Omega3 Fish Oil — 3 Reasons You Should Get More Omega3 Fish Oil in Your Diet Now

Omega3 Fish Oil — 3 Reasons You Should Get More Omega3 Fish Oil in Your Diet Now

Omega3 is becoming a bit of a buzzword, we see it advertised on our food claiming we should buy a certain product as it contains omega3 or we see press releases advising us we should have more omega3 in our diet; and while this is all good and true, it is really omega3 fish oil that we need to increase on and although there are many reasons why you should increase the oil in your diet I am going to touch on just three of them today.

It Is Anti Inflammatory — Fish oil probably came to prominence because a lot of people got such good results from using it to combat inflammation problems such as joint pain and arthritis and although this is still true, further research has shown that inflammation is behind things such as strokes and heart attacks and these properties within the fish oil help against these conditions too.

It Is Good For The Brain — Research has been carried out on the effects of increasing omega3 and the effects on the brain and they have had very positive results, which is no surprise really as it has been discovered that about a quarter of the brain is made up from DHA fats which are actually found in fish oil. The problem with these fats is that the body cannot actually produce them by itself so we need to get them into us by other means and the only way to do so with such a positive effect is through supplements. So what are the results they have found? Increased memory, better concentration improved learning in children less problems with conditions such as ADD, mood swings, depression and Alzheimer’s and the list goes on.

Fighting Cancer — One final area that has come under the spotlight is its ability to help fight against certain cancers. Now admittedly there is further research to be done in this area but so far the results against testicular, ovarian, breast and prostate cancers are very encouraging.

The Problems With Omega3 Fish Oils Tablets

Whist these benefits are there to be seen there is a slight problem with omega3 fish oil supplements; actually I will clarify that and say some supplements and that is because there is such awareness of the properties of fish oil now then of course there are more manufacturers involved in producing them and this in turn means that the quality of some fish is not too good and although you can by the tablet for cheap it may be made with a fish that has not been cleansed of any pollutants within it, or the fish itself could have been rancid.

I actually explain more about the importance of getting the right quality tablets at my website and also go through some more qualities that you can find in omega3 fish oil tablets. You can find the site at

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3-Steps to More Business!

3-Steps to More Business!

1. Make just one more call

In experience studying scores of both mediocre and successful sales people, some have discovered that the most reliable key to enduring success is discipline.  Discipline to provide just a little bit better service than your competitors offer or your clients expect.  Discipline to make one more call, attend one more networking event or block an extra hour in your calendar every day to do business development.  Discipline to document the objections you receive and create responses to deal with them consistently and effectively.  And discipline to practice your sales presentation one more time, every time you head out the door to meet a prospect or close a deal.

Discipline is the one sure way by which poverty may be converted into riches, failure into success — and short-term success into a winning track record that will last throughout your entire career.


2. Make testimonials part of your strategy for cold calls

Turn a testimonial into an opening statement that you can use when making your cold calls. It’s a great way to get the conversation started on the right note because it’s one (or more) of your customers who is talking about all the great things you can do for that prospect at the other end of phone. This strategy can be really compelling when the testimonial is one that the person you are calling can relate to specifically in their line of work. Let’s say you’re calling a prospect in the tourism industry and you share with them a sample of the great feedback I received recently from a client who works for that industry’s national association, you’re making it clear that you understand the challenges they have to deal with in their work. There’s also a deeper message being processed by the person  cayou’relling: «If Colleen has worked with them, then she understands what we need and if she understands what we need, then she understands me.»


3. Create a Profit 100

Ask yourself: who are your best buyers? If you sell B2C, whether you’re a dentist, accountant, chiropractor, real estate broker or financial advisor, chances are your best buyers live in the best neighborhoods. They have the most money and the greatest sphere of influence. So take a look at your current customer list, identify where your best customers live and target your marketing efforts to others in those neighborhoods.

If you sell B2B, your best buyers are usually the biggest companies that are spending money and are profitable now. Check your database, who spent last year? Chances are, they will be spending again this year.

 Once you have your list create a plan to reach out to this best buyers at least every other week, no matter what, to let these companies know who you are?


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3 network offers- 3 times more satisfaction

3 network offers- 3 times more satisfaction

It would be difficult to imagine our life without technology, we live in the new age world where technology is developing rapidly and we face a lot of different classes of people with different requirements. The have started expecting a lot from technology and we have become more demanding. This leads to fierce competition between companies. Therefore the mobile companies and networks are coming up with new deals to survive in the cut throat competition. 3 mobile offers are one of the ultimate eye catching deals. It saves up on your hard earned money because it is a profitable deal. This plan provides you with 3 times more satisfaction.

The famous mobile companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, make these within your reach and budget. These mobile manufacturers are coming up with the most modern phones which include facilities like high resolution cameras, advanced music player, Blue tooth, Stereo Radio FM and other applications are compressed in one phone which make life easier and eliminates the need of carrying individual bulky gadgets.

3 mobile deals include plans like contract deals and pay as you go deals. In contract deals you have get into a contract with your preferred network provider. This deal lasts for a specified amount of time depending on the client. You cannot change switch to another network in the middle of the contract. You have a pay a small amount of rent while paying your monthly bills. This deal also offers you gainful incentives.

The pay as you go is where you pay for your calls before hand. You can only make calls till there is credit in your account. It is good to keep an eye on your mobile expenditures and control it. It is beneficial for young people and the budget conscious. You have the liberty to change your network services as per your desire.

These deals also provide incentives such as free gifts like Free LCD TVs, Xbox, Laptops, I pods, free monthly line rentals, Play Stations, cash back deals, free texts and calling. You can always get information online.

Elwin Jones is associated with 3 Mobile phone deals and write articles for 3 Mobile Offers. Get more information on 3 Mobile Deals and  Cheap Mobile Phone Deals here.

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More TF2 Medic Tips

More TF2 Medic Tips

As the Medic for your team, there are certain things that you should do in order to fill this position and be the best possible Medic you can be. Below you will find a list of things that you can do to help improve your skills and be a Medic.

Communicate — Communication between you and your teammates is vital to your success. How can they know what to expect from you if you’re not making an effort to let them know. There is a built-in voice comm designed for this provided you have a microphone. If you don’t, you may want to consider investing in one.
Be Observant — It’s your job to know what’s going on around you and to be aware of the teammates that need your help. This is especially true if he or she is calling out to you. This is no time to be daydreaming or not paying attention to your game. Look for that Red Cross balloon that will appear over their head or listen for their calls so you can respond quickly when needed.
Protect Yourself — When you’re healing soldiers or any other player that’s being targeted, you need to protect yourself. As a Medic you won’t be able to withstand the fire power that these class players do. You won’t benefit the team very much if you die quickly.
Know When to Attack -There will be times when it would be more beneficial if you attack the enemy instead of overhealing your teammates. Practice will help you know when to heal and when to fight but anytime you see a teammate being attacked from behind, you can be sure this would be a good time to attack if possible.

As you gain experience and learn how to multitask successfully, you will be able to make more kills while still keeping your teammates healthy as long as you never forget your number one priority is to your teammates.

Lisa is a freelance writer and co-owner of game guides company. LiTi-4 provides both free and paid games and helpful tips, hints, game reviews and much more. You can find the most recent game guide from LiTi-4 here: Be sure to also check their blog for great game updates and info on all of your favorite games.

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