Temples of India — Part 6

Temples of India — Part 6
This article is part six in the series of articles on temples of India. Read about two more interesting and important Indian temples.

Lotus temple — The Lotus temple is the place of worship of the Baha’i community. It is a wonderful temple in the city of New Delhi. It is called the Lotus temple because it is built in the shape of lotus flower. It is the 7th largest house of worship of the Baha’i in the world.

Akshardham Temple — Akshardham Temple in New Delhi is one of the most popular and recently built temples in India. The temple was constructed by Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) inspired by shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj — the spiritual leader of BAPS. The temple is dedicated to the lord Swaminarayana or lord Krishna. It is is located on the banks of Yamuna river. It is spread over 100 acres of area. The structure is built without steel and is supported by around 234 carved pillars, 9 ornate domes, 20 Shikhers, and 20,000 statues of great devotees, acharyas and sadhus of India. The base of the temple is made of Gajendra Pith (name of the stone). Pink stones and white marbles were used to construct the temple. Pink stones symbolised Bhakti (devotion) and white marbles symbolized peace. The statue of lord Swaminarayana is made up of Panch Dhatu (five metals) and is 11 ft high. There are many other statues of gods and saints. The temple was inaugurated on November 2005 by shree Pramukhswami maharaj in the presence of the President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Mr. Lal Krishna Advani. The temple is recorded as the world’s most comprehensive and largest Hindu temple in Guinness world records. There are many other attractions like Hall of value which displays the life of Swaminarayana and a theater named as Nilkanth Yatra which has Delhi’s biggest screen. Musical fountains, gardens, boat rides, etc. are also available. A similar temple also exists in Gandhinagar near Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat.

This concludes our article series on the Indian temples.

The author is a prolific article writer on a variety of topics. He writes quizzes on personality, astrology and love. He also works on twitter backgrounds and photo effects aimed at the general public.

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6 Reasons to Use Biofuels

6 Reasons to Use Biofuels
6 reasons to use biofuels.

Biofuels is a nickname to renewable fuels from biological mine, that can return fuels that come from fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. You can obtain further details here http://ebayautomotive.net. It is now workable to leverage or make manually biodiesel for diesel engines or ethanol for petrol engines. The prices are befitting nearer to those of fossil fuels and there are many subsidy to it. Here I?ll consider 7 repayment of biofuels:

1. Availability — It is renewable. distinct fossil fuels, biofuels can be certainly shaped from raw agricultural resources. These specifics guarantee that the pool of fuel will never end, and that we can keep producing it, like we generate our dietetic.

2. Price — seeing the pool is near boundless, we can promise that as time goes by, the oil prices will encourage duo to the encourage in demand/production ratio, while the biofuels prices will fall duo to the evolution in agriculture knowledge and techniques. In a few existence from now, it is almost certain that biofuels prices will be greatly drop than fossil fuels, so the earlier you flinch with it, the better.

3. Independence ?Biofuelsare cushy to generate, and suggest a new vision to fuel regulars ? distinct today?s when enormous visitors wheel the fuel pushiness and fund, making the small consumer a slave to their will, biofuels will allocate individuals and small manufacturer to get into this corporate and encourage the competition. This is good both to the manufacturers and to the clients.

4. Healthier ? biodiesel and ethanol are greatly safer than biofuels ? they are greatly better to the environment, and have a great implication about inclusive warming and air condition. If you worry regarding the air that you and your children are breathing, you must take it under consideration.

5. Better to the engine. Biofuels are not solely recovered to the environment, but also greatly better to the engines. greatly inquiries done by the automobile pushiness shows that biodiesel and ethanol encourage the efficiency of the engine and it life span.

6. Have good following implications. At award, oil producing countries enclose a enormous nation in their hands, allowing them to take help of their nation to hurt other countries, and jeopardise world harmony. Crossing to a different fuel mine will dramatically moderate the burden of oil deficiency, allowing many suppressed countries to display.

I desire that these reasons will capture your awareness, to do anything in that course, making the world a better place to everybody.

Annalise Bailey contributes articles to Ebay Automotive. You can obtain extra details here http://www.ebayautomotive.net.

