciplined and ascetic framework.

In 1895 the Kodokan established the first go-kyo, which consisted of forty-two throws, the bulk of which were techniques derived directly from ju-jitsu complemented by those which Kano and his disciples had evolved, such as uchimata, harai-goshi and hane-goshi. In 1920 the go-kyowas reorganized; eight techniques were removed and six new ones were introduced. Sixty years later in 1985 the Kodokan gave its official recognition to a further seventeen distinct throwing techniques, naming them the shimmeisho-no-waza (new techniques). However knowledge of the go-kyo remains the basis of most judo grading systems throughout the world.

Judo has spread considerably from its humble beginnings in the ten-mat dojo of Eishoji; it is now practiced in over 160 countries by literally millions of people and continues to grow in popularity.

Although there were contests and bouts right from its inception and rules were introduced as early as 1899 abolishing the use of wrist locks, ankle locks, neck locks and leg scissors (such as do-jime) for safety reasons, judo’s evolution into an international sport took some time. Nevertheless from quite early on it was clearly Kano’s intention that this should happen; it was to be an important aspect for the popularization of judo.

A standard for the training suit or judogi was established in 1907, with longer trousers than in the early days, and in 1911 ashi-garami (a leg lock) was banned from competitions although it was still widely practiced. In 1922 Kano was appointed as a senator of the Imperial Court and worked continuously to make judo an international phenomenon.

In 1926 the Kodokan established a woman’s section. Kano came to be deeply involved with the Japanese Olympic Movement and travelled abroad extensively lobbying for the 1940 Olympic Games to be held in Japan, which unfortunately never came to pass because of the Second World War. In 1938 Jigoro Kano died on returning from Cairo on the liner Hikawa-maru after contracting pneumonia. He had worked on behalf of the Japanese Olympic Movement right up until the time of his death. He was aged seventy-nine.

If you enjoyed this article on the history of Jiu Jitsu please go to The MMA Zone to read more.

Is B2B Selling Different to B2C?

Is B2B Selling Different to B2C?

Many of my B2B clients voice the concern that a B2B organization cannot benefit from the same sales, marketing and ultimately copy writing techniques as a B2C organization. Most are already convinced that this is so.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot written for copywriters on the subject of the B2B market. It’s being pushed as a market that provides a nice, steady source of lower key, lower pressure projects. As if it is a less demanding and easier market well suited to those who can’t quite make the grade as a B2C direct response writer.

Having been involved in both B2B and B2C sales, marketing and copywriting for more than 20 years, I have made the following observations:

The B2B market is different to the B2C market in perception more than in reality. B2B purchasers are still human and are still swayed by human emotions when it comes to making purchasing decisions. The major difference, for the most part, is that B2B organizations have completely underutilized the sales, marketing and copy writing opportunities available to them. They are literally sitting on ‘hidden assets’.
Although the ‘packaging’ of sales and marketing messages should be different for the B2B market than they are for the B2C market, the same basic underlying principles apply to both as far as crafting messages, offers and motivations is concerned.
Most marketing opportunities in B2B are overlooked — whereas in B2C, every available opportunity is exploited by strong marketers. For instance, most of my B2B clients, prior to working with me, had never looked at printed collateral such as brochures, white papers, annual reports etc as sales opportunities. They were surprised to discover that these low key items present amazing scope to multi-task as strong sales tools if created with that purpose in mind. In my opinion, nothing that is done by a B2B organization should be left unexplored as a possible opportunity to create an additional marketing tool.
More B2B sales people resist this type of approach than B2C sales people. For some reason many feel that it threatens their professional image — a fear which is totally unfounded.
B2B markets are often less volatile than B2C markets and thus results are correspondingly more difficult to track as they may be spread over a far longer time period. Dips and peaks in the economy affect B2B markets after they affect B2C markets in most cases. However, B2B markets may also recover from dips later than the B2C markets. On the upside, sometimes the lag is long enough that the B2B market passes through this period with far less impact overall, especially if they have been diligent in their marketing efforts before a slow-down happens.

