HSM 70.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Compact Paper Shredder Review

HSM 70.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Compact Paper Shredder Review

Shredding is everywhere today, from basic models that take in generic items up to high security devices for the most sensitive material. The HSM 70.2 is an excellent system for disposing of low risk items in a home or small office. With automatic features to make use simple and capacities built for personal use, this is an excellent deskside shredder. Here is a closer look at the details for the HSM 70.2.


With its petite dimensions and lightweight design, this shredder can sit under your desk for easy accessibility when you need it. And since it weighs less than ten pounds, it can easily be moved from one location to another.
After the motor is switched on, it sits in a stand-by mode without consuming any energy. As items are fed into the blades, they begin shredding and turn off when finished. If the cutting shafts get jammed, the reverse function will feed items back out to the user to help clear the jam.
While the motor isn’t rated for continuous run, it does offer powerful drive for high performance. The closed-tooth wheel drive has been proven over time to prevent dirt from entering, which slows down wear and tear and increases longevity. The engine is protected with a thermal fuse to keep it from overheating, prolonging the life of your shredder.
The 8.9 inch feed opening easily takes in letter and legal size documents up to six sheets at once. The solid steel cutters can eat through staples and paperclips as well. Everything is quickly diced into narrow, unreadable strips at a rate of 16 feet per minute.
Those thin strips fall into a 3.7 gallon waste bin. An extra opening allows the quick disposal of non-confidential waste as well, doubling as a recycling bin for your office.
HSM backs this machine with a two year warranty on parts and labor. The cutting shafts carry a ten year guarantee.


Though illegible, the strips created only provide a level two security rating. For generic office shredding and junk mail, this keeps items perfectly secure. But any confidential information should be put through a cross cutting device. The HSM X5 is a cross cut shredder comparable to this model.
The motor isn’t rated for continuous duty. This means that for every few minutes of heavy use, the machine will need a cool down period before being used again. Personal users may not even notice this. But offices needing a shared device for heavier shredding will want something with a more powerful motor, such as the X18.
Credit cards and CDs can’t be shredded by this device. For some, this may not be an issue. Offices needing to securely dispose of these items will also want to check out the HSM X18.

The HSM 70.2 is clearly able to accommodate the low risk shredding needs of any home or small office user. This personal, deskside shredder is both highly convenient and efficient. Backed by warranty, the steel blades will quickly slice up all your documents. We think the HSM 70.2 is an excellent choice for your next personal shredder.

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