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6 Steps For Anti Aging

6 Steps For Anti Aging

I am going to go over 6 basic steps for a proper skin care routine.

-Drink plenty of water, this is going to flush all toxins and impurities out of your body

-Coffee, smoking, alcohol have a negative affect on the skin

-Wash your face with a mild cleaner

-Exfoliate, removing dead and dried skin cells

-Moisturize, if you do not moisturize, your skin will feel dried out, you have basically removed all the natural oils from the skin

-A tablespoon full of cod live oil

Drinking plenty of water hydrates not only the body but the cells as well, imagine the cells of our skin like a sponge, if you do not keep the sponge wet it dries out and gets stiff. When the sponge is moist it is pliable and soft. Coffee, alcohol and smoking do the same thing, they dehydrate the body. So once again imagine the body like a sponge.

Now never go to bed with make up on and a great natural makeup remover is olive oil. Do this before washing your face when going to bed. Imagine putting plastic over your skin for 8 hours, the cells aren’t able to breath and bacteria starts to accumulate under the makeup causing breakouts and rashes. Now washing your face with a mild cleanser will remove the days toxins from the surface of the skin, this will enable your skin to breath.

Then you want to exfoliate your skin with sugar and it’s actually what glycolic acid is derived from. Just put a small amount of your normal cleanser in your hand and perhaps a teaspoon full of sugar in your hand and mix together. Now Gently rub this on your face in a small circular motion massaging it into the skin. The glycolic acid is going to dissolve the glue that holds all the dead skin cells to your face. Once you massage into your skin for several minutes then you want to rinse with cold water and pat dry. I suggest exfoliating at the very least every 3 days.

Once your skin is dry you will notice it feels clean, hydrated and refreshed. You now want to moisturize with a water based moisturizer. This will hold the moisture in at a cellular level. A tablespoon of Cod Liver oil at night and in the morning will naturally moisten the cells. Cod Liver oil has omega 3 fatty acids in it and what it will do is make your cells and your skin look moist and fresh. You can usually find this product at a whole foods or health food store.

For more information go to http://newstemcellskincare.com.

Joe Barnes is excited to be doing research on several subjects ranging from healthy eating to a healthy life style.

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6 Easy Weight Loss Tips

6 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Honestly speaking, there are hundreds of ways out there you can find to lose weight that it can be very confusing to know which approach is the best. However, there are not many practical, sustainable and safe methods of weight loss. The weight loss guidelines should be safe, healthy and not extreme to the point that it is too hard to follow. Seriously, weight loss does not have to be so confusing. Once you have a simple to follow plan, it’s more about setting your mind to it. With simplicity in mind, the following are easy to implement weight loss tips you can use to quickly shed the extra kilos.

Replace all Beverages with water
How hard can this be? Grab a filled up water bottle with you or asked for a glass of plain water when you go dinning. The problem with most beverages such as coke, chocolate milk shake, coffee or juices are that they are loaded with sugar and caffeine that gives you the irregular spike and dive in energy level. Obviously, the extra sugar in the beverages not only add inches to your waistline it also add extra weight to the body over time.

Sleep at Least 7 Hours a day
Studies have consistently found that people who are sleep-deprived are out of shape and gained weight easily. It is not only important that you sleep 7 hours but also sleep at the right time. This is because the circadian rhythm which is also known as your «body clock» is disrupted when you stay up late at night and wake late the next day. As a result, the body will be stressed resulting in weight gain.

Eat Heaps of vegetables and fruits
Eat at least 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruits a day. These healthy food are low in calories which helps to keep the weight off the body. They are also bursting with minerals and vitamins and high level of fibers that help maintain a stable sugar level in the body so that there will be no craving for junk food.

Cut Away All Pastry
It is important tip that must be implemented if you are a person that regularly has cakes and cookies. Having all these foods will almost certainly result in weight gain. The worst thing about these foods is that most of them contain trans fat which is the worst fat of all. Consuming trans fat has been found to be associated with easy fat gain and also many undesirable chronic health risk. Because pastry are loaded with high fat and sugar content, it would almost certainly help in weight loss if these foods are cut out from daily consumption.

