HSM 411.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Professional Paper Shredder Review

HSM 411.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Professional Paper Shredder Review

Large departments can really benefit from a central shredder, which is often more cost effective than several smaller devices spread around. But for that many people, you need a robust machine. The HSM 411.2 is an ideal system for use by an entire office floor. With a powerful motor, strong blades, and automatic control, this device easily handles rigorous, heavy duty shredding. Here is a more detailed look at the HSM 411.2 Strip Cut Shredder.


Convenience comes primarily from the many automatic features. The device has a keypad control for continuous operation and reverse. When not in use, the motor sits in standby, as indicated by an LED. Electronic control starts and stops the blades automatically as items are inserted for instant shredding when you need it. If paper gets jammed, the auto reverse feeds the clogged items back out to the user for quick clearing of the blades.
The engine is specifically adjusted for high performance and continuous use. Thermal protection prevents overheating. The closed-gear transmission keeps dirt out, slowing down wear and tear. Together, these features prolong the life of your machine.
A wide 15.8 inch opening takes in up to 53 sheets at once, including fasteners, credit cards, CDs, and even floppy disks. Items are devoured as fast as 24 feet per minute. With information being stored in so many formats, it’s nice to be able to destroy them all with one machine.
Unreadable slices float down into a massive 38.5 gallon reusable shred bag. The bin uses a pull-out system for simple removal and replacement. When the container is full or the door is open, an automatic safety feature kicks in to shut-off the blades until the items are back in place.
An impressive 20 year warranty comes on the cutting shafts. The rest of the shredder has a two year warranty on parts and labor.


While level two security is fine for generic office shredding of old memos and work orders, it doesn’t secure confidential information. For that, you will want a higher security cross cutting device. This same shredder is available in a level three cross cut model, the 411.2cc
When empty, this machine weighs about 154 pounds, definitely too heavy to move easily. However, casters on the bottom allow it to be rolled around if needed. Most users don’t find this to be much of a problem.
Shredding 53 sheets at 24 feet per minute is a nice, high capacity. But this is more than many offices need. Before you invest in such a large device, be sure you really need this much shredder. Smaller to medium offices could get the 390.3 and have it work equally as well.

HSM has produced another quality shredder with the 411.2 Strip Cut. With automatic features for simple operation and solid steel blades for swift shredding, this machine is both convenient and efficient. It would work well as a central multimedia device for use by 20-25 people. We highly recommend the HSM 411.2 Strip Cut for any department needing a low security, heavy duty central shredder.

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