The Samsung Galaxy Tab Provides The Android 2.2 Froyo Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Provides The Android 2.2 Froyo Operating System
The Samsung Galaxy Tab offers the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system which is capable of running multiple applications at once on this tablet device. The device also has a large 7 inch WSVGA TFT touch display to control the Android Samsung user interface with multiple home screens and hybrid widgets included.

The device has a 1 GHz application processor allowing it to power applications seamlessly on the 7 inch display with multi-touch zoom capability also. The tablet features onscreen keyboards and user control icons which allow you to use its many applications, of which you can download more all the time form the Android MArket preinstalled. Connectivity includes the 3.5mm headphone jack connector along with Bluetooth 3.0 for close proximity file sharing and connections along with DLNA for video sharing wirelessly. This is in addition to its impressive network connectivity including HSUPA, HSDPA as well as EDGE and GPRS alongside the all important WiFi for connection to the internet wherever you go.

The Galaxy Tab offers integrated email with GMail and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync both included for immediate use, allowing you to receive your emails on the large display, and be able to reply promptly. The device offers great entertainment with eReading allowing you to read newspapers, books and magazines onscreen, with a vast range of ebooks to choose from. Additionally, the tablet has a full music player which allows you to enjoy all of your music in the usual way while browsing the Web on the Android browser with full HTML support, along with Flash Player 10.1 support and RSS reader.

The device has impressive navigation services through its internal Assisted GPS receiver and the preinstalled Google Maps for easy directions and worldwide maps including Google Maps Navigation which provides enhanced directions and step by step navigation as you follow them in real-time with your tablet. Latitude and Places are two other apps which are preloaded offering local information and points of interest based on your present location. The device also offers great social networking with integrated Facebook and Twitter alongside its easy to use email client, instant messaging and integrated calendar.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is slim well-designed tablet device offering fast internet connectivity and the power of Android 2.2, and its many applications through a large 7 inch touch display and an impressive user interface. The Tab has both a main camera for photos and videos as well as a secondary camera for video conferencing also.

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The Motorola Milestone 2 provides the latest Android operating system 2.2

The Motorola Milestone 2 provides the latest Android operating system 2.2

The Motorola Milestone 2 runs the latest Android operating system 2.2 (Froyo) along with an enhanced version of its Motoblur technology which puts Facebook, Twitter and Myspace together in one easy to use way. 
The handset has a large 3.7 inch TFT touch display with FWVGA resolution (480 by 854 pixels) and a slide out Qwerty keyboard while still providing onscreen keypads to type. Connectivity is offered with a 3.5mm jack connection for headphones, along with wireless stereo profiles included with the Bluetooth 2.1, Class 1.5 with enhanced data rate. There is also a microUSB connection and synchronisation is made easy with plenty of support to sync emails, contacts and calendar events. 
The HTML Webkit web browser includes Flash Player 10.1 to allow you to not only view full HTML webpages on the large display but also full Flash videos and shows, as you would on a computer browser. Email is offered including corporate and Google email provisions, and push notification for new emails too. This is along with the multimedia messaging which has integrated Motoblur to allow seamless sharing of images and videos with contacts. 
The Milestone 2 offers is powered by a 1 GHz processor and includes 8 gigabytes internal memory for storage along with an 8 gigabyte preinstalled microSD card, plus up to a further 32 gigabytes in microSD card expandable storage. The handset features an eCompass and both Assisted and Simultaneous GPS receivers along with integrated Google Maps and other navigation services. 
The connected media Player meanwhile, delivers lyrics to your songs, additional artist news and information, and integrated social applications allowing you to share your music and videos and recommend to friends. Videos can be captured by you also with the 5 megapixel auto focus camera with up to 2 times digital zoom and a dual LED flash for enhanced lighting in pro conditions. The camera captures video at a frame rate of between 20 and 30 frames per second and 720 pixel resolution, DVD quality. Meanwhile, besides the many different image shot modes and capturing features, integrated image editing can be performed on images too.
The Motorola Milestone 2 is a powerful handset featuring among the latest technology for mobile devices available. Its processor and specially built V8 Javascript engine have created a super fast web browser along with the other applications which can be run simultaneously, with more averrable for download form the integrated Android Market. This phone is packed full of stunning features and hardware.

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