Energy 2 Green Product Review

Energy 2 Green Product Review

Energy 2 Green is a great product that is packed full of useful information on how to build your own solar or wind powered generation equipment to help you minimize or eliminate your electric bill each month. They offer plans for both a wind turbine as well as solar panels that you can build yourself in a few weekends that can really help you lower your energy costs.

Energy 2 Green began as a place where the average consumer could come to learn about wind and solar power technology. It offers parts lists and plans that you can follow to construct your own wind turbine or solar panel. The plans allow you the construct a solar panel for under $ 200. They also offer plans that will let you build a wind turbine for under $ 100.

Energy 2 Green can help reduce the electricity requirements of your home by detailing how to build a solar or wind power generator.

They also offer many videos that show some of the projects that were completed by people using the information provided. A number of testimonials from satisfied customers show that the product will really help you reduce your power costs. The plans will allow you to easily design, build, and install a solar or wind system.

In addition to the wonderful information Energy 2 Green provides for building alternative power projects, it gives you many ways to lower your current energy needs through conservation. There are lists of things you can do to lower the amount of power you are currently using. This is important because every bit of wasted power you can eliminate means that you have to generate that much less with this new equipment.

The plans that Energy 2 Green provide are designed to be easy to follow with plenty of diagrams and pictures of the process along the way. There are also lists of suppliers for the parts you’ll need to complete the projects and save money on the components as well.

Lastly, Energy 2 Green offers a 60-day full money back guarantee on anything bought on their site. You can be assured that if you aren’t fully satisfied with the product you can return the goods and get a full refund. The valuable information they give you will help give you a strong understanding of how to construct an alternative power generator for your home. Following along with the manuals will allow you to reduce your power bills and help protect the environment as well.

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Guangzhou City Building Green Forest 3 Forest 3 Will Form A Network Of 3 Green Park 3

Guangzhou City Building Green Forest 3 Forest 3 Will Form A Network Of 3 Green Park 3

Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Government held a «forestry development plan of Guangzhou City,» will be assessed. Room from the State Department counselor, the State Forestry Administration and other state departments and units of experts, leaders, and scientific research institutes more than 80 experts attended the meeting. Party members of the State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of president Jiang Zehui, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou Sousa group attended the review meeting and delivered speeches.

 Guangzhou Lingnan building green city

 «Guangzhou Municipal Forestry Development Plan» is China’s first group on the level of the city’s urban forestry development plan, established a «green building Lingnan city, southern Guangdong to build eco-home» the basic idea.

 Project experts have ten districts of the cities of Guangzhou, site visits, research, and Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan and other special investigations carried out to develop a forestry development «planning», and on this basis, the preparation of the «Forestry «Eleventh Five-Year» Plan «, proposed the» one city, seven with three more points five poles «of the forestry building layout, specifically the» three-three-park three networks and three forest green «building architecture. One City is in the town of green building, including the Milky Way, Baiyun, Luogang, Yuexiu, Liwan, Haizhu, Huangpu District VII. Refers to the three north-central hills, the south-central and southern hilly land to the Forestry building at Sha Tin. 5 most is Huadu, Conghua, Zengcheng, Panyu, Nansha five areas to urban and peri-urban city-based green building. 7 band is focused on building in ecologically sensitive areas the backbone «of regional ecological corridors», including the northern piedmont strips, 7. More within the municipal area is rocky, Pacific, Sandy Bay, have been planning and construction and construction of the 15 central towns of green building.

 Planning Core: Three Three Three Networks Green Forest 3 Park

 Is the core of planning and construction of the «three three three networks Lin 3 Park Green,» Education is the three mountain forest: water conservation forest and soil conservation forests, scenic and recreational forest, industrial raw material forest, Rimpau ecological security; Hill District created three garden: Country Park, Green sea garden, ecological orchards, parks for tourism and leisure; beach area organizations three networks: River Network, Road Network, Coastal Network, network protect land of plenty; city and build three Green: Green mosaic, green corridor connecting the green wedge separation Green to promote Habitat Harmony.

 It is understood that «forestry development plan of Guangzhou City,» was started in September 2004, the Guangzhou municipal government organized the «Green Games», built «two fit» city and an important part of building a harmonious society. According to «planning», «Eleventh Five-Year Plan» period, through the implementation of eight forestry projects, 25 million mu of forest directional transform inefficient; key construction of 16 forest parks; between the two nature reserves and four wetland zones. To 2010, the city rate of 43.5% forest green above, forest cover stable at 38%; urban green coverage rate increased to 40%, per capita public green space to 15 square meters. Victimization rate of forest fire control in the 0.5 below so as to achieve sound forest ecological network, improve the quality of forest resources, forest tourism industry grow and improve the level of modernization of forestry objectives for the construction of «two desirable» cities and lay the ecological success of hosting the Games basis.

