3 Great Home Remedies

3 Great Home Remedies

With the costs of medical care and even over the counter health care products, more and more people are turning to home remedies to overcome a large number of health issues. There are a number of common household items that can help you fight a variety of problems from acne to allergies. Several are used often for many different purposes and perhaps one can help you!

Salt — that’s right, common household salt. Gargling with salt water can kill the bacteria in your mouth and help prevent many illnesses such as sore throats, problems with your gums, and it even fights bad breath. When the H1N1 virus was turning into an epidemic, one of the things health professionals advised people to do was gargle with salt water to prevent infection. Even the Mayo Clinic recommends this home remedy to relieve a sore throat. It is very simple, just put plain salt — not iodized, into warm water, mix and rinse your mouth with it. The water needs to taste salty for the rinse to be effective. You also need to do this at least once per day or more.
Hydrogen Peroxide — There is a host of uses for hydrogen peroxide from removing blood from clothing to getting rid of excess ear wax. Many people describe hydrogen peroxide as the best anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent. It is a great way to keep your mouth healthy, whiten teeth and prevent canker sores. Just swish one capful in your mouth for ten minutes each day for a cleaner mouth and whiter teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is also a good wound care product. It will foam on contact which tells you that it is doing the job to kill any bacteria. If you have dried blood on clothing, furniture, or carpet, hydrogen peroxide will remove it completely. Make sure you test the colorfastness of the fabric before you treat it.
Apple Cider Vinegar — This remedy will take care of a variety of ailments from warts to acid reflux. To remove a wart, simply soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and put the cotton ball on the wart. Use a bandage to keep it in place. Leave it on overnight and follow the same procedure every night for a week. At first the wart may ache as the vinegar starts to work, but then it will turn black and in a couple of weeks disappear completely. To get rid of acid reflux, put two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in eight ounces of water. Drink this solution before meals or whenever you feel acid reflux coming on. It seems strange that something like vinegar would help with heartburn, but it does. Perhaps it helps to maintain a healthy ph level in the stomach and therefore reduces the painful acid flare-ups.

There are many home remedies that have been tried and tested through the years. They are inexpensive and for the most part effective. However, if a condition persists you should see a health professional for additional care. Home remedies have their place and are helpful to both your wallet and your family’s health.

Piper is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness and the outdoors. She enjoys making apple cider with fresh apples in the fall. She enjoys nature, reading and fitness. She encourages others to get a juice maker to make healthy juice for their family as well.

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Unexpected Home Value Depletions 2 Of 2

Unexpected Home Value Depletions 2 Of 2
There always seems to be something that needs fixing. Whether a room needs painting, the toilet needs plumbing, or the basement needs finishing, a lot of work goes into keeping a home in tip-top condition. The problem isn’t always maintaining what’s there, but dealing with the unexpected problems that arise. Water damage is just one of the problems that most homeowners hope never to experience, but it’s also very common and sneaky! But, we tackled that in the last edition. Water damage actually ties to another surprise home value killer, mold.

Let’s learn a little more about where mold comes from and who can remove it from a home!

What Causes Mold?

Mold needs three conditions for survival: moisture, organic material, and warm temperatures. Without the moisture there’s no way for the mold to form. Without the organic material there’s no way the mold will eat. Without the warmth the mold cannot develop. When a basement, crawl space, or other room in the house always feels hot and/or humid, there’s a high likelihood of mold becoming the family’s new roommate.

Moisture being the ideal condition for creating mold means that any place you find moisture, you just might find mold. If your AC unit leaks or there is condensation forming on the surface, you have to have the unit fixed to prevent mold.

Prior water damage that wasn’t properly removed can also lead to mold. Flooding can ruin carpets, floors, and walls. Let’s face it, water can damage anything it touches and mold eats everything it touches. When the water is removed and the moisture remains in the carpet, floors, or other structures, you’ll be sure to also find some mold.

That’s why proper water removal is so necessary and well worth the investment!

Humidity can also cause mold growth inside a home. We all know that humid air is wet air. When the temperature outside is hot and humid, you can imagine that the air inside the basement or home may be a bit cooler. As the outside air cools off upon entering the home, it also increases the environment’s relative humidity. In fact, air that is cooled by one degree will also increase the room’s relative humidity by 2.2 percent, and where there’s humidity indoors, there’s mold.

The mold will develop as the water dissipates and homeowners think their problems have gone away. Mold is like the aftershock, or round two of the effects of water damage.

Can Mold Be Prevented?

Mold can be significantly prevented and reduced with the proper resources and knowledge.

You can prevent mold by immediately repairing any leaks and properly removing all flood water form your home. Also consider controlling humidity with a dehumidifier to prevent condensation. If your big mold area is your basement or crawl space, then you may want to contact local basement/crawl space repair experts. There are many experts who offer waterproofing services that will prevent water and moisture damage, and can prevent water from entering the spaces in the first place.

Remember, mold cannot be removed by wiping it away, not even with bleach! In fact, bleach can spread the mold, so don’t use it on porous surfaces! Mold sometimes grows within 24 to 48 hours. If you wipe it away, you don’t remove the cause. By removing the moisture, you’re removing the cause, but existing mold should be remediated by a professional. Here’s where the experts can help!

If you live in the North Carolina area and need a mold remediation expert to remove the mold in your home, then you’re in luck! AdvantaClean is North Carolina’s mold removal expert that not only wipes the mold away, but wipes out the source completely!

You can rely on AdvantaClean to remove the mold in your home and to provide you with information and resources to help prevent future mold problems. Contact AdvantaClean today for mold removal in Charlotte, NC and all surrounding areas.

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