A Comparison of Nook 3G to Kindle 3G

A Comparison of Nook 3G to Kindle 3G

The Advantage of Nook 3G to Kindle 3G

— Web browser: The Nook’s web browser works over WiFi only, but it is very fast and can be used to check news, surf the web, and send/read Yahoo mails.
— Expansion slot: The Kindle 3 beats the Nook’s onboard storage, but with the Nook you can always expand your library – even to infinity – via the MicroSD card slot.
— User-accessible battery: You can easily replace the battery on your own. If the Kindle 3 fails, you have to send it back it to Amazon.
— Library books: You can borrow library ebooks via Overdrive.com free of charge.
— ePub support: The Kindle 3 doesn’t support ePub books.
— Color touch panel: The Nook’s 3.5-inch color LCD screen works very well with the main eInk screen. It can be used for navigation, typing, and browsing the web.
— Customizable screen saver: You can personalize the screen saver by adding your own photo.

— LendMe Feature: Some publisher-approved books, including publishers, can be lent out to one friend for a maximum period of 14 days.
— In-store browsing: When you go to a B&N store, you can read certain books for free for an hour per 24-hour period. If you want to finish the book, you can return the subsequent days. Present your Nook at the counter when paying for an item and you may also get a discount.
— Supports Sony Store Books and formats used by eReader.com, and Fictionwise.com:  You have more flexibility with regards to book shopping.
— Strong retail presence: You can head to B&N brick-and-mortar stores or BestBuy and try out get the feel of the device before buying it.
— Visual presentation: Books in your library and in the B&N ebookstore are displayed in an attractive cover flow form.
13. Sudoku and chess: These games are great for passing out time when you’re not in the mood to read.


The Advantage of Kindle 3G to Nook3G

-Price: The Nook is worth $ 199; the Kindle 3, $ 189.
— Screen contrast: Kindle 3’s screen contrast easily beats any other eReader’s –
and yes, including the Nook’s – thanks to a combination of the new eInk Pearl screen, which comes with 50% better contrast than previous model, and some software tweaks.
— Faster page turn: The Kindle 3 offers 20% faster page turns than the Kindle 2, which was already faster than the Nook in the first place.
— More font resizing options: The Nook offers 5 font sizes; the Kindle has 8.
— Word document support: You can’t read Microsoft Word documents on the Nook.
— Better PDF support: On the Kindle 3, you can highlight and add notes to PDF documents as well as access the dictionary. You can also adjust the contrast of the text of the PDF file to improve readability.
— More reference options: The Kindle 3 has 2 built-in dictionaries plus free access to Wikipedia. The Nook has 1 dictionary only. 
— Month-long battery life: That’s with the wireless off. The Nook 3G, on the other hand, has 10 days of battery life only – the same amount of reading the Kindle 3 provides on a single charge with wireless on.  With EVDO on, the Nook 3G can provide 5 days of reading only. 
— Read books out loud: By activating the Text-to-Speech feature, the new Kindle eReader can read out loud certain publisher-approved books.
— Plays Audible audiobooks: The Nook 3G plays MP3 audiobooks only.
— Free delivery of Audible audiobooks: That is if you download the files over

WiFi network.
— Free delivery of personal documents: Again, if the download is done over WiFi network.
— Displays non-English texts: In addition to English texts, the Kindle 3 can also display Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and Greek scripts.
— Password protection: This helps prevent unauthorized use of your Kindle.
— Full screen reading: Header now automatically disappears once you open a book so you can make use of the full page. You can re-access the header by pressing the Menu button.
— Chassis that’s easier to grip: The Kindle 3G’s 0.335 waistline makes it more comfortable to use with one hand.
— Greater accessibility: The Kindle 3 makes it easy for people with low vision to navigate the device with its Voice Guide feature. When activated, the device reads out loud all menus and text descriptions.
— Organize library books into Collections: The Nook doesn’t offer customizable folders.
— Portrait/landscape screen orientation: The Nook supports portrait orientation only. 
— International availability: There’s no international Nook yet. 
— Global 3G access: The Kindle 3 has free 3G access in over 100 countries.
—  Lighter weight: At 8.7 ounces, the Kindle 3 is noticeably lighter. The Nook 3G weighs 12.1 ounces only.
— Wider selection of ebooks: The Kindle Store offers more than 630,000 ebooks, while the B&N store has about 200,000 only.
— Bigger onboard storage: The Kindle 3’s onboard storage is twice larger than the Nook 3G’s. The Nook’s 2GB memory can store up to 1,500 books; the Kindle 3, up to 3,500 ebooks.
—  Cheaper ebook prices on the Kindle Store: 510,000 of the ebooks on the Kindle Store are worth less than $ 9.99. Non-agency model books are generally cheaper on the Kindle.


Kindle and Nook «Tie»

— 6-inch eInk Vizplex screen: Display is about the same size as the average paperback.
— Compact size: Both devices easily fit into a handbag or backpack. The Nook measures 7.7 x 4.9 x 0.50 while the Kindle 3G measures 7.5 x 4.8 x 0.34 inches.
— Dual connectivity: Both are integrated with free 3G and WiFi modems.
— Easy access to books: The devices come with a built-in ebookstore.
— Books in 60 seconds: The devices offer fast wireless downloads.
— One-handed reading: Both come with page turn buttons on both sides of the device.
— Free access to AT&T networks.
— 3 font types. The Nook has Amasis, Light Classic, and Hevetica Neue. The Kindle has Caecilia, sans serif, and condensed.
— Cross-device synchronization: Both synchronize your last page reads across devices.

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