Liquid Opc-3 — Liquid Opc-3 Is The Best Way To Consume The Opc-3 Supplement

Liquid Opc-3 — Liquid Opc-3 Is The Best Way To Consume The Opc-3 Supplement
When it comes to supplements that fight free radicals in the body, liquid OPC-3 is one of the leaders in top vitamin and supplement providers. Because OPC-3 is delivered in a liquid state that is equal to the pressure of other bodily fluids, it is more quickly and easily absorbed into the body where it can begin to do its work killing and flushing out free radicals. This vitamin supplement is delivered through Isotonix and is continuing to demonstrate its positive effects on users. Those who take this supplement see results fairly quickly both in the appearance of their skin and their bodily function and overall well being.
Liquid OPC-3 contains a combination of bioflavinoids that support cardiovascular and respiratory health among other body systems. Other specific, demonstrable effects this supplement supports are increasingly healthy cholesterol levels, stronger capillaries, better joint flexibility, a more viable sperm quality, and healthier blood cell production. Since the supplement is taken in a fluid form, users don’t have to take pills that taste bad or are hard to swallow because of their size. The supplement should be taken as directed for best results and as always with other supplements and medications, with the recommendation of your doctor.
The creators of liquid OPC-3 have demonstrated through years of qualified testing and research that the antioxidant fighting supplement is safe for humans. The supplement does not include harmful substances, preservatives, or alcohol and has exceptionally balanced particles to provide an even, consistent delivery of benefits. Those who take this supplement regularly show the most benefit over time in maintaining a viable defense against disease-causing agents that break down healthy body cells and hamper immunity and cell repair. The positive benefits can start as soon as someone begins to take this supplement consistently. Research shows at this point that everyone is exposed to free radicals and can benefit from this supplement in the battle against premature aging, blood circulation issues, heart problems and generally bad immunity defenses.
If you are excited by the idea of preventing disease and prolonging health for yourself and others through the use of liquid OPC-3, you may be a great candidate for a part-time or full-time distributorship position. The benefits of being an Isotonix distributor include the freedom to come and go from your home office or wherever you decide to work at your convenience. There is no limit to your sales potential and you have the support of the company and product research to help bolster your success.

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Optimum Omega3 Supplements — 3 Criteria For Finding the Optimum Omega3 Supplement

Optimum Omega3 Supplements — 3 Criteria For Finding the Optimum Omega3 Supplement

Are you looking for an optimum omega3 supplement?  If so, here are the 3 criteria that one should meet before you decide to get it.

The first consideration has to do with how much omega3’s are provided per serving and how that sizes up to other products.  Does the brand you’re looking at provide you with how much omega-3 you get per serving or capsule?  The more you get, the better for your health.

You should also look for an optimum omega3 supplement that has high levels of omega3’s, particularly DHA and EPA.  These are the two forms of omega-3 that come from deep, cold water fish.  They are the most beneficial to human health and they are the most readily available forms as well.

The third type of omega-3 is ALA.  It’s found mostly in plant-sources.  It still gives you nutritional benefits, but it has to be converted into EPA or DHA to be used by the body.  Unfortunately, it’s conversion efficiency is rather low at 0-9%.

Try to get an optimum omega3 supplement that is made up of at least 25% DHA and 10% EPA.  And make sure it contains at least 50% omega-3 fatty acids.

The second criteria to look for is whether or not the oils in the supplement are stripped of it’s trace contaminants.  Since DHA and EPA omega-3 has to come from cold, deep water fish, the oils from these fish often contain contaminants like mercury, arsenic, PCBs, dioxins, lead, and other heavy metals.

When taking an optimum omega3 supplement, you certainly don’t want to be consuming these contaminants on a daily basis.  In fact, this is a reason why the FDA recommend that you limit your fish consumption to just a few days a week- because they harbor trace amounts of contaminants.

To avoid contamination, get an optimum omega3 supplement that has been purified and molecularly distilled.  These processes together will remove all trace amounts of them so you can be sure that what you’re consuming daily is safe.

The last criteria to look for is freshness.  If you know anything about fish, you probably know that it spoils quickly.  When it comes to fish oil supplements, you have to worry about the same thing.

Make sure that the company who makes a supplement uses the proper handling practices and product management to avoid oxidation so you don’t end up with a brand that’s already gone rancid.

Check a product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) where it list the oxidation levels of the oils used in it.  This certificate is given to a company by a third party laboratory to confirm that the claims made about the product are correct.

You can get some more helpful tips for finding the optimum omega3 supplement and learn all about the brand of fish oils I personally take and recommend by visiting my website listed below.