The Filming of Transformers 2

The Filming of Transformers 2

Transformers 2 is one of the most highly anticipated movies in the history of filmmaking. Numerous fans of Transformers all of the world are waiting for the scheduled release in June in UK and US. The reason of such high levels of anticipation is the success of Transformers 2007 movie. Transformers 2007 was highly successful in captivating the audiences leaving them craving to see more.

This craving was the cause that a sequel was announced. Director and executive producer Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg began to work for the making of the sequel, which was hurdled due to the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Anyhow, the filming began in May 2008 with an allocated budget of $ 200 million.

The filming began in Los Angeles, California. Most of the interior scenes were shot at Hughes Aircraft sound stages at Playa Vista. Different scene sequences of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen were shot as per convenience. After the first scenes shot in California, 3 days were spent to shoot action scenes at Bethlehem Steel.

Various locations around the world have been used to shoot different scene sequences. To show portions of Shanghai, some scenes were shot at Pennsylvania. The different filming locations include Tuscon International Airport, Giza Pyramid Complex, Luxor, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde in Paris, with the climax scene shot at the Pyramids in Egypt. It is regarded as the most important scene of the whole movie.

Other than locations, the filming of the movie also includes the techniques, story line, characterisation, special effects, and music. To enhance the effect of the scenes, IMAX cameras have been used. These will project the scenes in 3D, enlarging the captivating effect upon the viewers. More close-ups of the robots have been shot and the robots have been integrated with human-like expressions. A moodier use of lighting also used to add to the fine touches of scene impressions.

Almost all the characters are appearing with modifications, both in appearance and role. In creating a stronger impression of the characters, General Motors supplied cars with extra bright colours to make the Autobots look more attractive and impressive. Hasbro worked out the details of the robots designs.

The final scene of Transformer 2 has been made to look more impressive. According to Bay, the climax of Transformers 2007 was not dramatically effective, rather weak, and unimpressive. He also thought that the reason was the wide area taken to shot that scene; almost five different blocks’ area of the city was covered to shoot the scene, which made it confusing and difficult to grip. That is the reason the climax has been limited to Pyramids.

It seems that the filming job has reached to its highest levels with the production of Transformers 2. It is not wrong if we say that Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have worked in the most accurate way to produce the most remarkable film of present times. Original F-16 Fighting Falcon and tank fires have been utilised to make the scenes closer to reality. Everything has been extensively worked out to leave a flawless impression making the filming of Transformers 2 just perfect.

The release date for Harry Potter Half Blood Prince is 15th July 2009.

Ghostwriting 101 — Part 2

Ghostwriting 101 — Part 2

In ghostwriting 101 Part 1 we learned a few of the basics about what ghostwriting is. In this article we will learn a little bit more about the process and business side of ghostwriting. It is a legitimate profession like any other — therefore there are procedures that you will typically encounter when working with a ghostwriter.

Does a ghostwriter require a contract?
They most certainly do if they are a true professional. If you are not offered a contract, run for the hills. As with any business there are standard business operations that are considered good business practices. A contract is the road map for the client and ghostwriter to follow. It lays out how they will work together, when drafts are due, how payment will be made, and much more. It should also include a confidentiality statement clearly outlining who receives the rights to the written work after it is completed.

How much will a ghostwriter charge?
That depends on the scope of your project. Most ghostwriters charge a flat fee as opposed to an hourly one. You will see fees ranging from as low as $ 1,500 to as high as $ 100,000. The higher fees are usually for clients such as celebrities or politicians. If you need a ghostwriter for a 50 page eBook, you may want to shop around. There are some good ghostwriters who charge common man fees, and produce excellent work.

What does the ghostwriter need from me?
It is helpful if you can give the ghostwriter any notes or research that you have, but not necessary. Most ghostwriters are used to doing research for projects, and will not find it strange if you don’t have a lot to offer. If you don’t have a lot to offer, the ghostwriter will most likely set up a series of interviews with you in order to get an understanding of the goal of your project. Also, depending on what you are having ghostwritten, they will need to speak with you in order to get a feel for your «voice». Be prepared to work closely with the ghostwriter to make sure the project is a success.

