Buy Amazon Kindle 2 EBook Reader

Buy Amazon Kindle 2 EBook Reader

At first it was the original Kindle Electronic Book Reader, later on it was upgraded and became the second edition of e-Book reader called the Amazon Kindle 2. Amazon goes beyond the typical way of reading in modern time. Today, we are no more talking about textbooks, computers and whatsoever. It’s about time for the people to have a different reading experience through the use of an e-Book reader.

Kindle 2 comes with better features than that of the initial Kindle. One of the things that made it different from the first is the size, which has been changed to a mere 0.9 cm, weighing 0.3 kilogram. That makes the device even lighter than the 3G mobile phones; making it absolutely portable and mobile anywhere you go. Physically, the device is sharp and it looks natural upon reading through its screen. Plus, you can keep on reading through it because the device will never go hot.

This product is amazingly different compared to any other electronic devices because it doesn’t have to be plugged in for you to start reading. It’s definitely less complicated, isn’t it? Kindle 2 is fully packaged with Amazon whispernet, which serves as your Internet connection wherever you go. You might ask where to buy Kindle 2, well, it is available at Amazon. You may also check it out at eBay. These are reliable places where you can purchase online.

Another feature that was added to the Kindle eBook reader is the customized user interface which makes it easy for you to handle using a single hand. Other than that, it has also a brilliant hi-contrast screen based on E-ink technology to make it appear like a paper print. Thus, it protects your eyes from getting strained because the texts are clear enough for you to see even during intense sunlight. In addition to that, you will get to adjust the font size of the text depending on what is convenient for you.

Since the device is handy, you may take it with you wherever you go, plus it is not that heavy for you to carry. Reading through thick paper books is over. All your favourite books can now be read through Amazon Kindle 2. It also has on-screen dictionary with 250,000 words. Other features comprise the optional USB cable or wall AC charging and accident proof buttons with the 5 way controller and the joystick.

Everything is made easy and fast with Amazon Kindle 2. Generally, it is user-friendly. You no longer have to buy for the books anywhere because the device has a one of a kind ability to shop, order and download all your favourite books from the credible online bookstores. Within just a few minutes of your time you will have all the books that you are interested to read about. The price of Amazon Kindle 2 is worth the impressive features it has brought to millions of people.

There’s a queue to buy Amazon Kindle 2. Find out why is it so hot. Learn all about the Kindle eBook Reader today.

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The Amazon Kindle 2 Warranty

The Amazon Kindle 2 Warranty

The Kindle 2 is an amazing reading device that has changed how America now reads. This little electronic e-book reader has been selling like wildfire in the months since its release. Many people are satisfied with their purchase, but sometimes things can go wrong. This article will take a look at the warranty of the Kindle 2 reader and what people should be aware of. It will highlight what is and is not covered under this limited 1-year warranty.

The Kindle 2 is one of those devices that are out to change the world. It is the most popular e-book reader and it has created an interest in a product that many claim will be the future. The kindle 2 allows people to read electronic books on a 6″ device that is slim and portable. Many people like this product for the fact that they are able to carry up to 1,500 books on this one device and it is simple to use.

When it comes to the Kindle 2 warranty, what people get is a limited one-year warranty. Like most electrical devices, the warranty on the Kindle will cover it against possible defects that could occur during the manufacturing process. These defects can cause a device not to work or other problems could arise. In the event that something should go wrong during the 1 year, the company will repair or replace the device.  When it is being repaired, it may be repaired with new or refurbished parts. Is being replaced, you may be given a new or refurbished Kindle 2.

It should be noted that the Kindle 2 limited warranty only covers Kindle 2 hardware components. This warranty does not cover neglect, accidents, fire, misuse, commercial use, repair and alterations.

There is an Extended Warranty available for the Kindle 2 and this gives more coverage. This extra warranty will protect the device against accidental damage or if the individual dropped the device. This is very good as due to the fact that the Kindle is constantly being held, there is a possibility that it could be dropped and damaged. Many people often wonder if the extended warranty is worth the money and we think it is. The Kindle 2 is an expensive electronic device and no-one really knows when there could be defects or when it could stop working. Having this is just an extra sense of security protecting the device.

In closing there is the limited and extended Kindle 2 warranty. All of them protect the device against defects or problems with the device over the coverage period. The extended warranty gives a bit more coverage as it covers accidental damage which could occur from dropping the device.

If you would like to purchase a Kindle 2 Extended Warranty, please visit this website. The author Janene Dalton has an in-depth page that will focus on the different warranties for the Amazon Kindle 2.

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Amazon Kindle 2 Info

Amazon Kindle 2 Info

For those familiar with the Amazon Kindle, you already know that this device has revolutionized book reading. It is an eReader, a natural evolution of the book. The Kindle 2 is a hand held electronic device which provides clear and crisp readable text, and is capable of storing an entire library.

The Kindle 2 takes this concept further, strengthening what readers like most about the original Kindle while making the device even thinner and lighter. Part of me has a strong sense of nostalgia for all the books and magazines I have laying around my house. But there come’s a time to embrace the fruits of new technology (and hopefully save a few trees in the process).

While not a great selling point, it appears that Amazon is going to move the control of text-to-speech feature from the user to the publisher to avoid any legal entanglements while presumably maximizing their profit. Here’s an excerpt of the news post from CNET:

«On Friday (Feb. 27, 2009), Amazon announced it would reconfigure the Kindle 2’s systems to allow publishers to disable the text-to-speech function for titles of their choosing. However, the retailer made it clear in the announcement that it believed text-to-speech did not violate copyright.»

How will your reading experience change with the Kindle 2?

First off if you finish a book, it’s very easy to move on to your next interest either by pre-downloading it into your buffer of 1500 books or grabbing it on the fly from the whisper net. The reader weighs just over 10ounces which means its lighter than hardcover books, yet is durable enough to withstand a drop on the ground, although I’d advise against extensive testing. The battery life will allow many hours of reading when you’re on the go. There is a large source of free books that can be read on eReaders and this virtual library is increasing over time. The eReader has a built in web browser so you can freely browse the web without any additional monthly cost. You can also subscribe to eMagazine’s and get them instantly downloaded for viewing.

Now for some less than stellar feedback. Users with pdf or other unsupported ebook formats may be disappointed as they are forced to convert files manually. The task can be tedious, especially for large libraries. If you use an iPhone and the Kindle app, you won’t be able to read content you upload to your kindle on your iPhone. What this means is only kindle purchased books are available via the Kindle app on your iPhone.

Overall the customer reviews are far in favor of the Kindle 2 ereader experience. The ease of handling, the ability to get content on the go, and the fast page turning and book downloading make the Kindle 2 vanish and the stories and content come to life, precisely the experience you want from a reader device.

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