Ps3 Console — Ps3 And Xbox 360

Ps3 Console — Ps3 And Xbox 360

All of the fanboy bickering and bias leaning aside, people who can only afford one $ […] gaming console want to know which system to choose between the PS3 Console & Xbox 360. This comes down to a simple matter really putting all of the technical jargon aside. The PS3 Console is a superior piece of hardware to the Xbox 360. It comes fully loaded and if you have an HDTV and you need your gaming machine to double as your movie player then I say from a technical standpoint the PS3 Console is going to be your way to go.

What the Xbox 360 lacks in power under the hood, it surely makes up for with its games and gaming experience. Xbox Live is vastly superior to Playstation Network in all aspects save price, but you truly get what you paid (or didn’t pay) for. The community is much larger and it is better on every level and if you just casually watch a movie on your console every now and then, you can download 1080p HD movies for viewing from the video marketplace. People who plan to collect Blu-Ray disks and watch alot of movies who have HDTV should get a PS3 Console.

For around the price of 2 Blu-Ray disks, you can get Xbox Live for a year. As far as games go, the Xbox 360 is the superior system. ‘Little Big Planet’ might be cool for some but it doesn’t hold a candle to Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 and I suspect if more ‘kid-friendly’ fare is your thing then you probably own or plan to own a Nintendo Wii. It is my personal opinion that people who try to argue that PS3 Console exclusives are on par with Xbox 360’s are not only Sony fanboys, but delusional Sony fanboys. It is my guess that the PS3 Console will sell very well this holiday season at its new price and hopefully with that will allow for improved exclusives (ie God of War 3).

I find that people who have both systems for the most part agree that the PS3 Console has better hardware and the Xbox 360 has better software (which includes online). I find myself playing the Xbox 360 much more than I do the PS3 Console. You really can’t go wrong either way so I hope that based on some of my thoughts you can look at what you want out of a gaming system and make a decision. If you can afford it…now is surely the time to pick up the system you don’t have with these price drops. For most people that means picking up a PS3 Console.

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