2011 BMW 3-Series Coupe

2011 BMW 3-Series Coupe

BMW is giving its 3-Series Coupe and Convertible models a slight refresh for 2011, but the most significant change looks to be under the hood.The 3.0-liter turbocharged in-line six in the 335i models maintains its strong output of 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque, but it’s nearly an all-new engine BMW says, with five more years of development time, improved fuel-efficiency and emissions and better responsiveness.

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BMW 3-Series Coupe (2011)
BMW 3-Series Coupe (2011)

The engine, which was recently rolled out in the 535i Gran Turismo, incorporates a single twin-scroll turbocharger instead of the previous twin-turbo setup, along with full Valvetronic variable valve timing.The heavily revised engine will be paired with a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed Tiptronic automatic in the 3-Series models. As before, BMW’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system will be available on both Coupes.

Acceleration times for the new 2011 BMW 335i clock in at 5.3 seconds for the 335i Coupe and 5.5 seconds for the Convertible, with an electronically limited top speed of 130 mph—or 150 mph when equipped with the Sport Package.

Design-wise, the basic proportions of the Coupe and Convertible have been kept intact, but BMW has introduced a new headlight design—with Xenon Adaptive Headlights standard in the 3-Series Coupe and Convertible in the U.S.—along with a new fascia, new detailing for the taillights, and revised side mirrors. Overhangs have been slightly extended for 2011, while a chrome-framed BMW kidney grille has been widened slightly to match a broadened hood. The rear air dam has received additional contour lines as well, and taillights get a new look.

Both models remain offered with a wide range of interior trims, including Dark or Light Burl Walnut or Bamboo Anthracite woods, or Aluminum trim, and there’s a choice between leatherette or Dakota leather upholstery, in several shades. Special sun-reflective leather is offered in Convertibles, promising cooler surface temperatures.

Interior: a truly stylish ambiance

The emphasis on individual style, dynamic performance and exclusivity continues within the interior. Here again, the focus is on the driving experience, as announced by the standard leather multifunction steering wheel. Horizontal lines dominate the surfaces on and around the instrument panel which blend with the lines of the center console door panels to give the interior a light but dynamic feel. In true BMW fashion, all operational and informational elements essential to driving are grouped on and around the steering wheel. Climate controls, as well as those for the audio and navigation systems, are within easy reach of the front passenger. Because the Coupe and Convertible are four-passenger cars, the rear seat passengers are treated to a center console between their individual rear seats which includes individual storage boxes, additional air outlet vents, and footwell lights. The BMW 3-Series Coupe and Convertible come standard with Dark Burl Walnut wood trim. As a choice, Bamboo Anthracite wood, Light Burl Walnut wood, and Aluminum trim are optional. Like the standard Dark Burl Walnut, these materials appear on the dash, front and rear consoles, doors and rear side panels. The standard leatherette upholstery is available in Black and Creme Beige. For the optional leather upholstery, luxurious Dakota leather can be chosen. Here too, the buyer may choose Creme Beige, Oyster, Coral Red, Saddle Brown, Gray, or Black. Upholstery leather appears on the seat facings, door inserts and door handle surrounds; other leather-trimmed items include the gear shift boot, handbrake grip and steering wheel.

BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept

BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept

Behind the body there is a mechanical construction is similar to the BMW Series 5, F10.

Overall, the car looks more slender with a lower grille and hood form a sharp as shark’s snout. The new 6 Series has the typical design Adrian van Hooydonk who previously had spawned the BMW Series 7 and Series 5.Its main lamp uses LED technology. In the rear, the main lights shaped letter «L» and the current identity of the BMW, like the Series 5. Plus, there is a large dual exhaust hole under the bumper, adding a stern look.

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BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept
BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept

Roomy cabin as prepared as coupe four doors in the future. Asymmetrical part of the dashboard view to the center console angled towards drivers. New iDrive screen at the top of the center console has a aluminum frame. Part three also get a steering wheel bolt new design touches.

BMW did not give details or a cardiac pacemaker-dimensional figures that will be taken. However, the ranks of diesel and gasoline engines used by other BMW models seem to be offered as initial choices. The machines were among the other engine 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder with turbocharger TwinPower. The variant of the M6 is expected to carry 4.4-liter V8 engine that produces turbochargers, dual power 550 PS. Innovative technology, modified styling, typical BMW night-time look: all-LED twin round headlights make their debut.

