HSM 105.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

HSM 105.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

The HSM 105.3cc Cross Cut is an excellent device to have in a small office. This shredder is petite enough for deskside use yet is built to handle the moderate shredding needs of a few users. The many automated features offer simple operation while the swift blades provide secure document disposal. Here is a closer look at the details.


Though this device is designed to be shared, it’s still small enough to sit under a desk for personal use. And the lightweight design allows it to be moved easily, since it only weighs 28 pounds.
Other than an on/off/reverse switch, use is completely automatic. The machine sits in a standby mode without conserving energy while waiting to be used. A sensor detects paper in the feed and begins shredding on demand, stopping when finished. The auto stop also kicks in when the shred bin is full or removed. If a jam occurs, simply reverse the items back for easy clearing.
The motor is thermally protected against overheating. It uses a specially adjusted drive for higher performance and longer use. And it only creates about 59 decibels of sound, the same as a normal conversation. You no longer have to hear the annoying whine that comes with many shredders.
A plastic safety shield protects the 9.5 inch opening from fingers and other objects. Up to 11 sheets can enter at once and are shred as fast as 18 feet per minute. Tiny pieces only 1/8″ by 1-1/8″ remain and provide a level three security rating.
Paper pieces fall into an 8.7 gallon waste bin. It tilts out for the addition of non-sensitive waste materials. A window on the front displays the amount of shreds collected. When the container is full or removed, the machine automatically stops until it’s emptied or replaced.
HSM offers a 20 year warranty on the cutters with two years on parts and labor.


As with many smaller shredders, this one doesn’t offer continuous operation. For every short period of heavy use, a cool down time is needed. This won’t cause a problem in offices where only light use is needed. But for moderate to high volume shredding, you will want a device with a more powerful motor.
While level three is great for generic office shredding, it still only provides medium security. For the destruction of classified documents, we recommend you look into a high security device such as the 125.2 Level 5 or 6.
Since this machine is built for personal or light shared use, it doesn’t offer high capacities. For smaller offices with low volume needs, these will be ample. However, businesses with higher shredding needs will prefer a larger device such as the 225.2.

As you can see, the 105.3cc is well-suited for shared use between a few people. It could also be used as a personal device for a single user with high volume needs. Either way, the HSM 105.3cc offers convenient and efficient medium security shredding. We think this is an excellent choice for your next small office shredder.

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