My advice to B2B organizations based on my experience with current clients in this economy is:

Examine everything you do from answering the phones to shipping your product — there are usually many ways to promote hidden in every area of your business. If no one else in your industry is making use of these opportunities it simply means they are stuck in a rut. I often find that once my clients begin adopting a new approach, they’re quickly followed by others who suddenly awaken to the opportunity.
Pay far more attention to staying in touch with, educating and encouraging your customers. Set up an ongoing and consistent communication system immediately. This system can include emails, letters, newsletters, white papers, articles, press releases, interviews and blogs. This list is not finite, there are many other techniques that can be added. My advice is: get one up and running at a time. Make sure it’s running smoothly then add the next. Soon you’ll have a network of communications strategies working on virtual ‘auto pilot’.
Create a two way communication system that allows you to tap into your customer’s mind to discover what motivates them and what could help them meet their challenges. Position your business as an adviser rather than only a supplier. Make opportunities for your customers to tell you about their challenges and their needs — don’t assume that you already know what they are.
Find ways to offer better value — whether it’s by improving your the product itself or by offering added-value services or additions to the product. Often bundling a combination of products or products and services can provide the edge you need to both keep your customer engaged and stay ahead of the competition.

Following these simple guidelines will help your business pull out of the doldrums and be well positioned to outperform your competition both immediately and long term.

Jackie Cooper
Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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Children Need a Real Father Part 2

Children Need a Real Father Part 2

On the other hand, those without that love and support from their father are usually searching for love and trying to fill the void left by her so-called father, such that the first male that shows her any kind of attention is usually someone she starts making bad decisions about which ultimately works to her disadvantage. This is the part when the daughter starts searching for love in all the wrong places and gets true love and sex confused. Then not long there-after, she feels the need to have a baby to love, to help with the pain of rejection from her father not being there for her. It happens all the time. Sad but true. This vicious cycle has continued for years and years!

The very simple truth of the matter rest with 2 vital components.

#1 — The fathers being mature enough psychologically to understand the gravity of their responsibility to their children and
#2 — Lastly and certainly most important of all, is to CARE about the decisions being made and considering what is in the best interest of his seed. The CARE-FACTOR will either inspire a real father to do what is required of him as a real man, or to allow the simple sperm donor to wallow in their idiocies and stupidities with no regard for a situation they created, which could have been prevented in the first place if any maturity or responsibility existed at all!

In summation, Mothers have historically been there for sons and daughters through the good, the bad and the ugly! Mothers can raise a child but cannot instill the masculine, manly, testosterone-filled components that a boy needs in the core of his being. Mothers are there and always have been regardless of insurmountable odds. Mothers, we will love you for all eternity for without you, where would this world be? These precious little gifts we call babies didn’t ask to come into this world. They deserve to be loved and nurtured until they have matured and able to thrive on their own. Again, many props with much love and congrats to the true fathers. Those who know what it is to be there and to take care of business in raising your children. For all of you who duck and dodge your kids and parental responsibilities, it’s time to MAN — UP! Your color, misbeliefs, or utterly asinine ideas and opinions don’t exempt you from your duties as a father. Any Damn Fool can make a baby but it takes a Real Father and a Real Man to take care of his children!

If you really want your heart warmed beyond measure and the tears to well-up in your eye’s, my suggestion is that you visit . Have a listen to the new smash-hit single ‘ Special Delivery ‘! Anyone who is expecting a baby or has children is guaranteed to have their heart melt away immediately! The true impact of this most monumental occasion captured in a melody to last to infinity! This is and forever will be the baby song of the century to be played at every baby-shower, birthing-class, birthday-party, most special events involving children, and at the moments leading up to,during, and through the birth of every baby on this planet from now on! How wonderful is that?

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Buy Amazon Kindle 2 EBook Reader

Buy Amazon Kindle 2 EBook Reader

At first it was the original Kindle Electronic Book Reader, later on it was upgraded and became the second edition of e-Book reader called the Amazon Kindle 2. Amazon goes beyond the typical way of reading in modern time. Today, we are no more talking about textbooks, computers and whatsoever. It’s about time for the people to have a different reading experience through the use of an e-Book reader.

