HSM 225.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

HSM 225.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

For a large office, a central shared device is usually more cost effective than multiple personal shredders. One perfect system for this function is the HSM 225.2 Strip Cut Shredder. This machine is designed to be easy to use and operate as a central shredder in a large office. Here is an in-depth look at the details of the 225.2.


Simple operation comes from a plethora of automatic features. As with most HSM shredders, once switched on, this one sits in a standby mode that doesn’t use energy. And the automatic start and stop senses items in the feed and shreds as needed. It also automatically stops when the shred bin is full or removed. But this model is the first to automatically stop when a paper jam occurs, and then automatically reverse to clear it. Each mode is displayed on an LED panel to keep the user aware of the machine’s current status.
The motor is thermally protected from overheating. An enclosed housing prevents dust spread as well as provides quieter shredding. Only 60 decibels are produced by this machine, about the sound of an average conversation happening one yard away.
The specially adjusted motor offers longer use and higher performance. The tried and true closed-tooth wheel drive prevents dirt from entering the engine, which slows down wear and provides longer service life.
Items enter the sturdy blades through a wide 12 inch opening. This shredder comes in either a ¼» or 1/8″ model, shredding 33 or 27 sheets at once, respectively. Both shred at 25 feet per minute and provide a level two security. A separate slot takes in CDs and floppy disks for even more versatile shredding.
Paper remnants fall into a spacious 28 gallon reusable waste bag. The bag resides in a pull-out bin for easy emptying when needed.
HSM provides an impressive 20 year warranty on the cutting cylinders. The rest of the device carries a two year warranty on parts and labor.


At 93 pounds, this would be a heavy machine to try to move around. Luckily there are casters on the bottom to help with mobility. We think this won’t be a problem for most users.
The strips created only provide a level two security. This is perfect for generic office shredding of old work orders and memos. But any confidential items should go through a cross cut device with at least a level three security rating. We recommend this model in the cross cut version with either a level three, five, or six rating, depending on your security needs.
The engine isn’t rated for continuous duty. This means it will require occasional cool down periods. Many companies won’t even notice this occurring. But busier offices with higher shredding needs may prefer a machine with a more powerful motor.

For a large office looking for high performance, the HSM 225.2 is a great choice. With automated features and an LED display offering simple operation, this machine is extremely convenient. Solid steel blades swiftly slice all your unwanted items into thin, unreadable strips. The 225.2 Strip Cut Shredder is an excellent option for your next low security, high volume office shredder.

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