Will the ghostwriter help me publish and market my book?
Some ghostwriters offer this option as a part of their services, and some do not. Be sure to inquire about this early in the process so there are no surprises once your project is complete. You may find the ghostwriter can point you in the right direction to resources you can use for your marketing and publishing needs.

Now that you know more about ghostwriters and the process you will be better prepared when you seek one out. When you hire a ghostwriter go in with the mindset it is a professional service. Be prepared to collaborate. The more you know about the process the smoother it will be. View ghostwriting as your vehicle to becoming a published author.

Pamela DeBato-Cancel is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and owner of Uncommon Scribe. She specializes in helping accomplished professionals and small business owners build their credibility and expert status by becoming published authors. Visit for more information and to sign up for the free eCourse Is Your Grammar Talking Behind Your Back? Top 5 Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them. Pamela may be contacted at

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Romancing the Letters 2

Romancing the Letters 2

In my earlier article about letters I was a little wistful. I exhorted people to send real letters across to friends. I now realize, I was far removed from reality.

To wish that folks would romance about letters is to be caught in a time warp. The days of real letters are over. Your eyes may cloud remembering all the letters that you had received, but you are not going to get letters anymore. I learnt from a teacher what we know about letters today.

There is a short story of RK Narayan titled ‘The Missing Mail’. The story is part of the curriculum in certain schools in India. The story revolves around a postcard that was wittingly not delivered to the recipient by the postman.

First a little bit of that story:

The story is set in the sixties or seventies in Malgudi, a fictitious small town of Southern India. A marriage has been arranged for a girl after a lot of trials and tribulations. The marriage must be solemnized before a certain date else the prospective groom will only be able to marry three years later. In comes a postcard for the would-be bride’s father with the tidings of a death in their family. This, before the marriage has been solemnized. One couldn’t go ahead with the marriage in those days if there was a death in the family. The postman knew that. He also knew the amount of trouble the family had gone through to get the marriage to happen. Any delay now and the marriage may well never take place. In his wisdom, he decided not to deliver the postcard. The marriage was solemnized with the father and others oblivious about the news of the death in the family.

Now about what I learnt from the teacher:

The teacher said that the students kept asking her as to how did the postman came to know what was written in the letter. She told them that the letter was written on a postcard.

«So?» they asked in a chorus. The children apparently hadn’t seen a postcard ever and had no conception of open letters.

The teacher went to the post office bought a postcard and then showed it to the class.

Students hadn’t seen a postcard. I am betting that they hadn’t seen an inland letter as well. Envelope was something that one received through FedEx or Blue Dart. And these carried official documents or bills.  So what is the future of letters? Very bleak, I would say.

Letters are slowly withering on the vine. Let’s move on and not romance about letters.

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Perfect Technology in Iron Man 2

Perfect Technology in Iron Man 2

It is reviewed that LG Crystal or Multi-Touch Microsoft Surface has created a lot of inspiration to many film-makers. From that, a lot of masterworks have been introduced. Every summer, blockbuster movies are shown to satisfy fans’ expectation. Among many kinds of film, scientific fiction films bring a foreseen future to viewers. Those films are utopia but absolutely fascinating.


In Iron Man 2, Dr. Tony Stark is armed with the most high-tech and advanced weapons which take ideas from popular products. They are cell phones with the crystal keypad (LG GD900), the smart navigation interface like smart phones (First Else of Emblaze), the multi-touch tablet (Microsoft Surface’s trademark), the worldwide search tool (Google) and a lot of features that make viewers think about the two-screen computer (Courier)



Crystal cell phone


Large size touch screen can identify motion


Ultramodern technology enchants viewers



Google search tool shows its function


Smart interface was developed in Marvel Studios


Multi-touch coffee table





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Titanic 2 is coming soon

Titanic 2 is coming soon

The movie Titanic (1997) bombed the world of entertainment and film industry, gaining 11 Oscars and another 48 nominations and another 76 wins. It is a fictional romantic tale of a rich girl and poor boy who meet on the ill-fated voyage of the ‘unsinkable’ ship. 


