6 Secrets To Stop Boredom

6 Secrets To Stop Boredom

Have you got nothing to do most of the time? Are you sick of staring at the wall? Got nothing planned for the whole day? If you do, then you must be bored. Here are 6 secrets how to quickly get rid of boredom and feel alive!

1. Go for a walk

A walk is one of the best ways to cure boredom. Walking makes you feel that you are doing something which also makes you be fit also. Walking also helps to spark your imagination. Creative and active people like Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg and Pablo Picasso took regular walks to help them spark some creativity in their minds when they feel empty in their minds.

2. Never sit or lie down

Sitting or lying down will make your boredom five times worse. When you sit or lie down, your brain will stop functioning efficiently. Recently, a British scientific study found that people who lie or sit down for long periods tend to get depressed or bored, compared to other postures like standing. Therefore, if you feel that you are getting bored, do not lie or sit down.

3. Always have a goal for the year, month and day

Sometimes people are bored because they have no goal to reach for. Therefore to prevent this, you should have a goal for any period of the day. If you already completed the goal for the day, then you should have a goal for the month and so on. This way, you will never get bored and you will always be actively doing something.

4. Never do the same activity for more than two hours

If you do the same activity for more than two hours, your brain will get accustomed to the task you are doing and your mind behaves passively. This will make you feel bored. Therefore, whatever job or task you are doing, make sure you change your task every two hours.

5. Do puzzle or arithmetic exercises

Puzzles or arithmetic exercise is one of the best ways to keep your mind active. It will stop boredom from settling in and will constantly keep your mind busy and happy.

6. Clean

No matter what job, place or time it is, there is always something needed to be cleaned. For example, it could be your work desk, bed room, bathroom etc. Cleaning will make you active mentally and physically. This will keep your mind occupied and stop you from going insane.

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6 Secrets to Sure Fire Success

6 Secrets to Sure Fire Success

The other day I was shopping for some training clothing when I came across the Nike Philippines website. They had some nice pictures and had some limited edition Pacquiao apparel. And yes, they were really limited that it would take heaven and earth to get them due to the demand. But no, the apparel did not really struck me. What struck me was the presence of THE GROUNDWORK FOR SUCCESS that was listed in the website. And of course, I’d like to share the 6 of them to you with my input.

DETERMINATION: Have a game plan. You have to «prepare for battle». Start earning your victories by taking baby steps in improving yourself. Hard work takes you to where you want to be. Do you think successful people got successful without this characteristic?

FOCUS: Never let your eyes off your goal. Single- mindedness and will power can sustain you through obstacles along the way. Let me give you a literal example. When you do focus mitts, hit the middle part, focus on it. Come to think of it, every hard punch takes you to your goal. If you haven’t tried hitting focus mitts, you are missing a lot!

DISCONTENT: I am a firm believer that no matter what we have achieved, we can always do better. What level are we up to? Isn’t it amazing what a human body can do when pushed? The best way to find out is to keep trying. Keep on pushing yourself. Surpass yourself, forget that you even have limits!

COMMITMENT: As you notice, I end my letters with a «committed to your success» which means I carry a positive attitude that YOU will do good. You have to be committed to your own success. A person who cannot be positive about his goals through commitment is failure- bound. Ones journey towards something is half the fun!

SPIRIT: «Never do anything half-heartedly.» Have the power and fire and put it all together. No matter how hard the process is, you have to keep in mind that there is a destination which is success. I respect what every boxer goes through. It is HARD TRAINING to achieve peak form. I believe that each and everyone should try training in boxing to experience this warrior spirit! It is Amazing!

SACRIFICE: Have a sense of purpose. I am sure that we do things for a reason. What are you working hard towards? Good health? That peak form? Good example for your children and peers? It is up to you. In order to understand the pursuit of success, you must be «hit hard». And as Rocky in the movie said, «Keep moving forward!».

These 6 if possessed by each and everyone of us will only lead us to success! Take it one day at a time. Your best has yet to come. Would you like to surpass your limits? Train Like a Boxer!

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