I am an expert from China Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as rechargable candles , old fashion telephones.

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Energy 2 Green Scam-2 and improve the development of green energy

Energy 2 Green Scam-2 and improve the development of green energy

When you place an order below you will immediately receive a download link for the Ebook. The Ebook details how to create the Energy 2 Green system from easily obtainable parts, and shows users how to save literally tons of energy and money with the system. + You will also get the Bonuses!

Learn More About Energy 2 Green

These e-books are (electronic books) and are delivered ONLINE — if your computer can handle THIS website, then you can read or print these books using your browser. No download time, you get immediate access. Plus, you get free access for all future updates!

Why online books? Thanks to all the feedbacks from our readers, Energy 2 Green evolves and improves, and it’s happening REAL FAST. We want you to have the latest updates immediately. Every improvement, every new piece of information, and every new chapter, shows up automatically and immediately. You can visit the books as many times as you need and want. You will always see fresh information!

Learn More About Energy 2 Green

Simple click on the big button «Order Now» below and follow the easy instructions. As soon as you’ve placed your order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS and instructions on how to download all your e-books and bonuses! You can pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal. Your purchase is protected by a 100% satisfaction cashback guarantee.

These are e-books (electronic books) and are delivered ONLINE — if your computer can handle THIS website, then you can read or print these books using your browser. No download time, access is immediate.

You won’t find a better price anywhere else for such a complete and quality conversion-kit manual with over 400 pages of detailed instructions and full illustrations easy enough for even a novice to follow.This technology is used successfully by thousands of satisfied customers.

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6 Objectives of Green Building

6 Objectives of Green Building

In recent years the world has seen a surge of individuals who are concerned by the environment, as well as companies who are engaging in corporate social responsibility. There are many ways to reduce environmental impact, from installing expensive wind turbines to turning off the tap while we brush our teeth. Green building is one way to reduce resource consumption and minimize long-term costs. There are six principles of green building and the objective is to optimise at least one of them.

1.Design efficiency

This is the concept stage of sustainable building and has the largest impact on cost and performance. It aims to minimize the environmental impact associated with all life-cycle stages of the building process.

2.Energy efficiency

Examples of ways to reduce energy use include insulating walls, ceilings, and floors, and building high efficiency windows. The layout of a building, such as window placement, can be strategised so that natural light pours through for additional warmth. Similarly, shading the roof with trees offers an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning.

3.Water efficiency

To reduce water consumption and protect water quality, facilities should aim to increase their use of water which has been collected, used, purified and reused. They should also make it a goal to reduce waste water by using products such as ultra-low flush toilets and low-flow shower heads.

4.Materials efficiency

To minimize environmental impact, facilities should use materials that have been recycled and can generate a surplus of energy. A good example of this are solar power panels. Not only do they offer lighting but they are also a valuable energy source. Low-power LED lighting technology reduce energy consumption and energy bills, so everyone wins!

5.Indoor Air Quality

Reduce volatile organic compounds and provide adequate ventilation by choosing construction materials and interior finish products with low-zero emissions. This will vastly improve a building’s indoor air quality.

6.Waste reduction

It is possible to reuse resources. What may be waste to us might have another benefit to something else, like grey water that can be changed into fertilizer. Grey water is wastewater from sources such as dishwashers and washing machines which can easily be reused for purposes such as flushing toilets or power-washing decks.

Sustainable building evidently requires creativity, great planning, and of course, resourcefulness. But in the long-run it offers reduced costs and more protection for the planet, so do your part and have a little fun while you do.

Fabric Architecture Ltd has been specialising in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures since 1984. With over 5000 installations worldwide, Fabric Architecture are experienced in custom «design-and-build» structures as well as pre-designed / pre-engineered Signature Structures. Learn more about Fabric’s Environmental policies

Energy 2 Green Review

Energy 2 Green Review

Brief Review of Energy 2 Green — Are They For Real?

One of the things that we can do to help the environment is to switch from conventional energy to green energy such as solar and wind power. If you have always wanted to know about green energy sources and how to take advantage of them but don’t know where to get proper information, then you will find Energy 2 Green as a very useful if not basic guide on the subject. This Energy 2 Green review will tell you all about this guide and how it can help you live a greener more environmentally conscious existence. If you are looking to contribute to helping our planet, then you should consider using green energy. You can learn all about green energy through a reliable guide such as Energy 2 Green.