Studies have shown consistent evidence that the most effective weight loss method is through a combination of healthy eating and exercise. Healthy eating alone can only bring you so far and does not really increase the metabolism in your body as much as exercise. In fact, most people who lose weight through diet alone lose water initially, and lose muscle as well. Losing muscle is undesirable as it means that your metabolism actually drop and weight regain can be very easy once you are off the diet. Increasing metabolism is paramount because it helps to burn more fat in the body. For the fit and active individual, be sure to perform high intensity interval training workout to give your metabolism the extra boost and melt those body fat away. Go easy on exercise if you are unfit and build on the higher intensity gradually.

Eat more lean protein
Lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey breast and egg whites are better options than processed meat. They have lower fat content and helps curb your appetite. Plus, the proteins are important nutrients for repairing the micro muscle damage caused by exercise. Without repair, more damages will occur and muscle breakdown leads to low metabolism. Be sure to add the lean protein into your mix of vegetables.

TC is a Perth personal trainer who provide both one-on-one and small group personal training in the Suburb of Nedlands, Subiaco, Claremonts and Crawley in Western Australia. He also runs Perth boot camp that provides both ladies only and kettlebell training. For 1 week FREE access to his boot camp, please visit his Perth boot camp website.

Stevia — 6 Surprising Facts

Stevia — 6 Surprising Facts

Stevia is a plant that has been generating a lot of buzz (and controversy) over the past number of years. Here are six facts about this member of the sunflower family that many people may not be aware of.

#1 — Stevia extract powder is hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar. In fact, just three teaspoons of powder will pack as much sweetness as a whopping nine cups of sugar!

#2 — Stevia is not a recently discovered substance. It’s been used by the people of Brazil for hundreds of years to sweeten teas, and the Japanese have been using this sweetener for decades. South American Indians also applied stevia to cuts, believing it would help speed healing.

#3 — Stevia was just recently approved by the FDA as a food additive. In December of 2008, stevia was finally allowed to be added to all types of foods and beverages. Before that, stevia extract powder had to be sold as a supplement, and was typically only available in health food stores and through online vendors.

#4 — Many people believe the FDA ban was a result of pressure from the artificial sweetener industry. In North America, artificial sweeteners have been used in place of sugar for some time. Needless to say, this industry is worth a staggering amount of money. Many feel the FDA’s refusal to approve stevia was not based on science, but was instead a result of pressure from these massive companies.

#5 — One of the largest soft drink manufacturers in the world has already developed a product sweetened with a stevia extract. The product was set to hit shelves before the FDA officially approved the use of stevia extract powder and other forms of the substance.

#6 — Stevia is extremely low in calories. In fact, the more refined extracts are classified as non-caloric.

Whatever your business — dietary supplements, functional foods, OTC, cosmetics, beverages or pet and livestock ingredients — AHD has the ingredients to meet your needs. For information on the chia products, contact AHD via our website at http://www.ahdintl.com/Products_Stevia.html or telephone our sales department at 404-233-4022.

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Do You Want 6 Pack Abs?

Do You Want 6 Pack Abs?

Do you want 6 pack abs? Then be wary of the different kind of scams out there. In today’s society everybody wants it now, while this is a nice thought this kind of thinking may keep you away from your weight loss goals. Sadly enough these fad diets and weight loss pills are designed to fail. Why? Because they want you to continue to hope and dream about weight loss and they don’t want you to know the truth about how to really lose weight. Sure you can get some quick results, but the not so surprising thing is a lot of people gain all of the weight back.

There are ways to get 6 pack abs, without cramming pills down your throat or potentially harming your body. You can look and feel the way that you have always dreamt about without all of this nonsense. The truth is most all most all diet fads/workout plans will work for the short term, and I guess if your goal is to look good for the sunny season then blow up again that is fine.

I would suggest that you looked at something that can last a lifetime. The truth is, in my eyes there is no miracle or special magic pill that will help you permanently lose weight. The thing is, you will have to put in a solid effort if you are ever going to truly get 6 pack abs. You will need to have a well balanced diet and a good exercise routine.

