More TF2 Medic Tips

More TF2 Medic Tips

As the Medic for your team, there are certain things that you should do in order to fill this position and be the best possible Medic you can be. Below you will find a list of things that you can do to help improve your skills and be a Medic.

Communicate — Communication between you and your teammates is vital to your success. How can they know what to expect from you if you’re not making an effort to let them know. There is a built-in voice comm designed for this provided you have a microphone. If you don’t, you may want to consider investing in one.
Be Observant — It’s your job to know what’s going on around you and to be aware of the teammates that need your help. This is especially true if he or she is calling out to you. This is no time to be daydreaming or not paying attention to your game. Look for that Red Cross balloon that will appear over their head or listen for their calls so you can respond quickly when needed.
Protect Yourself — When you’re healing soldiers or any other player that’s being targeted, you need to protect yourself. As a Medic you won’t be able to withstand the fire power that these class players do. You won’t benefit the team very much if you die quickly.
Know When to Attack -There will be times when it would be more beneficial if you attack the enemy instead of overhealing your teammates. Practice will help you know when to heal and when to fight but anytime you see a teammate being attacked from behind, you can be sure this would be a good time to attack if possible.

As you gain experience and learn how to multitask successfully, you will be able to make more kills while still keeping your teammates healthy as long as you never forget your number one priority is to your teammates.

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