On the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, Titanic 2 follows the path of the namesake of the first movie which used to become the highest-grossing film of all time. The studio Asylum of The Terminators, Sunday School Musical, I Am Omega, Temple of the Skulls, and Pirates of Treasure Island, has put together a sequel and has already wrapped production. In the second film, the passengers and crew must fight to avoid a similar. However, many people believe that the sequel would be impossible to make higher grossing. Let’s wait for the movie scheduled to hit stores on 24 August 2010.


Titanic 2


Directed by: Shane Van Dyke


The movie is produced by Paul Bales, David Rimawi, and David Michael Latt.


Command Crew


Quietness before the storm


Stormy weather




Setting sail


The new movie stars Brooke Burns («Baywatch») and Bruce Davison (X-Men).


Marie Westbrook as Nurse Amy Maine


Brooke Burns as NOAA researcher Dr. Kim Patterson


Bruce Davison


Shane Van Dyke


The movie is scheduled to hit stores on August 24th.



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Color of Life ?Part 2

Color of Life ?Part 2

Photos are considered as a tool to reflect the beauty and motion of daily life. Therefore, professional photographers try to create good and sharp pictures about human, every feeling of individuals like sadness or happiness and various color of life. Let’s have a look at the collection of the best pictures:


One should absorb the color of life


Falling up




World Environment Day


A woman portrait



I am an internet marketer and freelance photographer. I maintain various sites and blogs with a large audience. My hobby is collecting photographs of celebrities and writing comments on outstanding events in the field of entertainment.

What is Fax 2 Email?

What is Fax 2 Email?

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to send a fax from your home without having to purchase an expensive fax machine? Fortunately for you, technology continues to evolve and the internet is constantly broadening the features it has to offer. There are a plethora of online fax machines you can find on the internet today including Fax 2 Email.

This is essentially a platform that was developed to help you send faxes to whomever you need to without having to buy a fax machine or head down to the copy store. Regardless of whether you are looking to fax something for personal needs or for business needs, you can quickly send off your message through the highly technological advancement on the internet.

Fax 2 Email allows anyone who has an internet connection and an email account to take advantage of fax documents. You will easily be able to send and receive faxes at any hour of the day. After all, the beauty of the internet is it never sleeps. 24 hours a day you can get your message to someone.

Another benefit to faxing online is that you do not need to worry about additional software. The fact that it is virtual eliminates the need to buy or download any other software to get the ball rolling.

There are countless options to choose from when faxing on the internet. You have the ability to receive inbound faxes as a PDF or TIFF file attachment and you can even receive your own personal inbound fax number if you would like.

As mentioned, the internet is filled with a plethora of different online fax solutions for you to choose from. Fax 2 Email can help you find the right option for your personal or business needs. With a great deal of research already completed for you and mapped out details for different options to choose from, you can quickly find something that will suit your needs. It all depends on what exactly you are looking to do with the system and how often you will be faxing.

Regardless, it is comforting to know you can now send or receive a fax in a matter of minutes straight through the computer. Stop wasting money going to the copy store and certainly do not blow hundreds of dollars on a fancy fax machine. Instead, start taking advantage of yet another feature the internet has to offer people today.

Carol Cole is a successful writer and critic of business products, she will do her homework of researching the different specifications of most products in that field.

What is Prince 2?

What is Prince 2?

PRINCE 2 is actually a world wide used project management methodology. PRINCE is an abbreviation used for Projects in Controlled Environments. The reason for the number two is actually the fact that this had its origin from PROMPT II methodology in 1975, which was replaced by PRINCE2 in 1989. It was because of its re-launch in 1996 in United Kingdom, which has made the number 2 to stick with it. This was launched for all existing UK government projects.

PRINCE 2 is a methodology, which is popular in terms of usage for both private and public sectors and has actually become a standard for project management.

The basic reason for the introduction of launching PRINCE 2 was the failure related to the projects in public sectors. Time delivery and mismanagement of projects have been draining down the sectors, hence requiring the launch of this methodology. Budget and time are two important factors when it comes to project management and these two categories are entertained with the help of the PRINCE2 structure.

