HSM 390.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Professional Paper Shredder Review

HSM 390.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Professional Paper Shredder Review

Any office floor or large department can benefit from a central shared shredder to handle everyone’s needs. One ideal system for this is the HSM 390.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Professional Paper Shredder. This workhorse is built to efficiently accommodate heavy duty use in large businesses with 15-20 or more users. Here is a closer look at the details of the 390.3cc.


Automated use provides extremely easy operation. A single switch controls on, off, and reverse functions. Once on, the engine sits in an energy conserving standby mode. The electronic controller uses a photoelectric cell to start and stop the blades as needed when items are inserted into the paper entry. Jams are quickly cleared as the automatic reverse kicks in to release the overfed paper. All automated modes are displayed on an LED panel for constant awareness.
A robust, continuous duty motor drives the machine, aided by a closed gear transmission. The time-tested system keeps dirt out and thermally protects the motor from overheating. As a result, wear is delayed and the service life is extended.
Up to 22 sheets of stapled or paperclipped pages can enter the wide 15.8 inch feed at once. The blades are even strong enough to handle credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. All materials are shred as fast as 27 feet per minute.
The cross cutting mechanism rapidly dices up full size documents into tiny pieces. These small particles measure 1/8″ by 1-1/2″ in size and provide a level three security rating. This is perfect for general office shredding as well as most confidential items, including bank statements, employee information, and personal data.
Those minute bits fall into a large 31 gallon waste bin. The container is lined with a reusable shred bag that has a pull-out system for easy emptying. When the bag is full or the cabinet door is open, an automatic safety shut off cuts power to the engine to avoid accidental injury.
This product is covered by a two year warranty on parts and labor. The blades carry an impressive 20 year warranty.


This machine weighs about 123 pounds when empty. It would be heavy to move if it weren’t for the casters on the bottom. Since it can be rolled around from one location to another, we think most users won’t find this to be much of a problem.
While level three security is great for most office shredding, it still only offers a medium safety level. Businesses with highly classified or top secret documents to destroy will need a high security shredder, such as the 225.2 in a level five or six rating.
A multimedia shredder is extremely convenient but makes recycling difficult without offering separate waste compartments. If recycling is important to you, we suggest using a separate multimedia shredder or looking into a device offering differentiated waste.

The HSM 390.3cc is clearly able to withstand heavy duty use in a large office or department. With automatic features for simple operation and strong swift blades, this device offers a convenient and efficient way to dispose of all your unwanted items. We think the HSM 390.3 is an excellent central office shredder for any business.

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