Professional Cleveland CG2

Professional Cleveland CG2

The new CG2 irons were specifically designed for the low to mid handicapper searching for a club that offers the forgiveness of a cavity back and the workability of a blade. Made from the evolutionary CMM metal composition, CG2 irons have an incredibly soft and responsive feel at impact. Because of the 25-30 grams of design freedom created by the CMM, the CG2 irons offer a lower and deeper center of gravity than most «better player» clubs which helps to get the ball in the air easier and quicker in the long irons while maintaining a penetrating ball flight in the mid to short irons.


The biggest technology in the Cleveland CG2‘s has to be Cleveland’s new CMM metal. CMM metal is one of the softest metals out there and it provides great feel. I won’t get into the in’s and out’s of CMM but basically it’s less dense than traditional steel and it dampens out some of the vibrations created when the golfer hits a ball. The CG2 is a pretty nice looking club and Cleveland has done a nice job combining a blade and a cavity back. The top line and sole are thin, the cavity is there but it’s not huge, the offset is minimal and the finish is appealing. 99.99% of the Cleveland CG2‘s I sell are steel… there is a graphite option but I don’t know why someone would want to dampen any feel with graphite here. The stock shafts available are great… the ever-steady Dynamic Gold steel and the Grafalloy Blue graphite. Cleveland also has a great custom department and the CG2 Iron has a lot of other shaft options.


What makes the CG2 better? Simply put, Cleveland developed a material that damps vibration in an unprecedented fashion and can be readily manipulated and engineered for performance. It’s called Carbon Metal Matrix (CMM). This new material, while not a composite, is infused with 17 times more carbon than traditional 8620 and 1020 carbon steels. Using a process unique to CMM, the carbon is infused into microscopic spheres suspended within the molecular structure — creating a matrix that is 10% less dense and 15% softer than traditional carbon steel. These density relieving spheres within CMM dramatically damp vibration, offering a pure, soft feel never before achieved in any golf club.

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