Kindle 3 (wifi And 3g With Wifi, Latest Generation)

Kindle 3 (wifi And 3g With Wifi, Latest Generation)
Amazon announced a new generation of the Kindle on July 28, 2010. While Amazon does not officially add numbers to the end of each Kindle denoting its generation, most reviewers, customers and press companies refer to this updated Kindle as the «Kindle 3».
The Kindle 3 is available in two versions. One of these, the Kindle Wi-Fi, is initially priced at US$ 139 / GB109, and connects to the Internet exclusively via public or private Wi-Fi networks. The other version, considered a replacement to the Kindle 2, is priced at US$ 189 / GB149 and includes both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. The new Kindle with 3G is available in two colors: classic white and graphite. Both models use the new E ink «Pearl» display, which Amazon claims is 50% better in contrast — a claim that is backed up by early user reports.
The Kindle 3 utilizes a Freescale i.MX353 applications processor, Freescale MC13892 power management chip, Epson EINK controller and Samsung DRAM and Flash. Other hardware changes include a larger 1750 mAh lithium polymer battery, AnyDATA DTP-600W 3G GSM modem and Atheros AR6102G 802.11bg WiFi chip.
The third-generation Kindle is 0.5 inches shorter and 0.5 inches narrower than the Kindle 2. It supports additional fonts and international Unicode characters. An experimental browser based on the popular Web Kit rendering engine is included, as well as text-to-speech menu navigation. Internal memory is expanded to 4 GB. The battery can allegedly last for up to one month of reading with the wireless radios turned off.
Pre-orders for the new Kindle began concurrent with the announcement of the device, and Amazon began shipping the devices on August 27, 2010 in the United States and United Kingdom.
With the announcement of the Kindle 3, Amazon also launched an version of the Kindle store. As yet it’s unclear whether users who move out of the UK will be able to transfer existing purchases to However, existing UK users are offered the option of migrating to the UK Kindle store, with no loss to their existing purchases.
On August 25, 2010, Amazon announced that the Kindle 3 was the fastest-selling Kindle ever.

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Samsung Galaxy 3 — The 3rd Generation Handset

Samsung Galaxy 3 — The 3rd Generation Handset

Samsung mobile have always been close to reality though they work like a dream. There are many aspects that keep these mobile to stand head and heel above the similar mobile phones being introduced in the market. One among such offerings is the new Samsung Galaxy 3, that ahs set the mobile phones market on fire.

Samsung Galaxy 3 is a dynamic in nature with dazzling looks and is all set to rock in the mobile phone market. Galaxy 3 is totally different from other items in terms of their looks, sizes, designs, and features. Samsung Galaxy 3 is dynamic in nature as well as stunning looks and is ready to rock the mobile phone market.

Galaxy 3 is offered on lucrative Galaxy 3 deals that are out in the market. These mobiles are set quite attractive with respect to functionality and looks. Samsung Galaxy 3 deals are currently being offered by various leading network service providers namely Vodafone, Talk Mobile, T — Mobile, Three, Virgin and Orange. Samsung Galaxy 3 is looked upto as a cool smartphone having 3.2 inches long TFT capacitive touch screen display that makes it to stand as an exclusive mobile model.

This Samsung mobile has got an impressive display that is supported by 240 x 400 pixels resolution along with 16 Million Colors to support. Various additional features such as Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, proximity sensor for auto turn-off, and multi-touch input methods as present on its display screen. Further one can easily check the unlimited call records and can record data for upto 170 MB of storage capacity. This mobile phone has huge internal memory that can save unlimited contact list without affecting its speed of operations. With the help of its internal memory card slot the memory can be increased up to 32 GB. It comes with an inbuilt camera having 3.15 MP camera. Counting on some additional feature, it also possesses certain extra features like Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and Touch Wiz v3.0. This Samsung mobile also comes with an inbuilt 2 MP powerful camera coupled by a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Another exclusive feature can be named as geo – tagging that make this mobile phone to stand head and heels above other similar mobile models.

So, grab the new Galaxy 3 smart phone as you can search for these on same online portals or from your nearby mobile store.

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Samsung Galaxy 3: The 3rd generation handset

Samsung Galaxy 3: The 3rd generation handset

Samsung mobile phones are well known for the style and features that they deliver to their customers through their handsets.

The mobile giant has launched its latest handset in the market very recently that are loaded with outstanding features and have sophisticated looks. Samsung Galaxy 3 is one of the handset that has all the above properties. This handset is launched through various Samsung Galaxy 3 deals on several sites and on company outlets.

Samsung galaxy 3 works on Android v2.1 (Eclair) Operating System that is upgradable to v2.2 and it has a 667 MHz processor. The handset has a 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM and the external memory slot supports a micro SD card with a memory space of up to 32GB. With HTML browser the user gets problem free internet access that keeps you updated with the latest news around the world.

The looks of the handset are very appealing,with a 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen the user gets a good view of all the applications and the display features Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off and Multi-touch input method that adds to the beauty of this master piece. The smart phone has an integrated 3.15 MP camera with video capability,auto-focus and many other features that gives you excellent picture quality with an image size of 2048×1536 pixels.

There are many connectivity software in the gadget that enables you to share data with other devices having similar specifications. The handset measures 113.5 x 55 x 12.9 mm and weights 109 g due to the compact size and light weight it is easy to carry this gadget. There are many contract mobile phone deals on this handset through which the customer can get this handset at pocket friendly rates.

