Nokia C3 Mobile

Nokia C3 Mobile
The Nokia C3 has been released with many features and functions. It also provides various types of style and designs. All the mobile companies have brought changes in the style and function. So, the Nokia in the same way has brought the changes for its customers as a result it has captured the mobile market.

Why the Nokia C3 is so popular? It is packed with many features and it is such kinds of handset which has something for everyone. So its features attract its buyer to buy it. We know, we are living in the age of globalization. The whole world is like a family for us. All the time we cannot carry laptop with us, but easily we can carry small tools like mobile. You can get connected though the whole world by this Nokia C3 mobile set. It will give you full excess to the world of internet.

Even you can use Wi Fi network system by the Nokia C3 handset. It has 2.4 displays with QWERTY keypad including Ovi services. It gives the opportunity to the common people to have connection with the social networks.

You will also get a nice 2.0 mega pixel camera which will give you the opportunities to take a rare moment from your dearest and nearest one. Though it has camera, you will not get flash. You can also store many songs in your handset as it supports up to eight GB memory.

You can also enjoy nice songs or program while you are doing exercise, travelling or running as it has FM radio. The Nokia C3 hand set also added some features like hotmail, Gmail, and yahoo mail. To get these services you need to download software separately. You will also get the very interesting messenger like Yahoo, Google and Ovi chat.

Its display screen is so beautiful. It can display up to 256000 colors and can provide effective images. The QWERTY keypad is located under the main display screen and it provides simple text entry. In this handset you can enjoy the Bluetooth facilities and micro-USB connections.

If you want to take your memory lively you can take video by this camera. Per second you can take 15 frames quality video. It has 55 MB internal memory including two GB external memory card, which is included in the package.

By this hand set you can download many songs and games. You will also get attractive games in this handset. You will get MP4 and MP3 media player in it. In addition, you will also get flashing 3.0 and a good organizer.

If you want to enjoy the modern facilities the Nokia C3 handset will be the best option for you.

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