Helps to reduce electric bill drastically or completely eliminate it depending on the type and number of devices that you will build. You can save up to $ 1,000 each year on electric bills.
Building solar panels and wind turbines can be turned to a bonding activity for the family where all family members can participate in the project. It is also a good opportunity for kids to learn about taking care of the environment.
You can recoup your investment in as little as two months after building your first solar panel or wind turbine.
Through this guide, you can also make portable solar panels that you can take anywhere such as camping trips and picnics.
Allows you to fight global warming and contribute in saving the environment. (Probably the best benefit that you can get from this product.)


Explains how any individual can build their own solar panels and wind power generators in a very simple and easy-to understand manner.
Uses texts, photos and diagrams to make it easier for individuals to start their own green energy project.
Includes a detailed guide on where to find materials for your project.
Includes instructions on how to install solar panels and wind power generators on any kind of home.
Includes a detailed maintenance guide and schedule so your solar panels and wind turbines will last for years.


Despite its attempt to be as easy-to-understand and accessible as possible, this guide still tends to be too scientific in some parts. Some people who have bought this product found it necessary to refer to other online and offline resources to understand some of the concepts.
It would have been better if instructional videos are included in the package since most people find it easier to understand videos more than diagrams and texts. Videos provide real time step-by-step instructions that diagrams and picture cannot provide.

To save energy at home is to indirectly save money and heavily reduce home expenditures. Read more about Energy 2 Green Review for more information about saving energy at home. Learn more about saving energy and acquiring energy efficient homes, by visiting our website:

6 Ways to Green Your Life

6 Ways to Green Your Life

If you’re not worried, outraged, or terrified about the environment, you aren’t paying attention. Due to habitat loss and climate change, ecosystems all around the world are under stress. 1/3 of all amphibian species are collapsing, and many biologists believe that we are in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction of animals and plants. It may be too late to halt climate change, but the actions of individuals still make a difference. Here are some relatively easy things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint right now.

Buy locally. Organic grapes flown in from Chile in the winter are not substantially better for the environment than conventionally grown local oranges. Anything grown within fifty miles of you has required less fuel and produced less pollution to get to you. Of course, if you can get local, organic produce, that’s even better: fewer toxic chemicals in the earth and you, plus less pollution. And remember, it’s not an all or nothing situation. You don’t need to buy 100% organic or 100% local to be helping.
Be a more conscious consumer. Being a ‘green consumer’ is an oxymoron: being green is about using fewer resources and generating less waste. But you can certainly start by phasing out less environmentally friendly products and replacing them with better ones — say, a defunct refrigerator with a highly energy efficient one, plastic water bottles with a reusable one, chemical cleaners with baking soda and vinegar. Swap out single-use products with reusable ones, and avoid things with a lot of packaging.
Consume less. Making greener choices at the store is a good beginning, but you’ll also want to cut back on things you simply don’t need, even when they’re marketed as ‘green.’ Remember, the canvas bags you already have at home are a more eco-friendly option than going out and buying designer organic cotton totes. Buying green is about buying less. (Yes, those sustainable bamboo towels are tempting! But your plain cotton towels are still perfectly functional.)
Join your local Freecycle to clean out your garage, get things you need, and most importantly, keep usable items out of landfills. Wherever possible, reusing is better and more energy efficient than recycling.
Add a wind or solar power system to your house. Over its lifetime, a smallish 2.5 kw solar power system means 300 barrels of oil or 1,100 lbs of acid rain not produced. To think of it another way, a solar power system equals 500 trees planted. Although wind or solar power systems are not an option for everyone, they are an excellent way to offset the use of non-renewable, pollutant energy sources. Believe it or not, conventional energy is still largely produced by burning fossil fuels.
Adjust your attitude: see resources as limited. They are. Whether gasoline, food, energy, clean water, or commercial goods, they all come at the cost of natural resources, habitats, and species. Use them wisely.

Jennifer Mo is a longtime tree-hugger, vegetarian, and proponent of all things that are good for your body and for the planet. To learn more about solar power and the environment, please visit .

