Callaway FT-3 Driver

Callaway FT-3 Driver

The Callaway ft-3 driver has to be the best driver. It has a very long high drives every time with this club and extremely forgiving on mis-hits. High launch even pierces thru head-winds..Nice! Draw bias isn’t overwhelming by any stretch. just a gentle draw when hit solidly. For those with a normal draw, this driver just makes it a tad stronger. I assume because of lack of spin. Driver sets up very square to ball; better than any driver I’ve seen.

This FT Driver combines Callaway Golf’s patented internal weight-shifting technology with a precision-tuned face to deliver the new science of distance with accuracy ‘ explosiveness and forgiveness unlike anything you have experienced in a driver. Fusion Technology is all about the marriage of two distinctly different materials in the clubhead: an ultra-hot titanium cup face and a superlight carbon composite body.


FT-3 driver is an improvement on the composite Fusion driver, but only it’s mother would love it’s looks! It certainly does the job and the face is more forgiving due the weight from the crown being moved back and lower in the club head. At impact it sounds a bit dull, but it is very forgiving and produces a strong trajectory that is easy to shape in all directions.


A friend of mine like it very much. Therefore she bought this club and took it to the driving range and was hitting dead straight and a good 150 metres and then out on the course it kept going right. But it is a very good club none-the-less. She finds that the extra loft of 11 degrees has helped me get the ball in the air where as with my old driver the ball would always go low or along the ground.


To sum up, this driver is just the best , and it looks good at address. I like the reasurring sound it makes on impact and just love the penatrating ball flight. It can be worked left or right but hit it dead straight and you get the nice slight draw that gets comments from your mates.