Ps3 Console — The Ps3 Slims Down

Ps3 Console — The Ps3 Slims Down

It’s here! The long awaited PS3 Console slim (and the even longer awaited price cut) is available on department store shelves and online. As with the PS2, Sony has managed to draw new hype by reissuing the same console in a smaller, sleeker package and knocking one hundred dollars off the price tag.

Will this concept finally boost slumping PS3 Console sales? Only time will tell, however Amazon is currently limiting the amount of Ps3 Console sales to one per household, much like the Nintendo Wii when it was introduced. A strong indication that the website is expecting the newly designed model to be snatched up faster than Tickle Me Elmo’s on Christmas Eve…or maybe this is just Sony’s wishful thinking.

So…what’s the difference between the PS3 Console slim and the original PS3 Console (2006 edition), let’s take a quick look:

PS3 Console Slim

— Smaller design (now measures 13.385″(w) x 13.385″(h) x 6.299″(d)) which makes it 33% slimmer and 36% lighter than the original

— More energy efficient design (uses 34% less electricity)

— Flat charcoal black plastic cover (significantly reduces fingerprint smudges)

— Redesigned cooling system

— Cell processor has been upped to a 45nm manufacturing process (runs quieter)

— One hundred dollar price cut (the biggest modification yet)

Okay, so they didn’t really go all out by adding any additional features or deviating too far from the already installed ones, but Sony has managed to finally lower the price of the unit. That’s something customers were beginning to think would never happen.

A few things customers might not like is Sony’s uncompromising style of forcing proprietary items to it’s PS3 Console fan base. For example, universal remotes are still inoperative when being used on the console because it purposely lacks infrared technology. You will still need a Bluetooth remote to operate the unit from across the room. The unit (as expected) is not backwards compatible, so PS2 games can’t be played on the new console. And online gameplay is still slightly problematic when compared to the Xbox 360.

Basically consumers are being reintroduced to a modified product with a smaller price tag. With Christmas just around the corner this is a perfect sales approach to finally get the PS3 Console moving off the shelves and into the homes of gamers.

The Ps3 Console earns a solid 4-star rating, it might not come with many added features when compared to the original, but the reduced price is something that is hard to ignore.

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