Children Need a Real Father Part 2

Children Need a Real Father Part 2

On the other hand, those without that love and support from their father are usually searching for love and trying to fill the void left by her so-called father, such that the first male that shows her any kind of attention is usually someone she starts making bad decisions about which ultimately works to her disadvantage. This is the part when the daughter starts searching for love in all the wrong places and gets true love and sex confused. Then not long there-after, she feels the need to have a baby to love, to help with the pain of rejection from her father not being there for her. It happens all the time. Sad but true. This vicious cycle has continued for years and years!

The very simple truth of the matter rest with 2 vital components.

#1 — The fathers being mature enough psychologically to understand the gravity of their responsibility to their children and
#2 — Lastly and certainly most important of all, is to CARE about the decisions being made and considering what is in the best interest of his seed. The CARE-FACTOR will either inspire a real father to do what is required of him as a real man, or to allow the simple sperm donor to wallow in their idiocies and stupidities with no regard for a situation they created, which could have been prevented in the first place if any maturity or responsibility existed at all!

In summation, Mothers have historically been there for sons and daughters through the good, the bad and the ugly! Mothers can raise a child but cannot instill the masculine, manly, testosterone-filled components that a boy needs in the core of his being. Mothers are there and always have been regardless of insurmountable odds. Mothers, we will love you for all eternity for without you, where would this world be? These precious little gifts we call babies didn’t ask to come into this world. They deserve to be loved and nurtured until they have matured and able to thrive on their own. Again, many props with much love and congrats to the true fathers. Those who know what it is to be there and to take care of business in raising your children. For all of you who duck and dodge your kids and parental responsibilities, it’s time to MAN — UP! Your color, misbeliefs, or utterly asinine ideas and opinions don’t exempt you from your duties as a father. Any Damn Fool can make a baby but it takes a Real Father and a Real Man to take care of his children!

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