3 Predictions For The Mp3 Players Market In 2011

3 Predictions For The Mp3 Players Market In 2011
Even if sales have been curbed by the advent of smartphones, touch screen MP3 players are still going strong. The MP3 player market is filled with high quality products that compete for the attention and the wallets of the clients. In recent years, MP3 players have evolved from simple playback devices, which could only play a limited number of tracks, to fully fledged portable entertainment devices, which store and play music, HD videos, e-books, and games. Some of them are even loaded with the Android operating system, turning them into mini Android tablets.
Touch screen MP3 players, such as the iPod Touch or the Zune HD offer a rich multimedia experience. In order to attract new customers and expand their sales, the manufacturers of MP3 players with cameras are preparing a number of improvements to their products, which will roll out during 2011. Here are three major features that are likely to be strong selling points in 2011:
1)Better cameras Manufacturers will include HD sensors in their products, allowing the capture of video at a minimum of 720p. The 2010 iPod touch already features an HD camera, which is optimized for capturing videos, but can also capture pictures in the form of still frames. Other MP3 players with camera and mini Android tablets are expected to follow Apples example and increase the quality of the cameras built in their products.
2)More touch screen MP3 players They currently occupy the smaller, high-end segment of the market. In 2011, it is likely that we will see more and more MP3 players with cameras that will be equipped with touch screens. Touch screen technology slowly becomes the de facto form of interaction with electronic devices, and MP3 players are not making an exception to this trend. They gradually transform in mini Android tablets, oriented towards multimedia.
3)WiFi & Apps Another trend to follow in 2011 will be the growing compatibility of MP3 players with apps and Wi-Fi capabilities. MP3 players can connect through Wi-Fi to the internet and allow users to download custom apps for their devices. This is common with smartphones and tablets and in 2011 it will be increasingly common with touch screen MP3 players.
As you can see, 2011 will likely bring some exciting developments for MP3 player enthusiasts. They will evolve in performance and functions, effectively functioning like miniature tablets, thus providing a richer and more satisfying experience for those who use them.

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