Kindle 2 comes with better features than that of the initial Kindle. One of the things that made it different from the first is the size, which has been changed to a mere 0.9 cm, weighing 0.3 kilogram. That makes the device even lighter than the 3G mobile phones; making it absolutely portable and mobile anywhere you go. Physically, the device is sharp and it looks natural upon reading through its screen. Plus, you can keep on reading through it because the device will never go hot.

This product is amazingly different compared to any other electronic devices because it doesn’t have to be plugged in for you to start reading. It’s definitely less complicated, isn’t it? Kindle 2 is fully packaged with Amazon whispernet, which serves as your Internet connection wherever you go. You might ask where to buy Kindle 2, well, it is available at Amazon. You may also check it out at eBay. These are reliable places where you can purchase online.

Another feature that was added to the Kindle eBook reader is the customized user interface which makes it easy for you to handle using a single hand. Other than that, it has also a brilliant hi-contrast screen based on E-ink technology to make it appear like a paper print. Thus, it protects your eyes from getting strained because the texts are clear enough for you to see even during intense sunlight. In addition to that, you will get to adjust the font size of the text depending on what is convenient for you.

Since the device is handy, you may take it with you wherever you go, plus it is not that heavy for you to carry. Reading through thick paper books is over. All your favourite books can now be read through Amazon Kindle 2. It also has on-screen dictionary with 250,000 words. Other features comprise the optional USB cable or wall AC charging and accident proof buttons with the 5 way controller and the joystick.

Everything is made easy and fast with Amazon Kindle 2. Generally, it is user-friendly. You no longer have to buy for the books anywhere because the device has a one of a kind ability to shop, order and download all your favourite books from the credible online bookstores. Within just a few minutes of your time you will have all the books that you are interested to read about. The price of Amazon Kindle 2 is worth the impressive features it has brought to millions of people.

There’s a queue to buy Amazon Kindle 2. Find out why is it so hot. Learn all about the Kindle eBook Reader today.

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Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select is just one of the Studio Select line from the design team at Scotty’s Putter studio. The Studio Select line is the end result of years of research aimed at creating a family of putters that offer not only great eye appeal, an excellent overall feel and the utmost in technical performance.

Every one of the putters in the Studio Select line is precision milled out of a single block of 303 stainless steel and features designs such as a high toe that allows the golfer to address each shot with the putter square to the line up to the cup. Each Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select has factory interchangeable heel and toe weights which are designed to allow for multiple length and weight options.

Each Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select comes with a smooth stepless shaft that is available in distinct, but properly matched headweight-to-shaft length options and are also available in left handed versions. The Newport 2 has been carefully refined and improved with slight yet ingenious enhancements to the all new sole profile while still retaining its familiar crisp lineage.

To make the putter more adaptable to each individual player the sole weights can be changed at the Custom Shop as needed relative to the player’s desired headweight and shaft length. To make lining up your shot a little easier Scotty’s has milled a sight line right into the flange.

If having a putter that handles great on the green is not enough the Newport 2 is sporting a new old «Tour Inspired» red Cherry Bomb graphics design to make it one of the finest putters available today. The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select is the best that has come out of the Scotty’s studio yet and a must have for all serious golfers.

For an outstanding range of Scotty Cameron Putters visit Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select

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2 Types of Leadership Authority

2 Types of Leadership Authority

Au-thor-i-ty: power to influence or command thought, opinion or behavior.

