Omega-3 And Depression

Omega-3 And Depression

Omega-3 is touted as an excellent health benefit for the body. But did you know it was good for the head to? Well apparently so. Studies have shown that if Omega-3 supplements are taken; the instance of depression is reduced. The reduction was more pronounced in women than it was in men. In fact if you visit some of the forums on Omega-3 you will find testimony on how well Omega-3 supplements work at stopping and preventing depression.

But before you go out and buy fish oil supplements to cure your depression, lets review it some more.

Omega-3 Analysis

Omega-3 is called an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) because the body cannot produce them and must get them from their diet or supplements. The EFA you get from fish contains the fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The best fish to get EFAs is from cold-water fish such as salmon, cod, sardines and mackerel.

The body uses EPA, while the brain and the eye use DHA. In fact you cannot find DHA any other place in the body but in the brain and the eye.


The brain is composed of mainly fat. This fat is made of such fats as unsaturated fats. EFAs can provide these unsaturated fats in the form of DHA.

Some studies have not convincingly shown that the occurrence of depression is reduced by just DHA. Some believe that a combination of DHA and EPA is needed to reduce the occurrence of depression.

Since the 1850s, our diet has shifted away from natural sources to processed foods. This type of diet provides large amounts of Omega-6. Some studies have shown that diets rich in Omega-6, but low in Omega-3, could increase the chance of depression. Plus other mental health problems could be introduced.

These studies have shown that taking a combination of DHA and EPA, such as that found in fish oil could prevent and relieve depression. It also showed that just taking DHA by itself, did not have much of an effect on depression.


EFAs contain the fatty acids EPA and DHA. These are found in cold water-fish such as salmon, cod, sardines and mackerel. These EFAs appear to be good for the brain since it is composed mainly of unsaturated fats. By taking EPA and DHA studies have shown that it can relieve and stop symptoms of depression.

If you are taking other medications consult with your doctor before starting on an Omega-3 supplement regime.

To learn more about the benefits of Omega-3, and receive a free e-book which discuses all the benefits of Omega-3 at Walter Chase’s web site Good Fatty Acids.

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