It’s amazing that there are so many foods out there that promote weight loss, you just need to know what they are. You will want to stay away from processed foods completely and add in a ton of healthy whole foods. You should be able to eat anything you want within reason, if you make sure that you are getting a well balanced diet of fruits, veggies, fats, carbs and lean proteins you will be good to go.

With correct nutrition and a regular exercise routine, you will really start to see those pounds just melt away. Using a pilates ball can help you with adding some variety into your exercises. There are so many different exercises that you can try, and it will give you a workout of a lifetime if you have never done it before. You can try walking at different speeds to lose weight, it doesn’t take a lot of time but you will see results quickly.

The diet you are consuming and the activity level at which you perform will help make the difference in the appearance of your body. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated and help the toxins in your body pass through.

Remember to stay consistent and persistent while on your 6 pack abs quest, and stick to a solid diet and workout plan.I always keep a log and a journal with me in my car, so that I can document all of the actions I take day by day.

Losing weight can become a serious strain to us if we do not have the proper education. With so much information being given to us, it can become cumbersome on the mind.

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6 Steps to Pop a Zit

6 Steps to Pop a Zit

There is nothing more depressed than you wake up in the morning and found the person in the mirror with a zit face, sad, isn’t it. This is a typical start of a ruined day, all day long no matter what you do, you will feel the itch on the face. The only thing you want is to clear up, but there is the possibility you may make a scene on your face if you did it in the wrong way. Even it seemed you succeed in the first, the next morning you found the pimples got their way back.

You are so eager to get rid of it that you forget to clean your hands before popping a zit. Your hands may get more dirt and grease in your pores which could lead to even more zits. All you need is a little patience and wash your hands first.

I know you hate those pimps, but please do not scrub too hard when you wash your face. This may remove your skin’s naturally appearing oils which help protect your skin from drying out and block dirt from entering the pores.

First and foremost, we have to make it clear that Popping a zit should only be done if the pus is visible at the surface of the skin. To make it simpler, I will say never treat a zit until you see its whitehead coming out! Pressing, scratching or pushing on a blemish will end up irritating the area more and making the pimps stay longer.

You still want to pop it, don’t you? So, what is the right way of pop a zit? Now, Let’s begin! Though it sounds easy, but what you may know there are even a book describing the procedure by Rupa Vickers, maybe you really should take it seriously. Actually all you need to do is following a 6-steps procedure.

Here is the instructions:

1. Use a warm rag to heat the area and draw the pus to the surface at the first place
2. Wash the area with acne medicated soap, Clean your hands before popping
3. Press your two pointer fingers down on opposite sides of the zit, compress your fingers in a slightly upward motion
4. Repeat, until the white pus stops coming from the zit
5. Cleanse the battlefield and wash your hand
6. Apply an anti-pimple cream to the popped zit area (If you run out of them try a toothpaste, the white pasty kind).

Bonus Tips:
The popped area may be swelling and become red, try to apply ice to the area and you may reduce the symptom.

Heal Through try to provide the most effective information on dealing with acne, check more articles including Special Pimple Home Remedy on heal through.

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6 Tips For Cutting Fat

6 Tips For Cutting Fat

I don’t like Cutting Fat! Who does? But it ain’t as bad as people make it out to be.

Restriction, dieting, eating less then you need to sustain yourself, your training, your strength and hard earned muscle. No, its not fun, but in reality it isn’t that darn hard.

Not as hard as many make it out to be, and really unless your looking to get to extreme leanness its pretty damn easy and anyone who has been in the game any amount of time can tell you it’s a far cry easier then putting on an above average amount of lean mass or strength.

It’s not an experience I would call enjoyable by any enjoyable stretch of the imagination but I will share a few tips that I have employed and you can to make your next phase of cutting some pudge a lot easier and hopefully as well a lot more productive and in turn shorter.

It’s Just Food…

Mind set / a back bone. The number one thing I hear, and I just HATE hearing from people when I am cutting fat is «Gawd How Do you Do that? How do you stay so committed?» How do you not have the cake at a birthday party? How do you go from cramming anything and EVERYTHING you want plus some in your pie hole one week getting ready for a meet to not even a taste the next. Oh!!!! I cant do that the cravings are just too bad, I can’t handle them I have to have a little of this or little of that. To calm my nerves and what not.

