Playstation 3 3d System Update

Playstation 3 3d System Update
The PlayStation 3 certainly is the premier video game console that is 3D-ready. The Xbox 360 Elite does have 3d compatibility, but Microsoft is not planning to develop many video games that support 3-d graphics. The PS3 now has lots of 3d video game titles to choose from, and even more are expected to be sold in 2011. However, before you can begin playing 3-d video games (or watch 3d Blu-rays) on your Ps3, you may need to up-date your system firmware.
The 3d firmware updates to your Ps3 were introduced in 2010, so if you haven’t performed an update in a while, you should do one to confirm 3d compatibility. Normally, it is a good idea to test for updates every month or so. To perform the update, stick to these instructions:
1: Start up your PlayStation 3 and proceed to the «Settings» menu, choose System Update. Choose to update via the internet (you have to be connected to the internet to download and install firmware updates). If the PS3’s system firmware is NOT up to date, it will prompt you to download the newest update. Begin the download.
2: After completing the download, you’ll be asked to install the update, doing this will first restart the PlayStation 3 and you will need to connect your Ps3 controller to the gaming system with the USB cable.
3: After the restart, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions and start the firmware install. After the install is finished, you will have to reboot your PlayStation 3 one last time. Now you’re done!
With your updated Ps3 firmware, your console will now have 3d gaming and 3d Blu-ray capabilities. This is a great advantage of the Ps3 because it enables you to eliminate the need for a Blu-ray or DVD player.
Now that your PlayStation 3 is 3D-ready, visit our 3-d Ps3 Setup Guide for more info on 3-d home theater components or look at our 3-d Ps3 Games page to see all of the available and upcoming 3d Ps3 Games.

Learn more about Playstation 3 3d games at PS3 games in 3D.

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The Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Update Is Now Happening

The Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Update Is Now Happening

It was announced earlier by Samsung that they will be updating the Android 2.2 and it will be made available via Kies software upgrade program. In case you do not know what Kies is, it is an application for desktop that currently is made compatible with Windows. Now, this is good news as to date, almost all Android mobile phones have received their Android 2.2 updates. The Samsung Galaxy S on the other hand is the last of those Android mobile phones to ever receive the Android 2.2 or Froyo update. If you are an OSX user, then there is no need for you to worry, because you won’t be left out. The Korean manufactured who promised the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 (Froyo) update has finally arrived. Samsung via a press release announced that they official Android 2.2 (Froyo) update have started it current rounds of updates. The Nordic Samsung Galaxy S owners were the very first lucky ones to ever receive the I9000 JPM update. You do not have to worry, as it will gradually roll out to other European, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, North America and basically to the whole world. The following are the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 (Froyo) update: — Adobe Flash Player 10.1 compatibility — Android 2.2 JIT compiler — Better exchange support — Colored icons in settings — Fully improved default keyboard — Improvements in speed — GPS Fix — Settings with colored icons — Pinch to Zoom home screen flyover — Navy blue color (Darker Menu Theme) — New Android market with Auto- updates — New search widget — Media hub — New Gmail application — Slightly different transitions and graphics with application drawer and a default icon dock — An Added Quick link to «Auto rotation» and «GPS» toggles on the notification bar — Video recording in MP4 format Now, with all these new Android 2.2 (Froyo) update, I am sure that you will enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S even more. It may not be as famous as the iPhone 3GS or the Nexus Ones or the Motorola Droid, but it is way better than all these three mobile phones combined. It is equipped with S5PC110 as its processor. It also has the fastest Graphics Processing Unit or GPU at around 90 million triangles per second. With these things and the new Android 2.2 (Froyo) update, I am sure that you will fall in love once again with the Galaxy S.

This author writes about the latest mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Genio QWERTY.

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Droid and Droid X get Android 2.2.1 update

Droid and Droid X get Android 2.2.1 update

Droid and Droid X users finally have a cause to rejoice as the phones get the Android 2.2.1 update which will be the highest version of Android, at least until version 2.3 is released. The updates are still being rolled out on both the phones and users can gift themselves an upgraded OS this holiday season. The Droid X is definitely a feather in Motorolas cap. The most striking feature of the phone is its 4.3 inch touch screen display which is larger than some of its main competitors and definitely increases the comfort level of using a touch screen.

The large touch screen increases appeal of photographs that are captured using the 8 megapixel camera of the Droid X. Motorola definitely likes to make their Android devices large and the Droid X is a great example of that. Despite the size the phone is not particularly heavy and is comfortable to the user. The light weight of the Droid X may make the phone prone to drops and accidental damage and hence users must make it a point to use cell phone accessories like Droid X skins to provide protection for their phone. There are several Droid X accessories that users can choose from.

If you want the dual benefit of both protecting your phone and giving it a new look then using cell phone accessories such as the Droid X skins is a good idea. These skins come in a variety of colors as well as designs. Personalization has become one of the key criterions in all walks of life and people definitely want their phone to be unique and stand out in a crowd. If you want more sedate protection option then there are other Droid X accessories to choose from.

