Meizu M9 officially scheduled to hedge future mobile phones all the most recommended

Meizu M9 officially scheduled to hedge future mobile phones all the most recommended

Today mobile phones have become entertainment in Veste moncler our daily lives a good partner, it not only combines the communication tools and digital products for a powerful natural Needless to say, just use the phone a few years ago from a crowd of adults have been the market gradually expanded to the students, adults or even older. Of course, the release of new mobile phone has also been a qualitative leap in the speed, so that although the products can make the mobile phone Zumba DVD market is more diversified, but the drawbacks is the product more than fine, often new just listed a few months, prices will be crazy. So for the average consumer, how to choose becomes a difficult task, how can I buy a cell phone their favorite products, but prices will not leave him to die and distressed it? In fact, such a hedge would like to buy into the mobile phone is very simple, one way is to look at brands. Take the Meizu, it’s the first mobile phone product prices Meizu M8 has a very stable market, but also just received ralph lauren homme Xiaobian Zhongguancun (000,931) Meizu store news, Meizu M9 has accepted the reservation, said that since has been a lesson, I believe Meizu M9 is also one of preserving and increasing choice for mobile phones. Second is to see mobile phone prices, many mobile phones on the market in terms of hardware configurations, prices have dropped after a number of diving the bottom line, there will not be much of a future price reduction, this is also very worthwhile to buy mobile phones. It said so much, what kinds of mobile phones is Ugg Femme the next most preservation products? Recommended for everyone today, Xiao Bian on several, I hope not bear to see what had just purchased their own mobile phones crazy consumers can look at lower prices.

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Meizu Is Looking Forward To The Masterpiece E5 X6 New Listing

Meizu Is Looking Forward To The Masterpiece E5 X6 New Listing

Released in January this year China’s first professional sound with SRS since X2, Meizu make persistent efforts, launched this month 23, the public purpose for the long-awaited E5, X6 two MP3 player!

Two machines powerful and strong points. E5 using double-sided grinding magnesium alloy shell. First time the shuttle key design, finger another wave, browse information quickly and easily. 6 line large screen display, allows you to read the information more easily. Single AA batteries can be up to 50 hours of playback time! Long life time, outdoor enjoy the music completely worry-free. If you use two hours a day, will continue to use nearly a month. Additional FMBASS / TREBLE conditioning and wake-up time and clock functions such as caring, which is still in the mp3 kind of initiative, not only to bring you a different song FM Biao and makes you feel more convenient and reasonable time to master learning fun. FMBASS / TREBLE adjustment can be based on user habits, the free FM radio sound effect adjustment, so you listen to the radio are full of enthusiasm. Automatic wake-up are free to set the start time and the machine starts the next action (optional broadcast, radio and sound recordings). Of course people are concerned about data transmission certainly missed USB2.0 (high speed) of the.

The X6 is a family Meizu MP3 with oled

Liquid crystal

Screen products. Compared with E5, X6 design theme located in the stylish, integrated, lightweight, compact exterior looks elegant even than the E2, panel using a black piano, highlights the elegant and stylish, this look will be more likely to please girls. X6 continue with ALPS E2 acclaimed five-way navigation button design. But the same features and powerful E5. Retail products may be accompanied by an external charger, so that life can charge anytime, anywhere.

E5 and x6 are the main products during the first half of this year Meizu all international professional audio with SRS. The internal circuit design in the product, a comprehensive improvement of the noise reduction circuit to optimize the sound effects, sound recording has been made the soft underbelly of MP3 products, Meizu this specific study and work needs to create professional-clear recording. FM radio continues to use the Philips radio chip, the new circuit after adjustment, the results can not be in the same category. Either from the radio’s sensitivity, or sound quality, the increase is very large.

X6 price 256M 799 128M 699 512M 999 1G 1299

E5 prices 256M 799 128M 699 512M 999 1G 1299

Beijing Hairong Meizu Meizu image shop image shop in Beijing Dragon Electronics City, 2101 # 8266378381970146 13366957932

Small Dinghao Meizu outlets Beijing Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, small Dinghao Meizu Dinghao mall outlet store B1037 No. 1381193100282698258

Hefeng Meizu outlets Beijing Haidian District, Beijing Technology & Trade E-Mall on the second floor 2B409 13071177638

Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lian Sheng No. 41 Cao Xi Bei Road, Shanghai, 15th Floor, Exchange Building, G Block, Ka 021-54248200,01,02

Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Blue Huan, Building 3, Lane 585, Shanghai Baoshan 021-56622277

Shanghai Hua Ming and Technology 31, Hengfeng Road, Shanghai Jinfeng Building, Room 2904 021-63800588-8820

Liao Wang Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Tianhe Longkou West Road, No. 47, 020-87585647 33610607

Guangzhou Tianhe Road, Guangzhou Hefeng Digital Pacific Commercial Centre, No. 560, third floor, 3003 020-8759043387589292 87,546,666

Electronics Co., Ltd. Chengdu Chengdu Yinfeng tree-lined West Street, Building 5, Block A 1402028-86081165 85227586

Jinan Hang Video Technology Development Center in Shandong Province, Jinan City, Shan Dalu 16-1 No. 0531-8942404

Jinan, Jinan, Shandong Shanda Lu Vanguard No. 160, 5011, 0531-8580841 13953112672

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Meizu M6 Miniplayer — Caustic Soda Pearl — Caustic Soda Solid

