The Android 2.2 Tablet

The Android 2.2 Tablet

As the technology is expanding day by day complications of different devices is also increasing. People are always in search of an easy and multi-functional device that can do their common works in a simple manner. 8 Inch Touch-screen Android 2.2 Tablet Netbook PC is an amazing portable minicomputer that has working capacity comparable to computer. Android 2.2 Tablet comes with very easy and fast Operating System which makes it to be capable doing the computer jobs. It has 8 inch TFT touch-screen LCD which provides quite wide visibility with a screen resolution of 800×600 (4:3). This Android 2.2 Tablet has Freescale A8 (1 GHz) of processor and DDR-RAM of 512 MB. NAND FLASH is of 4 GB. There is also a slot for memory card reading purpose; it can read micro SD card and TF of up to 32 GB. This includes very powerful battery so that the Android 2.2 Tablet can be operated up to 4 hours continuously. It has nice quality that is done by the inbuilt 2 speakers of sensitivity 0.5W. There is also a slot for earphone and that is 3.5 mm.

Android 2.2 Tablet is an amazing way for internet surfing, you can have the internet connection through its WIFI 802.11b/g and that will work without showing any problem. If you don’t want to type then for those people handwriting feature is included according to which you will be allowed to write on the touch-screen of Android 2.2 Tablet like you write on a paper. If you wish to operate this minicomputer by using keyboard and mouse then there will be no problem, this Android 2.2 Tablet PC has USB port through which mouse and keyboard can be connected for easy work. This has got the smart Operating System of Android 2.2 and it enables you to do txt, PPT, word, excel and PDF file works. It has the features with reading MP3, WMA, AAC, AVI, FLV, WMV MP4 etc. file formats easily. This Android 2.2 Tablet PC has Google browser for surfing the internet and the software: MSN, Skype, Facebook, QQ, and Email for communication purpose. The Android 2.2 Tablet PC supports many languages like English, French, German, Chinese, and Russian etc.

Android 2.2 Tablet PC is very slim that can be carry without any problem and it can be used anywhere you want. You will get very nice operating speed while doing your work and it will not hang in the middle of your work.



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