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6 Green Fashion Labels

6 Green Fashion Labels

The world has gone green. From the electric car to solar panelled roofs, people around the world are doing their part to help the environment, and fashion designers are no exception. London Fashion Week is about to commence and many high-profile designers will be wondering the city’s streets. There will be no shortage of parties to attend and frocks to eye admiringly. And amidst all of the excitement and luxury, the British Fashion Council has still made space and time to recognize those designers exercising sustainable practices. Esthetica is a growing movement of boundary-pushing designers committed to making fashion items which are eco-friendly. Here are six cool brands worth looking out for.


Issi is an art eco fashion brand that combines the visions of contemporary artists Georgie Hopton, Peter Peri and David Batchelor. They push fashion boundaries by challenging themselves to create desirable items out of enviromentally-friendly materials. Their philosophy: Waste not, want not.

2.Nina Dolcetti

Inspired by the fashion trends of the 1960s and 70s, as well as earth and jewel tones, Elisalex de Castro Peake designs sculptural platforms for morally conscious women. Her pieces are of a quality any stylish women would appreciate, and are designed to last.

3.Made by the People

Made by a collaboration of designers this brand has no signature style. They work with high profile celebrities and use their fashion line to encourage consumers to be ethical in every aspect of their lives. They aim to promote fair-trade throughout the world.

4.Righteous Fashion

Designer Denice Rydenfors claims her line isn’t about a look it’s about a lifestyle. It’s elegantly feminine and simple, and aims to meet the needs of the «righteous woman». Her philosophy: Luxury on a Monday.

5.She Died of Beauty

Erin O’Connor and Kate Halfpenny design their line for fashionable fantasists who are funny and extreme. Their signatures: Witty and purposeful, sassy and un-apologetic. Their philosophy: There’s no reason why style and conscious can’t co-exist.

6.Junky Styling

Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager-Sze’s ready-to-wear fashion line is like surgery for your wardrobe. Their exaggerated silhouettes and stunning details are designed for confident and creative women. Having been inspired by the popularity of recycling in cities like San Francisco and Tokyo, they’ve made their philosophy: up-cycling for the future.

Who says fashion can’t be eco-chic? These LFW designers, and many others, have found ways to create beautiful things responsibly and are an inspiration to the industry.

Aspiga was set up in 2005 to supply the best of hand made beachware from local manufacturers in Kenya. Products include hand made sandals and belts, beachwear (African sandals, kikoys and dresses), swimwear and bags. All items are of the highest quality.

6 Green Materials

6 Green Materials

Whether it’s colder winters, non-existent summers, or pollution that’s got you wanting to make an environmental change to your lifestyle, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you want to make the change. Taking small steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly is exactly what the world and our planet needs. Here are a few materials that are green.

1. Bamboo fibre:

Bamboo fibre is made from the pulp of bamboo grass. When made organically, it is actually stronger then most textile fibres, and as a result, lasts much longer. Bamboo fibres has become an increasingly popular eco fibre. In addition to being natural, bamboo fibre can also be harvested quickly.

2. Cork:

Cork forests provide a wooded grassland habitat which houses at least 42 bird species and 60 plant species. Cork is a natural, renewable resource. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Cork used in wine bottles accounts for the vast majority of the industry’s income. With cork being replaced by plastic wine stoppers the industry is under quite a serious threat.

3. Felt:

Felt comes from recycled wool. It can also be made by matting, condensing and pressing organic fibres while they are wet. There are many legends associated with the creation of felt. My favourite is the story of Saint Clement and Saint Christopher who fled from persecution, packed their sandals with wool and then sweat through it, creating felt.

4. Cardboard:

Cardboard is an easy one to recycle because we all use it and need it. Instead of going out and buying new cardboard every time you need a box, why not take care of the cardboard and have it around for next time? A lot of commonly used products like coasters, speakers, and journals are now being made of cardboard.

5. Silicone glass fabric:

Silicone glass fabric is made of silicon derivatives, it is entirely recyclable, and has a much longer lifespan than alternative fabrics. This means that structures using this fabric require fewer replacements. Silicone glass cloth is flexible, easily bonded, and an excellent heat resistant.

6. Recycled paper:

Like cardboard, this is an easy one. Saving old paper that is still in decent condition is a great way to reduce waste. Increasingly big and small companies are printing documents on both sides of the page and using recycled paper internally. There are many companies that make new paper out of recycled materials. At the moment the cost of this is more expensive then non-recycled paper, but the environmental benefits are worth it.

If everyone made a small contribution to the environmental welfare of the world we’d all be living longer, healthier, more comfortable lives.

Fabric Architecture Ltd has been specialising in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures since 1984. Learn more about silicone glass fabrics at

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