HSM 104.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

HSM 104.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

HSM 104.3cc Cross Cut is a great deskside shredder for users needing more than occasional use. With a sturdy engine designed for moderate use and a plethora of automated features, this device is easy to use and functional. Here is a closer look at the 104.3cc shredder.


The petite dimensions of this device allow it to store tidily under a desk or table for easy access. If you need to move it, you shouldn’t have much of a problem since it only weighs about 28 pounds.
The automatic features provide simple operation. Other than the on/off/reverse switch, use is automated. The machine idles in an energy conserving standby mode until items are inserted into the feed. Then a photo-cell sensor turns the blades on to shred the items, stopping automatically when finished. The auto stop also activates when the shred bin is full or removed. A safety shield guards the opening to prevent fingers and other objects from getting caught in the blades. If a jam does occur, simply switch into reverse mode and the clogged items will come back out to you.
A powerful drive system provides high performance and longer usage periods. The motor itself is thermally protected against overheating. It also offers quiet operation, only running at about 59 decibels. That approximately equals a normal conversation one yard away.
The cross cutting blades take in up to 11 sheets at once through the 9.5 inch opening. With shred speeds of 18 feet per minute, your items are quickly diced into tiny 1/8″ by 1-1/8″ pieces. These remnants earn a level 3 security rating, perfect for office shredding.
Paper confetti rains down into a generous 8.7 gallon waste container. The bin offers a display window as well as a tilt-out feature for the easy addition of other waste material.
HSM provides a two year warranty on the cutters as well as parts and labor on this machine.


As with many smaller shredders, this one doesn’t offer continuous run time. As a result, heavy periods of shredding will be followed by a cool down time. Smaller offices with only a few people using the device might not even notice this occurring. Businesses needing a shared machine for heavier use will prefer a shredder with a more powerful motor to stand up to their needs.
While level three is great security for office shredding, it is only a medium level. Companies needing the destruction of classified or top secret documents will want a high security shredder.
This machine only takes in up to 11 sheets at once. Since they are shred as fast as 18 feet per minute, this often isn’t an issue. However, larger offices with higher volume needs may want a device that can handle a greater quantity of items at once.

As you can see from the many strengths, the HSM 104.3cc is perfect for personal or small office use. It would also function well as a shared device between a few people with light to moderate shredding needs. With automatic features to make use simple and swift blades to destroy unwanted and confidential documents, this machine is both convenient and efficient. We think the HSM 104.3cc Cross Cut Shredder is a great choice for your next deskside device.

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