IPL 2 — Rules to Game

IPL 2 — Rules to Game

The Indian Premier League(IPL) in Season 2 is ruling the roost in South Africa, but some of the rules applicable to the T20 cricket games being played are not quite game.

Just what is achieved by having the ‘strategic time out’ breaks in every innings of every game? What is so strategic about this? Maybe this is needed for generating more commercial revenue and more hype. Because this is not needed for any cricketing reasons. The strategic time out is taken after every ten overs in an innings of twenty overs. The players cannot be tired in just ten overs. Normal drinks breaks are taken after every one hour in Tests and after every 15-17 overs in one-day internationals (ODI). But those breaks are only for 2-3 minutes. There have been complaints from players and others against this rule and the IPL authorities had agreed to look into this after the season. But then, why it was introduced in the first place?

Duckworth and Lewis rule is applied in rain interrupted ODIs that uses very complicated calculations to set revised targets in reduced overs to arrive at a result. Earlier, for applying D/L method a minimum 25 overs had to be compulsorily bowled. Due to emergence of T20 cricket the minimum was reduced to 20. In IPL 2 the Delhi Daredevils won a match in less than 5 overs using D/L method. There seems to be no rule regarding minimum overs to be bowled for such games. So, it is a possibility that a team can win a match achieving a target set for just one ball when the weather gods permitted time enough for only a solitary ball to be bowled. Though D/L method talks of minimum 5 overs in T20 the IPL rule book says nothing. Even a five over minimum is a mockery of cricket.

And, what about the sartorial cover code for the cheerleaders? There seems to be no rules either for determining this. Sometimes these gyrating damsels are clad quite decently while at times the dress gets reduced to the barest minimum!

A boisterous goodbye to cricketing rules?

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Half: C Rome Selo goal to tie the game Real Madrid 2-2 Osasuna

Half: C Rome Selo goal to tie the game Real Madrid 2-2 Osasuna

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1 am Beijing time today, the Primera Liga 35 race again, sits the Bernabeu Real Madrid vs. Osasuna. Aranda striker and midfielder Waduo Ci’s goal to help the visitors ahead twice, but C Ronaldo and Marcelo’s goal to tie the game, the first half Real Madrid 2-2 Osasuna.

Winning goal off the bench last round of the card back into the starter, a total of five yellow cards to miss a central defender Albiol on the lifting of the ban; injury in the body of the deputy team Guti on the bench, his place by the Granero replacement; Sergio Ramos ushered in landmark battle, which was his 200th La Liga.

Opening 2 minutes, C Ronaldo missed long-range direct free ball gate. The first 5 minutes, C Luo received outside the area trying to cross & Harvey Alonso long-range Puzhu goalkeeper Ricardo. 7 minutes, Osasuna the lead. Real defensive mistakes, Albiol return kick is not part of, Aranda Qiuhou Akira human ball points Casillas had to push out the attack succeeded She Kongmen ,1-0. This is nearly 5 Osasuna away the first goal.

14 minutes, Abe pass on the right Figueroa, C Lo penalty point diving header just wide. The first 16 minutes, C Luo Zhisai left the restricted area, Kaka got the ball under the bottom cross, Road outflank Tuishe Higuain was the other guard he denied the bottom line. The first 22 minutes, C Luo restricted the right of Zhise, Granero Qiuhou biography, Kaka Ricardo small restricted area header saved by the bottom line.

The first 24 minutes, Real Madrid to tie the game! Gago Road Zhise, C Luo Qiuhou turn drive straight closed, the Portuguese right foot low shot from the tower go past meritorious deeds 阿斯皮利库埃 1-1. This is the C Lo of the season 21 league goals. The first 28 minutes, the visiting team midfielder Rupel higher long-range attempt. 30 minutes, Ricardo Feet siege Gago ball in the front Fengdang the body, almost playing into the door.

35 minutes, with Kaka and C Lo Zuobian Lu clever than the other four players out of the chase against the Portuguese closed before the cross call, Granero keep up with the long-range defender who hit the pop-up bottom line. The first 38 minutes, the visiting team on the right Kuai Ta Xiadichuanzhong, restricted in the header to be station Luelanda well be Fidel Casillas.

42 minutes, Osasuna ahead again. strong throwing the ball tower sideline into the box, Aranda Qiuhou a cross, Wa Duoci Harvey Alonso out of a small restricted area on the left after the volley struggle succeeded ,2-1. 44 minutes, Real Madrid leveled again! Granero pass in the right 45 degrees, not tall Marcelo restricted to grab a small header placement score ,2-2. Injury time, C Luo, H-door direct free kick wall, he denied being the bottom line.

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