The project is actually divided into three parts, the initiation, middle and closure. The focus is on the delivery of projects like some other methodologies, which focus on the execution of activities. In order to check the viability of the project at all times, PRINCE 2 requires a business case and plan to be frequently analysed.

This method offers a finite and well-defined life cycle, clearly defined and measurable business products, a corresponding set of activities to achieve the business products, definable resources and specific responsibilities to manage projects of organisation structure. The project board consists of the customers, user representatives, and suppliers. The manager is answerable to the board and provides it with updates of problems, progress reports, etc. The board in return decides how the project should further be carried.

The key feature of PRINCE 2 includes, a product based planning approach, division of projects into manageable and controllable stages, flexibility to be applied at a level appropriate to the project, a defined organisational structure for the team, and clear focus on business justification.

There is no doubt about the fact that PRINCE 2 brings out many benefits when used by professional sectors. Project administration can either break or make a company, hence proper executions of projects of any industry or service sector is extremely crucial. The benefits flow towards the companies once the projects can be delivered up to date and up to other requirements. PRINCE 2 revolves around doing the right project at the right time and for adequate purposes.

It ensures better control and usage of company’s resources, providing with means of encounter and managing different risks and issues, frequent reports about project plan and business case and assurance of project continuity. Furthermore, this method helps to identify any problems that are likely to occur in the future, guarantees improved communication system between the team and its valuable stakeholders. It helps to capture lessons that are learned during the process. PRINCE 2 because of its attributes has been accepted as a popular method in countries like UK, USA, Germany, Africa, Australia etc.

John Nash is a project management consultant and has written many books on this subject, to know more about prince 2 software please visit his recommended websites

The Amazon Kindle 2 Warranty

The Amazon Kindle 2 Warranty

The Kindle 2 is an amazing reading device that has changed how America now reads. This little electronic e-book reader has been selling like wildfire in the months since its release. Many people are satisfied with their purchase, but sometimes things can go wrong. This article will take a look at the warranty of the Kindle 2 reader and what people should be aware of. It will highlight what is and is not covered under this limited 1-year warranty.

The Kindle 2 is one of those devices that are out to change the world. It is the most popular e-book reader and it has created an interest in a product that many claim will be the future. The kindle 2 allows people to read electronic books on a 6″ device that is slim and portable. Many people like this product for the fact that they are able to carry up to 1,500 books on this one device and it is simple to use.

When it comes to the Kindle 2 warranty, what people get is a limited one-year warranty. Like most electrical devices, the warranty on the Kindle will cover it against possible defects that could occur during the manufacturing process. These defects can cause a device not to work or other problems could arise. In the event that something should go wrong during the 1 year, the company will repair or replace the device.  When it is being repaired, it may be repaired with new or refurbished parts. Is being replaced, you may be given a new or refurbished Kindle 2.

It should be noted that the Kindle 2 limited warranty only covers Kindle 2 hardware components. This warranty does not cover neglect, accidents, fire, misuse, commercial use, repair and alterations.

There is an Extended Warranty available for the Kindle 2 and this gives more coverage. This extra warranty will protect the device against accidental damage or if the individual dropped the device. This is very good as due to the fact that the Kindle is constantly being held, there is a possibility that it could be dropped and damaged. Many people often wonder if the extended warranty is worth the money and we think it is. The Kindle 2 is an expensive electronic device and no-one really knows when there could be defects or when it could stop working. Having this is just an extra sense of security protecting the device.

In closing there is the limited and extended Kindle 2 warranty. All of them protect the device against defects or problems with the device over the coverage period. The extended warranty gives a bit more coverage as it covers accidental damage which could occur from dropping the device.

If you would like to purchase a Kindle 2 Extended Warranty, please visit this website. The author Janene Dalton has an in-depth page that will focus on the different warranties for the Amazon Kindle 2.

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Apple gave consumers the power to personalize the functionality of their phones like they do their PCs.

Apple’s iPhone was not the first cell phone with an integrated music player (the Samsung Uproar, 2000), nor the first with a touchscreen interface (LG Prada, 2007). And phones with touchscreens had been available for nearly a decade. The iphone wasn’t even the first on which a user could download and install mini applications (the Palm OS-powered Handspring Treo 180, 2002). So what was so special about it?