Leather Droid X accessories are a perfect option for users who want simpler cover but with enhanced protection options. Despite what you choose, cell phone accessories are imperative to give your phone a longer life. Users should ideally make use of perfect accessories like Droid X skins to make sure their phone lasts longer in perfect condition.

Cellphone Accents is a leading retailer of Droid X accessories such as Droid X skins as well as cell phone accessories for all other Brands and Models.

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Jagger Algo Update Part-2

Jagger Algo Update Part-2

This is the second part of the Google Jagger update discussion. The first part of this article discussed the overview of how and why Google needs to update its website ranking algorithms periodically. This article shall discuss the specific areas the Jagger update has altered in the Google algorithm.

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Sources at Google claim that the changes we see are part of 3-phase update (Jagger1, Jagger2 & Jagger3). At the time of writing this article, we are in the completion stage of Jagger2 update. The Jagger3 update is expected to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Jagger Update 1
The Jagger 1 update pre-shocks actually started with a string of back-link updates that began in September 2005 and continued into middle of October 2005. In mid October, Google updated its PageRank database for public view. Usually updated once a quarter, the PR update always creates a stir. While most SEO professionals heavily play-down the importance of PR in ranking, the legacy of its importance is so deep-rooted in the minds of most webmasters, that it is difficult to shake it off as an insignificant ranking parameter.

Jagger Update 2
It is believed that the Jagger 2 update is now complete and replicated to all the data centers of Google. However, you may still notice some fluctuations in the rankings as things stabilize for each update. We are now at the threshold of the 3rd phase of the Jagger update, which is expected to initiate sometime in the second week of November 2005.

From what we have studied so far, Google has re-engineered several aspects of its algorithm. Amongst other aspects we will know as things roll out, we believe it has altered the impact of the following:-
1. Value of incoming links
2. Value of anchor text in incoming links
3. Content on page of incoming links
4. Keyword repetitions in anchor text
5. Age of the incoming links
6. Nature of sites linking to you
7. Directory links

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 8. Speed and volume of incoming links created
9. Value of reciprocal links
10. Impact of outbound links / links page on your website
11. Sandbox effect / age of your site, domain registration date
12. Size of your site’s content
13. Addition and frequency of fresh content update
14. Canonical / sub domains, sub-sub domains
15. Multiple domains on same IP numbers
16. Duplicate content on same site or on multiple domains
17. Over-optimization, excessive text markup
18. Irrational use of CSS


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Android 2.2 — Official Droid 2.2 Update — Overview — With Flash

Android 2.2 — Official Droid 2.2 Update — Overview — With Flash
Android 2.2 — Official Droid 2.2 Update — Overview — Flash Included

Android 2.2 for Droid Phones is called FroYo — short for Frozen Yogurt.

This video will help you know what happened if you just received your Droid 2.2 or Android 2.2 operating system on your Droid Phone, or it can be a handy overview to help you get around on your Phone running the Android Operating system.

Here’s a list of some updated things we will cover in this droid tutorial video:
Application Launcher
5 Home Screens
Recent Apps Screen
Google Search
Android Market
Camera App
Gmail Interface changes
Call Log improvements

Plus we’ll point out stuff regarding…
The Gallery App
The Car / Home App
Application Settings and SD cards
Tethering with USB & WiFi
Screen Lock options And
Adobe Flash

Android 2.2, What does it mean?

This video will attempt to cover the more visible changes and will not get into the very nerdy stuff about any increased capacity or speed of the phone.

I’ll be showing you what Android 2.2 looks like on the original Motorola Droid Phone, so your phone might look or act a bit differently.

So, let’s go…

Application Launcher
Down on the bottom of your home screen you will see a new launcher area. It includes 3 items, A Phone Dialer icon, The App Launcher (that’s the icon with a bunch of little squares), and a Web Browser icon.

Here’s a quick overview on how the app launcher works…
Press the squares in the middle of the launcher area on the bottom and up pops the apps that are installed on your phone… just to help you get around, they’re alphabetized. Scroll up or down to see more of them. Press the Home Icon on the bottom to return to your home screen.

Home Screens
You now have 5 home screens — that’s right 5. You can get from screen to screen many different ways. Press on the little dots on the bottom, just to the side of the launcher area, and it moves you one screen at a time in that direction.

When I’m all the way to the left-most screen you can see that there are 4 dots on the right now. I can get to those screens by pressing those dots. If I do 3 quick presses on those dots, I’ll move over three screens quickly.

If I long-press on any of the dots or in the middle launcher area, up pops a mini-display of all 5 home screens. Press on a screen image and you are there instantly.

Recent Apps screen
When you long press on your Home key (that’s on the very bottom), you see a pop-up screen that shows you the apps or widgets you have been recently using called the «Recent» screen.

In the past, it only showed 6 items, now it shows the last 8. Press on an app or widget displayed here to quickly jump from one to the other. No need to return to the home screen and hunt for an app or widget, just long press the home key and jump to the next one right here. Multi-tasking at its best!

