HSM 90.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Compact Paper Shredder Review

HSM 90.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Compact Paper Shredder Review

Deskside shredders are a convenient device to have in any office, whether business or home. The HSM 90.2 is a basic personal shredder that’s great for disposing of junk mail and unwanted documents. With automatic features for easy use and a powerful motor, this machine is functional and efficient. Here is a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the HSM 90.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Shredder.


At just over one foot tall, the petite dimensions on this device allow it to be neatly stored under a desk or table for convenient access. And since it only weighs about nine pounds, it would be easily transported if you needed to move it around.
After the machine is switched on, it idles in a stand-by mode that doesn’t consume energy. The blades turn on automatically as items are inserted and then stop when everything’s finished. The automatic stop also kicks in when the waste container is full. A reverse switch aids in the clearing of jams by feeding items back out to the user.
The closed-tooth wheel drive provides high performance. This system is designed to keep dirt out, which cuts down on wear and tear and prolongs the life of your machine. The motor is protected from overheating by a thermal fuse and runs at a mere 62 decibels. That’s about the sound level of an average conversation happening nearby.
This model comes in two different versions. One creates ¼» strips and shreds up to 12 sheets at once. The other provides 1/8″ strips 9 sheets at a time. Both have an 8.9 inch feed entry that shreds at 12 feet per minute. The blades are strong enough to accept staples and paperclips.
A 6.6 gallon waste basket catches the narrow, unreadable strips. An extra opening offers easy addition of non-confidential waste to the container.
HSM provides a one year warranty on parts for this machine with 180 days of labor coverage.


Though the strips produced are illegible, they still only provide a level two security. While this is adequate for generic office documents and junk mail, anything confidential needs to be put through a cross cut device, such as the HSM 90.2cc Cross Cut Shredder.
The motor doesn’t offer continuous run. Offices with light use may not even notice the cool down periods. But moderate to heavy shredding isn’t realistic on this device. HSM does make other shredders with more powerful engines to accommodate higher usage needs.
Nine to twelve sheets at twelve feet per minute is low. For this small device, it is perfect. However, individuals and offices with higher shredding needs will prefer a machine with larger capacities.

Overall, the HSM 90.2 is ideal for light, personal shredding. A home office or business workspace with only a few users needing low security document disposal would be perfect for this machine. With quiet shredding and simple operation in a compact package, this is a highly convenient device. We would definitely recommend the HSM 90.2 Strip Cut Shredder for your next personal office machine.

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