Forward Memory Article 2

Forward Memory Article 2
Forward Memory

Article 2.

In article 1 we discussed the possibility of projecting memories of excellence into the future and whether they could have an influence on our lives and the level of success we achieve. In this article we will look at a typical day in my life because I have been using this system to better my self esteem and create self improvement for more than 3 years now.

The alarm clock is set at 6am, I am always awake by 5.45am because I have a special task that must be performed before the alarm starts my day. I need to create a forward memory of a day of excellence.

My eyes remain closed and I visualise my diary for the day. What jobs need doing, which people I will be meeting, what will be discussed and the outcomes I am seeking. For the following ten minutes I create a forward memory of the outcomes. For instance a meeting is scheduled with a tough negotiator for 10am and I know he wants to screw the price down to a level that is too low for my company to sustain. I will visualise the end of the meeting, not the content because this would be pre-judging. We are shaking hands and are all smiles, a happy compromise has been reached and the order is secure, as is the profit margin. I do this with each diary entry. Then I use the final five minutes before the alarm rings creating forward memories of what I wish to achieve in my private life today.

The result is that I go into each situation with a memory of a satisfactory outcome and the affect this has on my mindset is such that I can guide each meeting to a satisfactory result for all parties. It is done with minimal effort and almost zero stress.

When I arrive home after work I have no thoughts of work, this time is private time. It is a time to tell the people I love most how important they are to me and how much I rely upon their support. To listen to what they want to say and generally join in with a harmonious life and I love every moment of it.

Am I a special person? No. Nobody could have been more fiery and short tempered than me. It wasn’t until I learned that I can project memories of future success into the present that I started to calm down and live a stress free life.

Never close your mind to anything that can make life more enjoyable — try it for yourself. If you can have a memory of the past that takes place in the present why can’t you have a memory of the future that takes place in the present. Think outside the square and watch your self esteem expand.

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Meizu Is Looking Forward To The Masterpiece E5 X6 New Listing

Meizu Is Looking Forward To The Masterpiece E5 X6 New Listing

Released in January this year China’s first professional sound with SRS since X2, Meizu make persistent efforts, launched this month 23, the public purpose for the long-awaited E5, X6 two MP3 player!

Two machines powerful and strong points. E5 using double-sided grinding magnesium alloy shell. First time the shuttle key design, finger another wave, browse information quickly and easily. 6 line large screen display, allows you to read the information more easily. Single AA batteries can be up to 50 hours of playback time! Long life time, outdoor enjoy the music completely worry-free. If you use two hours a day, will continue to use nearly a month. Additional FMBASS / TREBLE conditioning and wake-up time and clock functions such as caring, which is still in the mp3 kind of initiative, not only to bring you a different song FM Biao and makes you feel more convenient and reasonable time to master learning fun. FMBASS / TREBLE adjustment can be based on user habits, the free FM radio sound effect adjustment, so you listen to the radio are full of enthusiasm. Automatic wake-up are free to set the start time and the machine starts the next action (optional broadcast, radio and sound recordings). Of course people are concerned about data transmission certainly missed USB2.0 (high speed) of the.

The X6 is a family Meizu MP3 with oled

Liquid crystal

Screen products. Compared with E5, X6 design theme located in the stylish, integrated, lightweight, compact exterior looks elegant even than the E2, panel using a black piano, highlights the elegant and stylish, this look will be more likely to please girls. X6 continue with ALPS E2 acclaimed five-way navigation button design. But the same features and powerful E5. Retail products may be accompanied by an external charger, so that life can charge anytime, anywhere.

E5 and x6 are the main products during the first half of this year Meizu all international professional audio with SRS. The internal circuit design in the product, a comprehensive improvement of the noise reduction circuit to optimize the sound effects, sound recording has been made the soft underbelly of MP3 products, Meizu this specific study and work needs to create professional-clear recording. FM radio continues to use the Philips radio chip, the new circuit after adjustment, the results can not be in the same category. Either from the radio’s sensitivity, or sound quality, the increase is very large.

X6 price 256M 799 128M 699 512M 999 1G 1299

E5 prices 256M 799 128M 699 512M 999 1G 1299

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