Google Search Changes
The Google Search Widget now lets you decide where you want your search to happen. Press on the Google «G» and you can search ALL locations, search on the Web, search through Apps that are on your phone — or hit the right arrow up top to go to the market, and search through all the contacts on your phone the normal way — or press this arrow up top here and see your contacts on your phone in a different way.

Android Market
The big change for non phone-geeks in the Market is the fact that you can tell your apps to Automatically Update. That way they don’t keep telling you that there is an update, please go get it — it just updates for you, automatically.

In the past you had an update notification show up in the top notification bar,
you chose it and then you could see the apps that needed updating — you had to do this update thing one app at a time.

Now you can choose «Update All» or better yet, select an individual app, and then select «Allow Automatic Updating» up top. The last step is to press «update» on the bottom and it will bug you no more! That app will just automatically update when it needs to.

Camera App changes
A few things have changed with the camera, but we’ll focus on the camera’s options or settings… they are now shown as unobtrusive overlay icons on the bottom or the right side.

Your old camera options are all there in fact there are even some new ones… Here’s a Big Camera Tip though, when you press the right-most or top-most camera setting icon, don’t forget to scroll down inside of it to see all the hidden options.

Here’s an extra camera bonus. When you’re in video mode, you can now turn on your flash and use it like a spot light for low light situations — battery drain here we come! By the way we have some handy tutorial videos we made to help you regain some battery life, so go ahead and watch ’em. We made ’em for you!

Gmail Interface Changes
When you read an email in gmail, you can easily jump to the next or previous email using the nifty new buttons on the bottom, or select «Archive» or «Delete» for the message you are currently reading without having to go to your menu options first. Nice time saver if you have lots of emails.

Call Log improvements
When you call or get calls on your phone and then you look at your call log, you can now see more of the calls on the list because calls from a single number, that happen on a single day, are grouped together taking up less space overall. You can expand or contract the listing of those numbers by pressing the icon on the left side.

Each of our videos normally has a UseMyDroid Power Tip, but because there is so much to cover, we’re just going to go faster now…

Gallery App Changes
Check out the items in albums mode, then do a zoom motion… pretty cool

The Car / Home App has changed
This app looks very different now, expect more in the future, and by the way, you have to use the Exit button to get out of it.

Application Settings and SD cards
Apps that are aware, can be run off the SD card now. Go to:
Settings… Applications… Manage Applications… Select an app, move app to SD card or move app back to phone.

Tethering with USB & WiFi
Using your phone as a Connection to the Internet for your computer using a USB cable or a Wireless connection is called Tethering. Depending on the phone and your network plan, you’ll have different options. Go to
Settings… Wireless & networks… Choose Tethering

Screen Lock options
Lots of Screen Lock Choices now. Go to:
Settings… Location & Security… Set up Screen Lock, now you’ve got lots of options that can make it harder to get into your phone.

Adobe Flash
Flash software allows your phone to run Flash Enabled Websites, Games and Videos. It’s a big deal for the mobile phone world to be able to use flash — Droid now can use it!

Flash can now go on your phone… Depending on your model, of course. At this time to get Flash on your phone you have to perform two system updates. You have to upload the first Froyo 2.2 update, then you have to allow a second update to get on your phone which allows your phone to get ready to receive Flash.

I expect that in the future, these two updates will be combined into one Android System Update. Here is the info panel for the second update which gets your Droid phone ready for installing Adobe Flash.

Once you’ve allowed the second system update, your «About Phone» info will look something like this.

Now you’re ready to go to the Market and download Adobe Flash the software… search for «Adobe Flash» or «Flash 10».

Here’s a special note… If you don’t see Adobe Flash in the Market, then your Droid Phone is not ready to get flash yet — it should be soon.

Select Flash, Choose it, and Install it.

Once it’s installed, which seems to take a while, I suggest that you select «Automatic Updating» to keep current with any updates for Adobe Flash.

After it is installed, you can verify that Flash is on your phone at least two different ways:

Go to Settings
Choose Applications
Choose Manage Applications
And you should see Adobe Flash in the list of downloaded Apps.

Another way to verify that Flash is installed properly on your phone is to go to a website that needs to use flash like

See this area up top? If you don’t have Flash installed, it’s not going to work right.

Wow, we have covered a lot!

For many of the items overviewed in this video, we have made short tip articles or full-blown tutorials on our website.

Since this video was intended as just an overview, there’s bound to be stuff I did not go over or go into enough detail for some of you… so, why don’t you add a comment telling all of us what it was that was added to your phone that you like best or what would you like a more in-depth tutorial on and we’ll take it from there… Thanks for watching, enjoy your Droid phone!

For more helpful tips tricks and video tutorials on how to get the most out of your Droid phone, visit our website at or search online for «UseMyDroid».

Get more out of your Droid Phone. Watch or read our video or text tutorials all about your Droid phone.

UseMyDroid provides crisp, clean, easy to follow, easy to learn tutorials to help you get the most from your Droid Phone.