HSM 386.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Professional Office Paper Shredder Review

HSM 386.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Professional Office Paper Shredder Review

Many large departments use a central shredder, often next to a copier or other shared device. An excellent system for this purpose is the HSM 386.2 Strip Cut Professional Shredder. This model is designed to withstand the heavy shredding needs of an entire office floor. Here is a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the 386.2.


Other than an on/off switch, use of this device is completely automated. The motor sits in standby without consuming energy while not in use. A photo sensor starts and stops the blades as needed when items are inserted for on demand shredding. If a jam happens, the cutting shafts stop and then reverse overfed paper back out to the user. The auto stop also kicks in when the shred bag is full or if the cabinet door is left open. An LED display panel keeps the user constantly aware of the machine’s operational status.
A powerful, specially adjusted motor provides long periods of use and high performance. Thermal protection keeps the continuous duty motor from overheating, even during extended shredding. The time-tested closed-tooth wheel drive system keeps dirt out, delaying wear and increasing service life. An enclosed housing keeps your office cleaner by preventing the spreading of dust. It also reduces the motor noise to 60 decibels, about equal to an average conversation happening nearby.
The extra wide 15.2 inch feed takes in up to 20 sheets at once, including staples, paperclips, and credit cards. The blades rapidly slice items as fast as 24 feet per minute. Unreadable strips only 1/8″ wide remain, offering a level two security rating perfect for generic office shredding.
Narrow slices are deposited into a voluminous 31 gallon reusable waste bag. The bag sits in a convenient pull-out system that aids with removal.
HSM provides an impressive 20 year warranty on the cutting shafts with two year coverage on parts and labor.


Since this device weighs about 77 pounds, it will be pretty heavy to move around. Thankfully there are casters on the bottom for easier mobility. This doesn’t seem to be a big problem for most users.
The strips created only provide a low level two security. While this is adequate for all-purpose office shredding, any confidential material should be put through a higher security, cross cut device. This shredder also comes in a medium security, level three version.
One nice feature would be the ability to shred CDs and floppy disks. This may or may not be an issue for your office. If you’re looking for a machine that can shred these items as well as paper, we suggest the next model up, the HSM 390.3.

The HSM 386.2 is perfect for high volume performance in a large company. It’s especially beneficial to EDP departments with its continuous shredding of forms and computer print-outs. Simple operation and automated functions add to the convenience this shredder offers. A powerful motor drives steel blades to swiftly slice papers for efficient disposal of all your unwanted items. We would highly recommend the 386.2 Professional Shredder for your next departmental device.

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