Playstion 3 Console

Playstion 3 Console

What’s so impressive about the PlayStation®3 Console? Maybe it’s the built-in high definition Blu-Ray player; or perhaps the life-like games that make you feel like you’re caught in the action; it could even be the sleek new design and stellar graphics linked with Playstation’s Dualshock wireless controller making your gaming experience more convenient. One thing is for certain however, the PlayStation®3 gaming console lives up to its name and easily surpasses its predecessors, giving new meaning to an all-in-one gaming machine.

The PlayStation®3 system delivers it all: lots of elite games (suchas God of War, Gran Turismo, and Final Fantasy for a few) with great graphics; immaculate picture quality liberated at a stunning 1080p; a built-in Blu-Ray player for all of your HD movies; and built-in Wi-Fi to connect you directly to the internet in seconds, or the option of Ethernet connection.

But aside from these things, one thing that truly breaks the PlayStation®3 away from the rest of the pack is the Playstation Network, often abbreviated as PSN. The PlayStation®3 comes with a built-in network that as of June 2010 was over 50 million users strong. This network is a free network that helps users communicate with one another for: user to user chat; multiplayer gaming; scores and ranking, for player comparison; internet browsing and more.

Another great extra that comes with the Playstation Network is the Playstation Store. Here, gamers can visit a virtual marketplace offering a range of downloadable content both for purchase and available free of charge. The store includes playable demos, full games, add-on content, themes, and game and movie trailers.

Another extra found within the Playstation Network is the Netflix application. Now, PSN users are able to enjoy instant access to thousands of Netflix titles and TV shows on demand, at the touch of a button. Netflix movies or shows can be streamed directly to the Playstation 3 Console and delivered right to the users’ television set. What’s even better than that? Users will be able to watch their streaming movies in stunning 1080p while enjoying Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound with more and more content available with subtitles.

With PlayStation®3 web browsing, you have the ability to open six pages at one time, scrolling back and forth between them as you please; and you are able to do everything from returning emails, to searching and listening to music on Youtube, to google searches, etc. A pleasant plus that comes with PlayStation®3 web browsing capabilities, is that a USB keyboard can be plugged into the console to enable a more convenient browsing experience. Even though the web browsing interface isn’t the fastest surfing process out there, a user-friendly, dedicated keyboard definitely eases any frustration that may be found with impatient gamers.

At first glance, the PlayStation®3 console may seem like an overpriced gaming machine, it seems well worth its price when compared to everything jam-packed into this device. A Blu-Ray player alone may run you more than $ 300, let alone combined with an HD gaming system, internet browsers and loads of other little goodies.

Mr Noisette The Playstation 3 Gaming system is an ultimate gaming system. Prices may seem, but its well worth its value. If you’re interested, check out some suggested purchases of the Playstation 3 Console Playstation 3 Consoles

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