Samsung 3.2

Samsung 3.2

I908 adhering



Workmanship has always been the tradition of every detail with great care, the use of materials is also very particular about. i908 has a 56.9x 112 x 12.5mm slim body, weighing about 120 grams. i908 as a full-featured



Not only has a powerful and rich features, but also has a slender figure,


Once again shows us his deep design skill. Probably because of the price fall a few days ago led to the bottoming out too quickly, prices decline again today, this phone, now the latest offer is only 1,880 yuan business. Like under low and concern!

Samsung i908 with Winodws Mobile 6.1 operating system, 3.2-inch-wide touch-screen 240 × 400 pixels, TouchWiz Interface, 500-megapixel AF (autofocus) cameras,



, Wi-Fi, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, FM, TV-OUT, microSDHC, the maximum 16 GB built-in


And so on. To the Qi top level specifications a whole, and on and the «Omnia» of the word meaning the same: all the features of a machine control.

Samsung i908 Omnia

are internally and externally oriented, metal material with a slim 12.5 mm body, broad vision, large 3.2-inch screen, a positive aside only configuration, hang up and advanced optical Games bar, neat texture to streamline a smartphone without losing any mobile phone, but Samsung i908Omnia not only bring you surprise them.

Samsung i908 Omnia

equipped with 500W of AF camera in landscape mode when the camera is also controlled with ease. In addition to the scene mode, white balance, ISO light-sensitive values, and other functions in addition, i908Omnia focus with face and smile shot features. WDR also equipped with a metering system and wide dynamic


Anti-tremor, high contrast in bright environments and dark scenes are more excellent performance. The machine is also built-in 16GB of microSDHC memory +8 GB high capacity expansion cards, storage and transmission have a higher use of space. Samsung claims the maximum can be placed in 23


 Quality of the video, friends can portable video to eliminate the loneliness, and Samsung i908Omnia also supports DiVX definition video.

Samsung i908Omnia of course built-in motion sensors, the picture changes as you cross straight pleased and synchronous changes, but also can set the sensitivity of sensors, motion sensors can also be turned off so that the screen is fixed at straight or horizontal. Samsung i908Omnia can put up to 8000 songs, more support


, AAC, AAC +, WMA, OGG, AMR popular music format. Similarly A2DP, also support background play, but did not see the equalizer settings, if the equalizer option to increase it perfect. Friendly reminder: the specified businesses in our PCHOME buy goods, to bring us in time to enjoy the benefits PCHOME.


I908E Samsung

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