Authority is an interesting and important word, as it applies to an individual’s ongoing quest to be a more effective leader. Those of us who aspire to more effective levels of personal and professional leadership need a clear understanding of what the word means practically, as well as literally. Consider Webster’s formal definition above, and then consider the two workplace applications which can be fraught with either unexpected problems or untapped potential.
 Formal authority: the organizational power that comes with the position that one hones or occupies; being able to ask (or tell) someone to do something and then expecting that it will be done. No matter what job or title we may hold in an organization, all of us have some formal measure of power or authority associated with that position. As is the case with most things, the level of power entrusted to us can either be used or abused, depending on our chosen actions or motivations.
During the course of an average day, every one of us makes dozens of different decisions. Besides the obvious business decisions required of our positions, we also make personal decisions regarding how we will act, speak, think, listen, respond, etc. If we become too enamored with the «power of our positions,» it can become very easy to disregard, or overlook entirely, critical input that we might otherwise receive from followers, peers and superiors. Typical «managers» are notorious for this. Their attitude says, «I told them what I wanted them to do. Now it’s their responsibility to do it — without asking questions.»
 Informal authority: the personal influential power that comes as a result of others voluntarily granting their support. On occasion, all of us have encountered individuals who did not have the luxury of the power of a position to fall back on. They may have been assigned to labor in low profile, seemingly insignificant positions. Yet, in some amazing way, they were able to successfully lead others to consistently above average levels of performance. These individuals seemed capable of leading despite their positions and circumstance. How did they do it? How were they able to entice others to voluntarily support them and their actions even though the organizational hierarchy may have been stacked against them?
Simply put, they do so by committing themselves to helping their followers/supports get the things the followers/supporters can secure for themselves. People voluntarily choose to follower another individual because they ultimately believe this particular individual, their chosen leader, can take them someplace that they would have never been able to reach on their own.
So how can we create such a bond with our followers? Excellent leaders know the answer to that question. They work to know each of their followers as individuals. They ask their opinions. They listen to them. They allow their followers to disagree — even publicly, if necessary. But they always work to ensure that followers benefit in the end. They use their authority and their common sense.

Phillip Van Hooser’s perspectives and personal experiences change the way people think about leadership and service. His best-selling book, Willie’s Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty, has been used by companies all across the U.S. and around the globe to help their people develop a renewed spirit for serving their customers. A member of the elite Speaker Hall of Fame, Van Hooser’s expertise and best selling ideas are valued by organizations large and small. Visit his blog at:

IPL 2 — Rules to Game

IPL 2 — Rules to Game

The Indian Premier League(IPL) in Season 2 is ruling the roost in South Africa, but some of the rules applicable to the T20 cricket games being played are not quite game.

Just what is achieved by having the ‘strategic time out’ breaks in every innings of every game? What is so strategic about this? Maybe this is needed for generating more commercial revenue and more hype. Because this is not needed for any cricketing reasons. The strategic time out is taken after every ten overs in an innings of twenty overs. The players cannot be tired in just ten overs. Normal drinks breaks are taken after every one hour in Tests and after every 15-17 overs in one-day internationals (ODI). But those breaks are only for 2-3 minutes. There have been complaints from players and others against this rule and the IPL authorities had agreed to look into this after the season. But then, why it was introduced in the first place?

Duckworth and Lewis rule is applied in rain interrupted ODIs that uses very complicated calculations to set revised targets in reduced overs to arrive at a result. Earlier, for applying D/L method a minimum 25 overs had to be compulsorily bowled. Due to emergence of T20 cricket the minimum was reduced to 20. In IPL 2 the Delhi Daredevils won a match in less than 5 overs using D/L method. There seems to be no rule regarding minimum overs to be bowled for such games. So, it is a possibility that a team can win a match achieving a target set for just one ball when the weather gods permitted time enough for only a solitary ball to be bowled. Though D/L method talks of minimum 5 overs in T20 the IPL rule book says nothing. Even a five over minimum is a mockery of cricket.

And, what about the sartorial cover code for the cheerleaders? There seems to be no rules either for determining this. Sometimes these gyrating damsels are clad quite decently while at times the dress gets reduced to the barest minimum!

A boisterous goodbye to cricketing rules?

Chinmay Chakravarty is a professional specialized in the creative field with over two decades of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, management of international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing professional services in these related fields. Presently working in Mumbai Doordarshan as a News Editor.

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2 Great Cold Picnic Food Recipes

2 Great Cold Picnic Food Recipes

Picnics are a great way to enjoy two of life’s greatest pleasures, the great outdoors and food. Who doesn’t like a good picnic, well minus the mosquitoes biting and those annoying flies trying to get into your picnic basket, a picnic is a great way for people to gather.