COME ON!!!!!!! How weak are you. It’s friggin food, it not like you’re a crack addict. Show some spine, some will power. Food is an inanimate object and people have some how given it more power then it deserves. Social power, and in some cases physical power. Are you really going to sit there and tell me a HO HO has more spine then you? You had a craving and Just couldn’t resist the UNRULY all-powerful snack cake or cookie.

First thing you got to do is simply want what your goal is commit to it and just accept it. You don’t have to label the food BAD, or EVIL. «Bad Bad cookie» Just label it what it is food, and if its not on your menu right now for the goals at hand you just say?? Um NO and you don’t have it. It’s that easy, try it next time. Instead of dwelling on a simple mass of calories and letting it waste minutes of your day and cause undue stress from so called craving honestly ask yourself if you’re going to let a snack cake have more power over your actions then you.

Eat your Protein and Stay Hydrated!

This is nothing ground breaking and don’t claim it to be. I won’t waste your time going into all the specifics of why one should eat protein and stay hydrated if one needs to know that there are literally thousands of documents and articles written on the importance of each by myself and those much smarter then I in the field of nutrition. Look a few up, or ask some direct questions on the forum or the next Iron Radio Broadcast (www.ironradio.org) What I will do is give a suggestion I have used that couples the two habits of getting your protein in and staying hydrated.

A 1 Gallon diluted protein shake. Plain and simple every single day when I am cutting calories below my maintenance I make a HUGE 1 gallon diluted protein shake and sip on that all day long. I know the importance of getting a steady small stream of protein to keep amino rich blood and halting undue muscle catabolism, That and hydration need is increased even more so due to the lower general carb intake it is of vital importance to keeping as much lean mass as I can. Let alone the facts that both habits keep you satiated and performance up, waste products flowing out etc..

Just take a gallon container. I use an empty milk jug and add 3-5 scoops of your favorite protein dependent on your protein needs. The drink away all day to keep both these staples of dietary habits in check. As an option I add a bit of pure sucralose and stevia for sweetness and salt to keep one of my crucial electrolytes in balance during the periods of HIGH hydration and loss of sweat from adding activity.

Start Green

Going Green is the latest craze as I’m sure you’ve heard and it should be when dieting as well. But I’m talking about a different green. I’m not talking about recycling your used tampons so they can be used to make a new space aged coating for the space shuttle so it moves through the sky more efficient and doesn’t burn so much precious fossil fuels I’m talking Veggies.

Once again people give food, fuel too much power and they label certain foods as breakfast foods and certain ones NOT, and in general somehow veggies are in the not category. I say a food like veggies that we know is a great food for when trying to shed fat due to its high fiber and micro nutrients content then it should not only be a breakfast choice but a breakfast staple. We should start out one step ahead and have a nice big serving at the first meal of the day. Yeah, it ain’t hash browns, biscuits and gravy, or captain crunch but it is serving a HUGE purpose in or current goals eat it.

How I don’t care eat it as a side item like at dinner, or get creative and put it in a shake, an omelet or other. It really doesn’t matter just start he day with a BIG serving of the green stuff and see how it helps you shed the lbs.

Get Moving

Cardio, NEPA, whet ever, get your butt moving do more then you were yesterday. Plain and simple start doing more simple activity then you were prior to trying to lose fat and it will add up. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be the next greatest cardio craze that promises to rip the fat off you, just do something. Preferably something you enjoy, find fun. If you can lose time, laugh and enjoy what your doing al the better and al the more effective it will be.

I prefer to mix it up, Play a sport, go for a simple walk, a hike, a bike ride, a swim, row, throw things, drag things. Take part in anything that simply has your doing something. It all counts, doesn’t have to be complicated and again it doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t SUCK. If I have something planned and dread doing it, or really hate the thought of it, FINE, I’ll do something else. Its OK, just do something, whatever you find the least Crappy.