The characteristic front-end appearance of the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept is partly down to the typical BMW twin round headlights. The outward-pointing top part of the trapezoidal headlight housing guides the eye to the widely flared wheel arches. With this concept model, BMW is for the first time presenting all-LED headlights with Adaptive Headlight functionality. LEDs are used for all functions, from the dipped and main beam to the sidelights and daytime running lights, and the direction indicators. The LED accent lights which cut across the top of the twin round headlights create the hooded, intent look characteristic of BMW models.

The innovative lighting technology is accentuated by the upscale styling. One of the cylindrical headlights emerges slightly further than the other from the interior of the light unit, thereby preserving the twin round headlight look even when viewed from the side. The headlights, which are levelled off at their lower edge, are bisected by horizontal ribs containing the LEDs. The diodes produce a strikingly bright white light that provides particularly intensive road illumination. They also reduce dazzle and have a very low electricity consumption. A further feature is that the all-LED headlights are used for both the dipped and the main beam functions, while Adaptive Headlight functionality is incorporated as well. That means the headlights follow the road, swivelling in line with the steering angle and at a speed matched to that of the vehicle.

The sidelights and daytime driving lights take the form of LED rings, the lower edge of which is levelled off — a characteristic theme of this innovative lighting technology. Horizontal strips of six LEDs under the twin headlights are used for the direction indicators. Their lines match those of the similarly horizontally styled LED foglamps, which are located in the lower air intake.

Side view: athletic elegance points to sporting supremacy.

The BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept is a premium-class concept that combines supreme sports performance with style and assurance. At the visual level, these characteristics are communicated by a design that combines the athletic aura of a sports car on the one hand with luxurious elegance on the other. This is particularly striking in side view, where classic BMW coupé features, presented here in a new interpretation, deftly highlight the distinctive character of this concept model.

The elegantly elongated silhouette of the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept presents the familiar hallmarks of a sporty BMW 2+2-seater, comprising a long bonnet and wheelbase, a passenger compartment which is set well to the rear and a dynamically flowing roofline. The athletic character of the concept model is generated by sculpted surfaces whose powerful flowing and merging contours create an authentic sports feel.

The side view of the vehicle is defined by four striking lines. The shoulder line runs in a fluent sweep from the headlights to the front wheel arch and on through the waistline and C-pillar to the tail. The typical BMW swage line runs parallel to this. It starts in the gill high up in the front side panel and runs steadily upwards via the door handle to the rear lights. It accentuates the elongated look of the body and, in conjunction with the door sill line, creates a dynamic wedge shape. Below the swage line, a character line, which likewise starts in the side gill, follows a downward trajectory initially and then runs parallel to the door sill line and on into the tail.

The precise interplay of lines and surfaces is most apparent in the rear wheel arch area. The powerful bulge directly above the rear wheels reduces the prominence of the contour line in this area, giving a sense of natural forces harnessed in a consistent and unified body design.

The alloy wheels specially designed for the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept again tie in closely with the sporty and exclusive character of this concept model. The 20-inch multispoke wheels are a one-off design milled from a solid aluminium block. The individual spokes have an elaborate three-dimensional design, with precisely defined contours and weight-reducing milled openings running parallel to the direction of travel.

Rear design: low visual centre of gravity and accent on width.

The rear styling is dominated by horizontal lines which, in conjunction with the wide track and wide wheel arch flares, accentuate the sense of width and the powerful stance of the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept. The shoulder areas protrude clearly in rear view, so that even from this angle there is no mistaking the athletic character of the vehicle. The slightly concave rear part of the boot lid, along with the bumper, the diffusor-style rear apron and all other elements of the rear end, are wide and low-slung. The visual centre of gravity is strikingly low and road-hugging — an effect that is generated mainly by a V-shaped line running from the sides of the boot lid down to the low-mounted numberplate surround.

The crease at the lower edge of the body wraps round from the sides of the Coupé into the rear and finishes in the tailpipe surrounds, which are set well to the outside and enclose matt-polished trapezoidal exhaust tips. The low-rise, horizontally mounted reflectors, which have been removed to the bumper, likewise underline the sense of width in rear view.

The typical BMW L-shaped rear light clusters of the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept create a further visual link between the sides and the rear of the vehicle. They are split into two parts and extend into the boot lid. Inside the units, two LED light strips create the typical BMW night-time look. This effect is enhanced by the L-shaped lower light unit. The direction indicator, tail light and brake light are likewise LED-powered.

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