Through these deals the customer gets lucrative offers that includes free gifts and incentives that reduces your monthly phone bills and save your hard earned money. The customer must compare these deals and get the best one that matches your requirements.

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New Generation Ipad 2

New Generation Ipad 2

Ipad 2

Why iPad 2 So Soon?

Other than throwing off the competition, there are huge gaps now between iPhone and iPad from the display to FaceTime and the competition in price and size from Kindle that leads me to an iPad refresh right before the holidays as a way for Apple to blow all previous numbers out of the water and make it impossible for competition to position themselves against Apple by including any of those features in their devices. The rumored BlackPad from RIM is said to include a camera, and the Cisco tablet will be smaller than the iPad and easier to carry. A 7″ iPad with FaceTime would do the trick to put both of those products out to pasture before they even ship Shop for Ipad.

Front and back camera

How did the world’s most perfect videoconferencing device make it off the drawing board without a camera? If you believe the folks who yanked it apart and found a spot for a MacBook-style camera inside, it was no accident. We fully expect to find one in the next iteration, partnered with FaceTime for videoconferencing right out of the box.

New Screen Size

The rumor lately is that a 7″ model is on its way to sit right beside the current 9″ model, and due to Apple’s resolution independence and growing number of developers, a new size won’t cause many issues beyond a few optimizations that have to happen from App Store developers to make things look perfect. For the most part, Apple’s going to make sure most apps «just work.»

The new screen size will help iPad reach a lower price point for consumers and compete with the Amazon Kindle in size and price. Soon, an iPad with thousands of apps will sit along-side the Kindle nicely and make Amazon drop its price even lower to compete.

New Screen Resolution

You can be sure that Apple’s Retina Display, or something very close, will make its way to iPad. More and more iPhone 4 users are telling me that they use the iPhone over iPad because of the beautiful screen and how the iPad just feels empty and flat. This is an inevitable upgrade that is going to force us early adopters who own an iPad and iPhone 4 to jump in line. That screen is addictive and we want it.

New Form Factor

I’m doubtful of this one but it’s worth mentioning in this post. Apple generally waits two to three refreshes before redoing the overall hardware of its devices, but a thinner iPad may be in line that mimics much of Apple’s iPhone 4. Squaring off the design would help the device lay flat, but would also make it more susceptible to scratches. I’ve long wanted an iPad bumper case to help in the event of a drop and wish Apple would move away from steel aluminum as it’s so darn slippery. This is a maybe as Apple can legitimately call this a second generation iPad without modifying the outer shell. Of course, if it’s releasing a smaller screen size, it might be a good idea to change things up a bit to throw off the competition. We’ll see.


Apple’s FaceTime making its way to the next generation iPod touch (via a front-facing camera) and Macs (by the way of a software update) seem like logical steps, but what about iPad? Steve’s promise of «millions of FaceTime devices by the end of the year» is starting to sound empty as we approach September, but it’s this month that we’ll see more of those «millions» of devices available to the public when new iPods and a new iPad is released.

In Apple’s latest iOS betas, you can FaceTime someone based on their email address so devices that aren’t phones (everything but iPhone) will be able to use FaceTime no problem. This is when things really start getting interesting

Ipad 2

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B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

There is considerable difference in the way lead generation is carried out for B2C business as opposed to B2B. There is a shift in the strategy, there is a difference in the parameters and most importantly, there is a difference in the way the call center services are conducted. Call center companies that take up the cudgels of a B2B project often revamp their entire business model. There is a greater amount of focus on the generation of quality leads. Similarly, the agents are expected to be more restrained, polished and professional in their dealings. There must be a completely different stance on the approach of the agents when they are talking to business heads. In such cases, agents have to rely more on facts, figures and baked data. They cannot expect to hoodwink entrepreneurs with data sourced from non-reliable origins.

The approach of the agents towards the sales lead generation process is only the tip of the iceberg. Agents are expected to be more efficient and effective when they are dealing with executives who will get them the big projects. Hiring a BPO unit is the matter of a lot of money. There are several considerations that need to be taken into account. The decision makers will not just appreciate a professional and thorough approach, they will also note the way a particular call center conducts its business. When the time comes to ink the deal, they will evaluate their options on these interactions as well. Unless you are doing it well here, you might as well buckle up.

B2B lead generation leaves a lot of room for online methods. It’s a no-brainer, that business heads have little or no time on their hands to talk to you on the phone. And you cannot expect your outbound call center agents to make the right guess and pick up the phone at exactly the time a contact is free to talk! The way out is to rely on emails. Send in an email outlining what you want and what you have to offer. If your contact gets back to you, you can take the correspondence forward according to the communication media that the client prefers. If you do not get a response soon, follow up on the email through phone calls. Speak to the contact referring to the email you have sent. That should ring the bell in the client’s mind that you are committed and confident.

There has to be quite some restraint when you are dealing with entrepreneurs and business tycoons. The agents that you employ to get you the leads have to be careful about what they say when they are talking on the phone. They have to be knowledgeable about the domain they are working in. They must have a strong grasp over the topic that they will be talking about. They must have the facts and figures that they will need to rattle off. But they must also take care so as not to overburden their contacts with too much detail.

We have conducted several successful B2B lead generation in the finance and insurance sector. Our call center agents are trained to deliver quality work at all times.

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