Meizu M6 Miniplayer — Caustic Soda Pearl — Caustic Soda Solid
The M6 is from Meizu’s digital audio player productions. Accordingly, it is only emerging in certain parts of the world including the United States, Australia, France, Russia and more. Though the M6 supports many audio formats, the US release did not support MP3 format because of licensing issues. Apparently, there are workarounds to the issue with specific firmware upgrades.
Recently, Dane-Elec has formed a deal with Meizu to provide distribution of the M6. Apparently, Dane-Elec has ironed out MP3 licensing issues. Many European models distributed by Danelec have their FM tuner disabled because of EU import duties; this can also be remedied by a firmware update.
The M6 has been touted as an Pod killer because of its capabilities with respect to its aesthetics. One characteristic regarding the Meizu M6 is its ability to function without proprietary file formats and procedures.
The following are some of the more important specifications regarding the Meizu M6:
1 GB (no longer produced), 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB (two 4 GB chips) flash memory
79 mm 48.2 mm 10 mm
2.4 inch, 260housand color QVGA, 320240 pixel resolution TFTCD screen
55 grams
supports MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg, FLAC, WMA lossless, APE
AVI format (Xvid) at up to 20 FPS and 384 to 512 kilobits per second
rechargeable lithium-ion battery; rated at 20 hours audio playback and 6 hours video playback
Software support
File transfer
The M6 is connected to a computer via a USB 2.0 cable, upon which it is typically recognized as a mass storage device (starting with the 2.00x firmware series MTP is also supported). Transferring media files and firmware upgrades is accomplished by simply dragging and dropping. Thus, no proprietary software is needed, allowing it to be a true cross-platform media player. It is confirmed that the Linux 2.6 kernel driver for UMS devices works with the M6.
Video conversion
For converting videos to the required Xvid format, Meizu provides a custom version of VirtualDub. There is also a Meizu profile available for another open source program, Iriverter and Batman Video Converter is available. Mac users can convert with MPEG Streamclip video converter.
Customization and variants
The miniPlayer allows the user to change a few display items such as the background image and font color. Unofficially, it is possible to modify the RESOURCE.BIN file to skin the player with different icons. A number of stickn covers are available which allow the front surface and thumb pad to be colored.
Two versions of the miniPlayer were originally produced:
The TP version has a Toshiba screen with better color reproduction at the cost of lower brightness. It is also 2 mm shallower. This model is no longer produced.
The SP version has a brighter and slightly cheaper Samsung screen. This model is still in production.
The two versions have different firmware and the screen does not work if the wrong one is loaded. The RESOURCE.BIN files are the same, however.
There was also a special SP edition where the back metal plate would be black matte, instead of shiny metal.
M6SL and M6SE
A slimmer version of the miniPlayer, named Meizu M6SL (M6 lim), was released at the end of September 2007. The main difference from the original edition is the decreased thickness7 mm (like the M3 Music Card) instead of 10 mm and new, better quality, Wolfson produced DACs.
See also
Meizu M6 Fan Resource
Product Homepage
European and United States Distributor Homepage
Categories: Portable media players | 2006 introductions

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Meizu M8 Music And Pain With 10 Fingers To Help You Breakdown

Meizu M8 Music And Pain With 10 Fingers To Help You Breakdown

Has never been a Mobile So frustrating too, from the initial project development to final product launch, which lasted two and a half hours; never had a phone with so much controversy, it was felt wonderful, some people feel bad; never had a cell phone can trigger I made so many people to a wide range of issues; has never made a phone frequently in our lives, «collision» (ie, both use the same model is, and Zhuangshan similar); never had a domestic mobile phone have such a strong entertainment properties; never has a cell phone so many quality problems occur; also never has a cell phone sale

Service Improve the appearance of so many quality problems, but also to maintain high customer satisfaction; of course, the most critical, has never been a cell phone that can give consumers a wealth of «Happiness» and «pain.»

Then this phone is _________? (Multiple choice) A: Apple iPhoneB: Meizu M8C: Lenovo OPhoneD: Dopod HeroE:

Nokia This question is designed purpose of 5800 is simply mentally handicapped people, if not answer who is also a low IQ, you see?? The answer is written in the title is also blind. But since the Meizu M8 phone to have so many fans (according to a survey said they were second in share of domestic users), then there is a need to talk about the M8 that point thing.

M8 mobile phone good? Bad? M8 users often make such potential problems, and now journalists try to revisit memories of nursery beginner Number: borrow their fingers to count (more than 10 fingers, the scope for the time being ignored), to count the pros and cons of mobile phone M8, and The count in the process of learning, deep experience M8 user’s «Happiness» and «pain» it.

M8 advantage of a Dozen Thumb: Multimedia powerful IPhone and many brands of mobile phones through i-Tunes or other software to convert to play, M8 is arrogant lot: you use the M8 cell phone downloading a movie, you can direct deposit into immediate play out.

Index finger: The battery can be replaced

Compared with the Apple iPhone, M8 Another advantage is that the battery can be replaced, so do not worry am using a mobile phone to watch movies, how do phone battery died the afternoon of the problem will emerge.

Middle finger: the screen and the user interface is very beautiful

M8 has a 3.4 inches, 720 × 480 resolution

LCD screen , Also supports multi-touch; and user interface icons, the background can be customized.

Ring finger: a WiFi wireless network

Most users want to have a WiFi wireless networking capabilities to support mobile phones, so «public beta» M8 very popular.

Little finger: a good video shooting

M8 mobile phone can shoot 640 × 480 resolution of standard definition video, burn

DVD Disc above, and then on the washer inside the player, the effect was very good.

Other advantages: 1 M8 mobile phone less than 2000 yuan price than many foreign brands like configuration, but easily 4000 to 5,000 yuan high price, be very reasonable.

M8 shortcomings Zhuge Shu Thumb: Software too little Although the government claims M8 mobile phone application software with unlimited expansion, but in fact only relatively easy to use more than ten kinds of applications.

Index finger: a very bad part of M8 mobile phone signals

Fumbled phone is M8 users Complaints

Most of the problems.

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