Now if your just being a wuss and making excuses, then sure sometimes you have to just suck it up and do it and get it over with, It wont take long and wont be the end of the world. Likely once your done it wont seem like that much and you’ll be glad you did, but Just do a little more then last week, it doesn’t have to be a ton, it all adds up.

Kiss a Fish…

Or smell like you did. Taking fish oils will be the last little tip I recommend. Again, by now this shouldn’t even be something I have to suggest, and I definitely wont go into great detail as that’s be done again and again. When cutting fat even more so then in your daily routine I suggest you really load up on the fish oils, for a good size male I say 10-15 grams a day. I personally take 12-15 that’s aside from any fish I eat.

The benefits are vast from general health on the cellular level, to really aiding aches pains and lubricating joints while your on a hypo caloric diet. They also have the effect of aiding in fat burning, cognitive function possibly helping when you would be a bit cloudy from the lowered energy intake and raised expenditure. Thinning the blood a bit getting nutrients flowing in and out of bodily tissues more readily and aiding in cholesterol.

Get a BIG tub and start them TODAY make it a habit and if you have a fat loss phase planned you might think about starting to load up a bit higher a few weeks prior to get a bit ahead of the game.

Training Choices

I am going to keep this very brief and simple. I’m my experience you have 1000’s of choices in how to train when you want to shed body fat. Literally any program can be used for both training to lose fat or pack on mass the biggest difference is the diet and your NEPA / Cardio. That said in my opinion you have two choices that are best and will lead to the greatest fat loss to lean mass preservation.

#1 GO heavy, brief and frequent. Get in pick one maybe two BIG compound moves do it hard and work up to the 90% zone or higher and get OUT

#2 Go Heavy, Go Long, But very infrequent

Get in the gym Hit it HARD again big compounds lifts work up to heavy sets in the 85%+ range. Hit he whole body and hit it hard. Then rest. Two simple bare bones but hard sessions a week is Plenty with this route.

These two are by far the best. Why? #1 you need to go heavy. Nothing is going to convince your body that it is a MUST to keep the precious lean mass that you have built like lifting near maximal loads. You don’t have the energy intake for lots of long hard sets and tons of reps, let alone the fuel to recover form such sessions. Blitz the body give it a reason to hold onto mass but do minimal muscle tissue damage and get out. Use the diet and moderate cardio and NEPA to target the fat loss.


These tips are easily applied real world basic bones tools anyone can use when they are looking to shed some body fat and they want to sway the success a bit more in their direction. Most people don’t need to worry getting caught up in the minutia that they do over complicating things and breaking things down to exact calories and exact macros. If they employ simple good nutritional habits and add on a few tips and tools like these they can make great success and likely make it further and faster toward their goal then if they had went a more invasive route.

Phillip Stevens, BFA, MFA;
Director of Operations, Staley Training Systems

6 Tips to Save Water

6 Tips to Save Water
Every day, people use more water than they realize. We waste gallons of water nd wind up paying for it in our water bills. Now you should know how to save water. Here are six tips for you.


Don’t run the water constantly when washing dishes. Instead, scrub the dishes with a sponge or scrub brush, then turn the water on and rinse. Then shut it off. Kitchen sinks waste upwards of 2 to 3 gallons a minute—and you don’t need that much water to get your dishes clean.


Careful how you wash your produce. To wash fruits and vegetables, fill a bowl half-full and use it to rinse them off. Don’t rinse them under the sink. Anytime you run your tap and most of the water goes down the drain, you’re wasting water and probably could do whatever you’re doing more efficiently without running the water constantly.


Don’t run the water while you’re shaving, brushing your teeth, or washing your hands. The same principles apply here—you don’t need that water on constantly. Do your washing up, and then run the water to rinse. You’re not even using that running water when you’re brushing your teeth—so don’t let it flow down the drain.


Don’t run water to make it cold. Ready for a nice, cold glass of water? Don’t turn your faucet on and then wait for the water to run cold. Instead, keep a pitcher of water in your fridge. That way, your water is always cold and ready to drink—and you don’t waste any water getting it that way.