Quite simply, the iPhone leapfrogged its competitiors, integrating advanced and disparate hardware attributes into a smooth, simple, friendly, clever, and almost magical multitouch intuitive user interface needing no drop-down menus, all dressed in arguably the sleekest and sexiest cell phone case ever designed. The iPhone appeared like a Ferrari driving alongside its Model T-like competitors.


The iPhone’s great breakthrough came not through fashion, feel, or functionality but in its operating system. Before its introduction, cell phone carriers controlled the design and implementation of the manufaturers’ handsets they sold, particularly cell phone applications. Carriers directed how owners used their phones, which meant in ways from which the carriers could profit.


The iPhone destroyed this carrier-dominated dynamic. Apple gave consumers the power to personalize the functionality of their phones the way they do their PCs, enabling nearly anyone to write and sell applications. At its height, the Palm offered the most «open» cell phone operating system at the time, with some 30000 largely business and industry-specific applications available. By the end of this year, there will be 300000 iPhone apps, which include Urban Spoon — shake the iPhone and a ist of potential restaurants in your neighborhood spin into position like a slot machine; GottaGo- generate a timed fake phone call to escape an awkward meeting; Shazam-hold the iPhone up to a loudspeaker to identify the name of the song blaring from it; Bump — trade address, phone, and email contact info by fist-bumping another iPhone user with your iPhone; and thousands of games, reference tools, shopping engines, and utilities.


Once Apple pioneered the way, an army of app-centric cell phones running Google’s Android operating system, Palm’s webOS, BlackBerry, Nokia Ovi, and, most recently, Samsung Bada, soon followed, along with Apple’s own WiFi-enabled i’Touch multimedia player.


Hard to be Easy


Not long after the iPod went on sale in October 2001, Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs was thinking about an iPod cell phone. Inexperienced in the cloistered cell phone world, he initially partnered with Motorola on the iPod-enable ROKR in late 2005. But ROKR, the technological equivalent of a built-by-committee platypus, proved an ugly failure. Jobs understood that only Apple could produce an Apple cell phone.


Even before the ROKR, Jobs had approached Cingular, which would become AT&T Wireless in December 2006. Apparently Apple had been working for nearly a year on revolutionary multigesture touchscreen technology that could be adopted for a cell phone. Cingular, attracted to the potentially huge volume of data minutes consumers would consume downloading music and video files and the cachet of selling an exclusive Apple device, was willing to discard its design monopoly and cede complete creative control.


While the deal with Cingular was still being negotiated, several hundred Apple engineers and programmers got to work transforming the company’s Mac OS X into a brand new mobile-specific interface and building the hardware, while chief Apple industrial designer Jonathan Ive worked on the now iconic shell.


But in the fall of 2006, only three months away from its scheduled January 2007 debut, the iPhone failed to work. Apple engineers and coders shifted into all-nighter overdrive for the next 90 days. In mid-December, Hobs was able to demonstrate the iPhone to slack-jawed AT&T executives. iPhone development had cost Apple an estimated $ 150 million, but the investment has paid off handsomely.


New Phone, New Paradigm


Other than the mass of fun, informative, and functional apps available, Apple has innovated a number of now standard touchscreen hardware and operational features:


— visual voice mail, which enabled users to listen to selected messages rather than running through them in sequences;

— multigesture control, in which a user can «pinch» an on-screen object, text, or image, in order to increase or decrease its size;

— an accelerometer and proximity sensor, which automatically reoriented the screen into either landscape or portrait viewing mode according to the attitude in which the device was being held; and

— a sensor that turned the phone’s touchscreen off when a user placed it up to the face for conversation, then snapped back on when pulled away after the end of a call.


No manufacturer of later touchscreen phone dares skimp on these four now basic conveniences.


When the iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007, lines at Apple and AT&T stores snaked for blocks. By the end of 2007, Apple had sold 3.7 million, making it the fastest-selling smartphone ever. More important, iPhone and iTouch subscribers have downloaded more than 2 billion apps, making the complete destruction of the carrier-centric paradigm.

(Source: American Heritage’s Invention and Technology (The Magazine of Innovation)

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