At any picnic the food is the star of the show, without a doubt. It doesn’t matter how well you put together your picnic, how nice the day is, or none of that. If the food isn’t up to par, there are going to be a lot of unhappy campers at your picnic(even if they don’t tell you). The most commonly used food at a picnic are straight off the grill, like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and list goes on. Few people however, consider how cold foods can be a big star at a picnic a bigger star than there hot food counterparts. All of you have to do is know the right recipes. So here they are.

Sandwich Slaw/Serves 4


* 2 cups green cabbage, shredded
* 2 tablespoons, onions, minced
* 2 tablespoons, cider vinegar
* 2 tablespoons, mayonnaise
* 1 garlic clove, minced
* 2 teaspoons, granulated sugar
* 1 teaspoon, black pepper
* salt, to taste

How To Put It Together

1. Mix the ingredients and refrigerate for a hour.
2. Place a generous amount on each sandwich.
3. Or you can serve it along side the bread.

Grilled Caribbean Shrimp Wrap with Lime Sour Cream and Red Cabbage/Serves 1


* 6 21 to 25 shrimp, medium
* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* 1 tablespoon garlic, finely minced
* 1 teaspoon minced thyme
* 1 teaspoon scotch bonnet pepper, minced
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1/4 cup sour cream
* 1 tablespoon lime juice
* 1 14inch tortilla shell
* 1/2 cup red cabbage, finely shredded
* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* 1 tablespoon champagne vinegar
* 1 romaine lettuce leaf
* 1 sliced tomato

How To Put It Together

1. Marinate the shrimp with garlic, olive oil, thyme, scotch bonnet peppers, and salt for 1 hour.
2. Grill the shrimp until just done.
3. Slice the shrimp into strips.
4. Beat the lime juice into sour cream.
5. Spread the tortilla with the sour cream.
6. Toss the cabbage in the oil and vinegar.
7. Add the shrimp, cabbage, lettuce, and tomato to the tortilla and roll tightly, securing with skewers.
8. Trim the ends and cut the roll at an angle one third of the length then cut straight at the next third.

For more great cold picnic food ideas please visit cold picnic food recipes.

Energy 2 Green Product Review

Energy 2 Green Product Review

Energy 2 Green is a great product that is packed full of useful information on how to build your own solar or wind powered generation equipment to help you minimize or eliminate your electric bill each month. They offer plans for both a wind turbine as well as solar panels that you can build yourself in a few weekends that can really help you lower your energy costs.

Energy 2 Green began as a place where the average consumer could come to learn about wind and solar power technology. It offers parts lists and plans that you can follow to construct your own wind turbine or solar panel. The plans allow you the construct a solar panel for under $ 200. They also offer plans that will let you build a wind turbine for under $ 100.

Energy 2 Green can help reduce the electricity requirements of your home by detailing how to build a solar or wind power generator.

They also offer many videos that show some of the projects that were completed by people using the information provided. A number of testimonials from satisfied customers show that the product will really help you reduce your power costs. The plans will allow you to easily design, build, and install a solar or wind system.

In addition to the wonderful information Energy 2 Green provides for building alternative power projects, it gives you many ways to lower your current energy needs through conservation. There are lists of things you can do to lower the amount of power you are currently using. This is important because every bit of wasted power you can eliminate means that you have to generate that much less with this new equipment.

The plans that Energy 2 Green provide are designed to be easy to follow with plenty of diagrams and pictures of the process along the way. There are also lists of suppliers for the parts you’ll need to complete the projects and save money on the components as well.

Lastly, Energy 2 Green offers a 60-day full money back guarantee on anything bought on their site. You can be assured that if you aren’t fully satisfied with the product you can return the goods and get a full refund. The valuable information they give you will help give you a strong understanding of how to construct an alternative power generator for your home. Following along with the manuals will allow you to reduce your power bills and help protect the environment as well.

For more information please visit

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