6 Lies About Dieting

6 Lies About Dieting

When it comes to losing weight there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. Many of these guidelines are good, sound advice. But a lot of what you hear about weight loss is just a myth. We will take a look at some of the common dieting tips that really won’t make a difference in your weight loss journey.

Lie #1 — A Calorie is a Calorie. Many people would have you believe that as long as you stay under a certain number of calories you will lose weight. True, you want to keep your calorie count down. However you will get more nutrition out of a baked potato and some sliced fruit than you would out of a candy bar, and they have roughly the same amount of calories.

The bottom line is find the most filling and nutritious food for your calories. You will feel full longer and that will help avoid binging later. Plus, you will be getting nutrients instead of just empty calories.

Lie #2 — Don’t eat after 6 p.m. I am sure many of us have heard this idea. Supposedly your body won’t burn the calories if you eat late. This is simply not true. It is the total amount of calories you eat in a 24 hour period that causes you to gain weight. However, eating late can cause problems with heart burn and gas. This can cause you to have an unpleasant night, but it will not cause you to gain weight.

Lie #3 — Stay away from bread and nuts. Carbohydrates are the foundation of the food pyramid and they are essential to a healthy diet. However, if you load up on white bread and pasta you aren’t getting the full benefits of whole grains. Eat bread just make sure it is made from the whole grain.

As far as nuts go, more and more research is finding that nuts are a great source of Omega-3 fats which are beneficial for your heart. Nuts are so good for you that you shouldn’t cut them from your diet. Just eat them in moderation.

Lie #4 — Clean your plate. Okay this is more of an idea that is carried over from childhood than a diet myth. But, many people still live by this idea. Remember how your mother used to drill into your head about the starving children on the other side of the world that would love the scraps on your plate? Well that thought has done something to our minds when we eat. We are compelled to clean our plate! If this is a problem for you, use a smaller plate and fill it with smaller portions. You will still be making your mother happy by cleaning your plate, but you will still be eating less!

Lie #5 — Skipping meals will boost your weight loss. I have no idea where this thought came from but the truth is when you skip a meal you get even hungrier. So what happens at your next meal — you binge! It is far better to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day. This will keep you satisfied and prevent you from grabbing a candy bar.

Lie #6 — If you blow your diet just forget it and start again tomorrow. How many times do we think this when we fall off our diet? Oh well, I might as well eat everything I want today and start again tomorrow. Have you ever said this to yourself? The truth is you can still salvage your diet even if you messed up. Remember that the bottom line is how many calories you eat in one day. So if you grab a 300 calorie candy bar just eat right for the rest of the day. Do blow it even further by eating even more calories. You will be further behind in your diet goals if you do this.

You don’t need to believe these myths to lose weight. The bottom line in dieting is to eat sensibly. Make sure you are getting adequate nutrition and add exercise to your daily routine. If you keep it simple and ignore the silly diet rules, you will be able to make a lifestyle change that will keep the weight off for life.

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About MP3 Music Players

About MP3 Music Players

MP3 music players have become more like friends to tune into one’s different moods. That apart, music is indeed a stress-buster and studies reveal that one can change his/her moods or temperament by listening to a certain kind of music. Naturally, there are many who follow music-therapy to be the best of them always. Portable music players come to their rescue always irrespective of their location –be it their office, during travel, home, an outing etc. Apart from them, these music players are the heart and soul of the music enthusiasts (who isn’t!).

MP3 music players – Various Specifications

Although, there isn’t specifically any ‘different type’ of MP3 music players , these players are differentiated on the basis of certain characteristics or specifications. For example, the space offered by the device to store songs. The space offered may vary from megabytes to few gigabytes and that implies that the number of songs that can be stored can go up to 1000 or even more in number. The different brands also are used as a differentiator, with each brand yielding their own advantageous features to the customers – like smaller physical size, more space, better visual appeal of the player, additional features (Bluetooth connectivity for example), lesser price, add-ons such as free song download or headphones etc.