Take more showers. In most cases, you’ll use less water in a shower than in a bath. Don’t believe it? Next time you take a shower, plug the drain and see how much water accumulates. Usually, it’ll be a lot less than you’d use to fill a bathtub. If it’s equal or more, you should take shorter showers. You can also buy water-saving showerheads.


Plug the drain in your bath. If you must take baths, plug the drain before turning the water on. Also, when the water starts to get cooler, don’t drain the tub partway and then turn on the hot water again—get out of the tub. You’ll save 10 to 15 gallons of water a minute if you do.


Don’t wash small loads. If you have a washing machine—or even if you go to the Laundromat—don’t put laundry in unless you can wash a full load. To save even more water, use the shortest cycle. Your clothes will get just as clean, and you’ll save about 1,000 gallons in a month.


Buy water-saving appliances. You can find water-conserving washing machines, dishwashers, and more at hardware stores—ask the salespeople to show you the most water-efficient machines.


Check for a leaky toilet. Toilet leaks cause a lot of water waste—and most people don’t even realize they have a leaky toilet. To check yours, just put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the color shows up in the bowl, your flush valve is leaking. Getting this fixed can save you gallons of water per year.


Your toilet isn’t a wastebasket. Many people throw tissues, dental floss, or other bathroom garbage in the toilet and dispose of it with a flush. Don’t make that mistake. It wastes water needlessly, and your garbage is just as gone if you throw it in the bin.


Water at the right times. Water your outdoor plants before 7 in the morning or after 5 at night. This will keep your water from evaporating under the sun before it soaks into the soil.


Put your sprinklers in the right place. Many people place sprinklers in a place where part of the flow hits a sidewalk or paved driveway. This is a huge waste of water over time. Instead, make sure your sprinkler jets are hitting ground all the way ’round.


Use a rain barrel. Put a barrel or other watertight container under your gutters to catch rainwater. You can then use this water on your garden and plants without taxing your water bill.


Saving water is a worthy goal for 2007—and once you get into the habit of conserving water, these tasks are surprisingly easy to do. In most cases, people don’t notice that they’re using less water once they’ve gotten into a few simple water-saving habits—until they see the difference in their water bill, that is.


Ray Dobson is CEO of WD Bathrooms http://www.wdbathrooms.co.uk For more information on shower units and shower enclosures visit http://www.wdbathrooms.co.uk/acatalog/Shower_Cubicles.html

6 Instant Treatment For Hives

6 Instant Treatment For Hives

There are several treatment for hives and this article is written to inform you of some of the most common and effective.

Hives, also known as Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria is an allergic reaction usually occurring when you come in contact with triggering allergens.

The painful rashes of hives can be anywhere from a couple of millimeters to several inches in diameter. Urticaria hives may appear round, or they can also look like rings or big patches that grow and eventually swell into each other. In most cases the swelling will continue to grow and sometimes they can reach to as far as the head. When this is the case it is much more serious and should be consulted by a doctor as soon as possible.

Treatment for hives may depends on the severity of the symptoms but the most commonly used treatments in the past have being antihistamines, such as Allegra, Zyrtec, Clarinex, and Claritin. However after a lot of research, it’s becoming more and more clear that these drugs are not the best treatments for hives.

6 Home remedies and treatments for hives

1. Applying calamine lotion is a very effective way to provide short term but instant relief for the pain and itching

2. Another technique for some short term relief is to get 2 liters of warm water mixed with 1/2 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup baking soda. Then soak yourself in the mix once a day or more for temporary relief. This can really help ease the pain however once again, it is only temporary.

3. Aloe Vera and vitamin E are also two things that can greatly help ease the pain.

4. Natural cayenne pepper in capsules in many cases will help reduce the swelling and slow down the spread.

5. Green tea is great for your overall health and has a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. This can help speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of getting hives again.

6. Another instant relief method is simply putting a ice or gel pack on the affected area.
These are all common and very effective treatment for hives but the best way to heal the problem is by addressing it at the core. This is why homeopathic treatments are so popular and effective these days.

These are all common and very effective treatment for hives but the best way to heal the problem is by addressing it at the core. This is why homeopathic treatments are so popular and effective these days.

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