Top 3 Twitter Tips

Top 3 Twitter Tips

1. Don’t Follow Every John & Jane Doe!

Those who use Twitter to market their business, will often be interested in increasing the number of followers they have. One of the most recommended ways of getting a good following is to follow every «John or Jane Doe» in the hopes they’ll follow you back. To be totally honest… this is pointless. You are better served having 100 followers who share your interests as opposed to 1000 followers who are not interactive and not concerned.

Don’t Make The Mistake…… It Can Cost You!

2. Copy Successful Tweeters!

Starting out you need to look at the successful tweeters and see how they’re doing things. You don’t have to copy everything they do. Take note and pay attention to how they do things. Doing this will help you to figure out where you’re probably going wrong and what you need to improve on.

3. How To Get Ignored On Twitter
Talk About Yourself – There is nothing that will keep you from getting ReTweeted like talking about yourself constantly. It will probably also prevent you from getting many followers.
Don’t Ask for the ReTweet – Like any form of marketing, calls-to-action matter in social media. So if you don’t want ReTweets, don’t ask for them, and especially don’t ask for them politely.
Dumb it Down – Twitter is a fairly literate, intelligent audience. When you’re avoiding ReTweets, you need to avoid saying anything too smart, so use only small, simple words.
Don’t Include a Link – People love using Twitter to spread links to content they liked. So don’t give them the opportunity. If you don’t want ReTweets, be sure you’re not Tweeting interesting links.
Say the Same Things Everyone Else is – If you say only the same things everyone else is saying, you’ll avoid any risk of being worth ReTweeting. It’s easy, just agree with everyone around you and work hard to never bring anything original to the table.
Don’t Talk About Twitter – Twitter users like Twitter, and they like talking about it. Tweeting about Twitter will make people want to ReTweet you, so don’t!
Use TinyURL – TinyURL was invented before Twitter and isn’t really built for 140-character messages. It will use up precious characters that will make it harder for your followers to ReTweet you. Perfect.
Use Only Semi-colons – You’re smart enough to know how to use a semi-colon, right? Stick to them and avoid other kinds of punctuation like the plauge (they’re all highly-ReTweetable).

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