Where to buy MP3 players?

MP3 music players, although easily available at the retail electronic stores may cost you more than the online store. These online stores consolidate products in bulk and sell them directly to the customers (thus, saving heavily on the logistics as well as on the middlemen and intermediate dealers). Due to this model of operation, they are able to sell the products to the customers at a much lesser price than the retail price. Apart from the lower price, with online stores you are facilitated with the convenience of shopping from any part of the world and at any time of the day. You can easily access the website, browse through the products and select one for yourself after careful analysis of the stores, the product features etc. Each product will have an image as well as a description along it. In case of MP3 music players, their specifications will be specified in detail and if not, you can easily ask for it online.

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About Mule In Starcraft 2

About Mule In Starcraft 2
Talking about the most important Terran units in Starcraft 2, you can’t miss Mules. It can help you win the game with a mere 60 hit points, a repair time of 16.66, a hotkey of «E».


With as much as I use the Mule, and for those of you that don’t use him, I decided that I might tell you a bit about him. To get a Mule you must create an Orbital Command Center which costs a solid 150 Minerals. An Orbital Command center can have a maximum of 200 energy allowing it to call down up to 4 Mules! To call down use the hokey «E».


Mules are weak with their low 60 hit points. Eventually Mules will reach their limited battery supply which is a timed life and will explode. They can easily be killed by melee units such as Zerglings or ranged units like Stalkers. You should hide all the Mules you have behind your army and keep them protected from all those Cheesers.


To call down a Mule you need at least 50 energy. They have two abilities which are Repair whose hotkey is R and Gather whose hotkey is G. Repair restores the health of mechanical units and structures at the cost of resources and Gather allows them to mine Minerals for a short period of time as their battery supply runs out.


While harassing enemies with units such as Vikings or Banshees you could call down a Mule or multiple of them and repair if your harassing units are injured and need repair.


These are all supporting evidence that has persuaded me to believe Mules win games and must be used to win or play at high levels against better players. Now incase any of you haven’t looked at the achievements also if you can bring down 30 Mules in one game you can get an achievement to show off that you know how to mine some minerals!


This is an original report by Caleb Nelsen
To find out how to use the mule better as a unit and better than what I’ve taught you check out this SC2-Strategy Guide

This is an original report by Caleb Nelsen. All statistical information was taken by me and tested by me.

About Audi A6 Gps

About Audi A6 Gps
Eccentric for Audi A6 GPS!——— This automobile blowout traits titillation-stash technology, a TV analog earpiece, and antsy-fang, these functions permit you to retain Audi A6 GPS DVD movies, listen to CD music and wristwatch TV step in your boyfriend automobile. Also with 7inch enjoyment test concept, it can be soft operated. It tailor-made for you to preside its Bluetooth shell out profuse niche to retain and dial calls. Go with this actor, a passage won’t be a drudging milestone anymore.

Ridiculous for Audi A6 GPS Voyage! This automobile bashed typed leisure activity-pelt technology, a TV analog earpiece, and black-tooth, these functions permit you to desire In Whiz Automobile AUTO A6 Navigation System
movies, pivot to CD virgin and stare TV framework in your loved automobile. Also with 7inch enter go underground baton, it can be menacing operated. It is pragmatic for you to outline its Bluetooth lease tolerant delectation to supply and selector calls. Go with this player, a chase operation be a dun development anymore.
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The function of using this AUDI A6 GPS
Navigation system is, it can help you find out where you are accurately no matter where you go and no matter where you are, so never those complicated and boring appeared in our vision, we dont need them any more. The device contains not only the details of the roads and cities, but also have the information such as places of interest, gas stations and railway stations.
On the other hand, we must take care of security problem. Some private information should not be put on this device, because once your car is stolen, the thieves might find out more information about you. And this would be very dangerous! So be careful about the In Dash Navigation

AUDI A6 GPS / AUTO A6 Navigation System / In Dash Navigation