Common Objections Part 3

Common Objections Part 3

How many of you have come across the same objections over and over again? I’m sure many of you with network and small businesses have. This article is for those of you that need a little assistance in what to tell your customer when they do come up with an objections. Sometimes even tackling the objection before your client asks can help too, but be careful you aren’t «planting» something in their head that they weren’t even thinking about in the first place! Whatever you do, make sure you acknowledge your customer by saying that you understand their concern, or qualify the question further by having them tell you more . . . Tell me more about that, or what do you mean by that is a perfect way to get them to expand. Honestly, objections really just tell you that the client needs more information, so don’t let the questions scare you, it’s a good thing . . . It means they are interested!

Some of my answers may be more geared around high-ticket networking companies and/or travel since that is what I’m familiar with most with my affiliate business. I assist many small business owners and other network marketers reach heights in their business that they never thought possible. If you are able to utilize just one tip and it assists in your success to True Wealth, then we’ve done our job!

Obj: How much money have you made

A: Well, I’m fairly new however my business mentor (which could be your sponsor, teammate, the owner of the company or one of your business coaches) made X amount of dollars within X amount of time. Many of my business associates are 6 and 7 figure income earners, you’ll get to meet them at our LIVE webinar (or Team Meeting, whatever your company has.) You can also say, «Well, I’m new but I expect to make $ X this month (BE HONEST!) and my Trainer makes X dollar amount.

Cha-Ching Note: People respect your honesty! Use other people’s stories and testimonies within your company. This is tough when you are first starting out because you THINK you don’t want anyone to know that you are a «newbie». I have to say that was one of my biggest mistakes as a network marketer when I first started. USE your trainers as much as possible, that is what they are there for, to help while you are learning. I’m a little stubborn so that was hard for me at first. I can give you some ideas to make your first days (and veteran days!) go a heck of a lot smoother! I wish I would have had some of these things in place way back when!

Obj: This sounds too good to be true.

A: Well, Mr. Prospect, I completely understand. I felt the same way when I started looking into my new business, however once I really started checking out all of the information and did my due diligence by attending the business review and listening to other testimonies and reading the business report and other PR write ups on individuals within and the founders of the company, then I knew it was the right fit for me and this truly was an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t let go by. But, no one can tell you this, you have to check it out and decide for yourself.
Now with my networking company I would also say we earn incredible commissions ranging from $ 750 to $ 7500 per transaction and the reason we are able to do this is because our business membership is higher end therefore they are able to work in more commissions to give back to those that are fueling the company. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Obj: This sounds wonderful, but I know my spouse will be skeptical.

A: I completely understand. I wouldn’t want you going into a major business decision without him/her feeling comfortable as well, however I want to make sure this is something that you truly are interested in first, are you? (They already told you they were!!!) Great! Send your spouse through the same exact process that I just took you through (checking out your company, testimonies, etc) and then if he still has questions, I’d be happy to assist in answering any questions that he has.

Some people are hard core with this question and they say something similar to, «Do you run everything by your spouse?» I would never in a million years say this to someone, I’d be totally offended because I do have the type of relationship that when it comes to something major we discuss it together and make a decision on if it’s mutually beneficial. Now I’m pretty stubborn, so I usually get my way anyhow, which honestly if someone wants something bad enough they will too. You just need to make sure you have the best product, the best training, you’ve found out what their needs are and you’ve shown them that you are here to fulfill those needs.

Cha-Ching Note: Remember you will lose people to spouses and the chitter-chatter that surrounds us everyday. I call these people the dream stealers — man they bug me! There are so many times I see people back down from what they truly want because they listen to chitter-chatter from other people who know nothing of what they are blabbering. In this case you want to have as many referrals and soon-to-be customers coming as possible. To help in this area call me or check out some of my training I utilize within our company, The Trip Chic, LLC.

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